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Singer Marcelito Pomoy from the Philippines Will Astound You

November 20, 2019

[? Kristen, ?] right? Yes. Thanks for being here. You’re gonna interpret– you
speak a little bit of English, though, right? Yeah. A little bit. OK, so I heard you’d been
waiting for a call from us for a while. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Yes, actually, [NON-ENGLISH]. And then one time, [NON-ENGLISH]
Facebook, [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] And then, [NON-ENGLISH]. And then one time
[NON-ENGLISH]—- [LAUGHTER] –ticket, going to LA, Ellen. [LAUGHTER] So he said, I really
didn’t think that I’d ever get a chance to be here. One time I got an
email from and I still couldn’t believe
it, I thought it was like, spam or something. I really didn’t believe it until
I got the tickets in the mail. Yeah. So, well, here you are,
because you’re amazing. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] OK, so how old were you
when you started singing? Seven years old, so
seven years old and then I’m going 18 years old. Seven and then 18. Yeah. OK. So seven and then, then 18 what? 18, switching voice. Oh. That’s when he
realized he switched– So then you could do
the high and the low, that’s when you realized
you could do high and low. Yeah. And how did you discover that? [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] He said, I don’t
even know myself. Yeah. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] He said, this is what God gave
me and so I just went with it. Yeah. So God gave you
this amazing gift, and I understand you were living
on the street for a long time, right, so you’re living
on the street and– from the age of seven? Seven, seven, yeah. Seven. OK, so how did you survive? What did you do on the streets? [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] So how I survived is that I
took jobs like being a pin boy, so where I would
manually put the pins up, and they would pay
me 50 pesos, which is equivalent to one US dollar. And that’s how I would survive
to eat and get my food, and then at the
end of the night, I would just sleep
on the streets. Wow, that’s amazing. OK, so then you’re
on the streets and then you compete on The
Philippines Got Talent, right? That’s how you’re discovered. How do you get from
the streets to that? Actually [NON-ENGLISH]. So a lot of people tell me to
enter contests and everything but I didn’t really think
anything of my talent until I turned 18 years old. That’s when I realized
that maybe this is a chance where if I sing,
I’ll be able to see my family. OK, well, this is
beyond amazing. I mean, I saw this video
of you and I just– I’m so– I’m so
thrilled you’re here. So you’re gonna sing for us
today, what are you gonna sing? I sing “The Prayer.” All right, thank you. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC – MARCELITO POMOY, “THE
PRAYER”] (SINGING) Lead us to a place,
guide us with your grace to a place where we’ll be safe. [SINGING IN ITALIAN] I pray we’ll find your light. [SINGING IN ITALIAN] And hold it in our hearts. [SINGING IN ITALIAN] When stars go out each night. [SINGING IN ITALIAN] Let this be our prayer– [SINGING IN ITALIAN] –when shadows fill our days. Lead us to a place
guide us with your grace give us faith so we’ll be safe. [SINGING IN ITALIAN] We ask that life be kind– [SINGING IN ITALIAN] –and watch us from above. [SINGING IN ITALIAN] We hope each soul will find– [SINGING IN ITALIAN] –another soul to love. [SINGING IN ITALIAN] [AUDIENCE CHEERING AND
APPLAUDING] Unbelievable! Thank you so much. So amazing. You’re amazing. All right, we’re gonna sing
another song after the break. We’ll be back.

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