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Simple Salmon Sushi | Food Busker & Haste’s Kitchen

August 22, 2019

Hello Food Tube how are you? Food Busker here,
now listen I’m down here in Camden Market, look at that it’s minus 1 but don’t worry
about that because I’ve got a killer dish for you, but before we start I need to introduce
to you one of my mates Ian Haste from Haste’s Kitchen. Hastey how are you brother? I’m good
man. I’ve been trying to film with you since July last year when it was hot, it was barbecue
weather. so Hastey tell me more about your channel. It’s all about simplifying really
really healthy recipes, you haven’t got to over complicate things in the kitchen. What
we doing? We’re doing salmon sushi. It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s fast and it’s tasty. Now
the reason I’m showing you sushi rolls is everybody loves sushi, it’s really popular
and the other thing I find right, is that this is not the definitive recipe of how to
do it, I’m not a sushi expert but I love sushi and if you love sushi and you want to start
making it, this is a great place to start. So the first thing we’re going to do is get
the sushi rice washed. So Ian if you just pour it into there for me please, right grab
the tap. Yeah? Cooking on the street people, right now put it in there. Straight through?
That’s it. You need to just give it a good wash for about 2-3 minutes. If you can’t find
sushi rice then find a short grain rice, what you’ve got to make sure that you rinse it
as we need the rice to stay as individuals when we roll it. And that’s why you’ve got
to get the starch off because if you don’t it will all stick together. Let’s get it in
the pan yep there you go. So what’s the measurements in here? Okay so for every 1 cup of rice it’s
1 and a half cups of water. Okay so water in? Yes please. And salt? Yes please. With
this we’re going to add some mirin, about 50mls. I think it’s better to get the mirin
in now and cook it into the rice. Right gotcha. Okay so this can go on? Okay let’s get it
up to a boil and then we’ll drop the lid on. Right, whilst the rice is cooking we’re going
to get the salmon and the cucumber and prep it for the sushi rolls whilst I stay warm.
Get the salmon. Salmon is mega healthy, really good for you. It’s an ace source of omega
3 and it’s a fantastic source of vitamin D. And an awesome source of unsaturated fats.
Awesome salmon. Let’s prep it. Right is this de-boned? It is. I’m just going to literally
take the skin off of this, so you’re going to take knife edge and glide that down. So
what we want, we want really nice thin stripes. 5/6 mls from there? About 5 perfect. Perfect.
Put it all the way along, some like that? Nice. We got these beautiful thin strips that
are going to fit perfectly in the roll and the presentation will look beautiful. So if
you’re serving sushi, raw fish. Then you need to make sure that you don’t serve it to children
under 2 or pregnant mums. Fact of the day. Boom. Now let’s get the cucumber done. Top
and tail, going to cut it in half so then we’re just going to take the seeds out right.
So why are we taking them out? Because they’re 95% water so they just dilute things, you
lose the flavour and it will make everything really wet. Right now you can take the skin
off if you want to but I’m not going to worry about it. What I want is really nice thin
strips of cucumber, about the same length as the salmon. So now we got the salmon done,
got the cucumber done and how we doing with the rice? Looks pretty much done by the looks
of things. Perfect. Okay let’s get it off the pan. So now what we’re going to do is
we need to chill it down. Putting it into here, because I want it to cool down and that
will cool down evenly. Now the problem with a lot of rice is that if you leave it in the
pan the stuff at the bottom just keeps cooking. Absorbs as well. It just becomes clotted together,
this way it will chill down and stop cooking immediately. Now as the rice is chilling down
you need to add some rice wine vinegar. About 250 grams of rice and now I’m going to add
50ml of rice wine vinegar. Now what that does is it adds to the flavour and gives it
that clean crisp taste that you need in your sushi. Now I’m going to let that chill and
then we can make or sushi rolls. Okay now we need to put cling film onto our sushi mat.
It just makes it a lot easier to handle, right. So I’ve cling filmed my mat up and I’m just
gonna fold all the excess cling film round. Now if you don’t have a mat you could use
a tea towel because what you’re effectively need to use is that tea towel as a mat to
roll and roll and roll the sushi. So that guys ready. Let’s get our sea weed sheet on
there. You’ll see that one side is smooth and silky and then the other one is quite
rough, so it’s matte and shiny. Matte and sheen! Smooth side down, rough edge facing
you. You want the smooth side for the presentation and also the rough side kind of clings onto
the sushi a bit. I get you. Right, wet your hands, what you need to do is grab a ball
of sushi rice and drop it on. Now when you’re putting this sushi rice on, there’s a couple
of things you need to think through, the first one is that you don’t want to be pushing it
down so the rice becomes one. You don’t want to do that. So you need to just be sparse
with your touching of the rice, the 2nd thing is that you don’t want it to be too thick.
Because then it’s really cumbersome and it’s all rice and no filling. So the sushi rice
is on, now we got to strip the salmon. A nice thin strip of cucumber. What you do s you
just bring that over, bring t all the way over and press then pull it back, roll it
again. And press down, you’re forming this nice round roll so get a little bit of water
and we’ll just dab it on the end. Just finish that off by rolling through. There you go.
Beautiful. Hastey wanna have a go? Yeah please. Wet hands? Yeah. Now the reason that you wet
your hands is so the rice doesn’t stick to them yeah. But what you’ve also got to be
careful of is that you don’t get loads of water on there because that water transfers
into the sushi roll. So what you do is you roll it over and press. Perfect! Love it love
it love it. Look at that! I’ve just come back from Japan, we did this everyday. Right okay
so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to present these guys. So you need to make
sure that you dip your knife in water that way they don’t stick. I’m just going to take
off the end and then make sure that you slice them all the same. Now I’m going to set these
guys up on here, so much of Japanese food is about making it look really beautiful.
I’ve got some pickled ginger, most people think that pickled ginger should be eaten
with the sushi, it isn’t, it’s got 2 purposes, it cleanses your palette, that vinegar vibe
just really cuts through and it also helps as a digestive. Then I’ve got some wasabi
and then I’ve just got some soya sauce. Now look there’s some spare ones here so let’s
try them. Good. The wasabi is really warming actually. It’s got a kick to it hasn’t it.
That is my plate of salmon sushi rolls. Now, I take the food to the street, people try
my food then they tell me what they think it’s worth. What do you think? £3.50 I reckon
we’ve got 3.50 because you know it’s fine. Let’s take these sushi rolls to the people
of camden town and see what they’ll pay for them. Come on. Are you up for trying my salmon
sushi rolls? Yes. Well that’s a relief. Okay okay. Now what garnishes do you like? Do you
like a bit of wasabi? I do like a bit of wasabi. Do you like a little bit of soy? Okay open
wide. What is- what the?! Come here. I brushed my teeth I swear. You did? Okay nice, open
wide. I like it. So if you’re paying for a full plate of salmon sushi from 2 very seriously
handsome fellas, that’s us. That’s us by the way. Does it include feeding as well? It includes
feeding all day feeding. For the whole plate how much? Girls make a decision huh! Feeding
as well, £10. 10 quid, she’s alright, you’re going for £10 as well? Get in there! Well
done girls. Alright that’s alright isn’t it. Do you want to try sushi? No. Okay no problem.
I’m not offended at all. Open wide. Get it in there. Right come on. For that whole plate
of sushi what would you pay for it? £3. £3 okay. £5. £5 she’s obviously got the house
keeping. So what’s that 5,6,78? So you lost and you won. Thank you you two. Well done.
We absolutely smashed it here down at Camden market. How did you find your first batch
of Food Busking? Cold. But we smashed it. Now if you want to see any more super healthy
recipes then you need to go over to Hastey’s channel and subscribe. It’s a great place
for great recipes. We just smashed out a beautiful naan bread stuffed with loads of different
curries, go check out the video we just done together as well. And guys subscribe to Food
Tube. What do you want to do now? Get warm.


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  • Reply Elazul2k March 16, 2016 at 12:11 am

    The thing is you cannot just eat any old raw fish. It needs to be certified Sashimi grade. The Sashimi grade fish is frozen at sub zero temps for a week to kill of all parasites and bacteria that may be infesting the fish. This is extremely important if you plan on making it at home. You don't want to just go to the supermarket and grab any old raw fish or you could get seriously sick.

  • Reply Facundo Corradini March 16, 2016 at 3:46 pm

    Sorry man, but this was painful to watch. Really awful recipe. I'm a big fan of your channel, but you clearly dropped the ball on this one. You can even see the disgust on everyone faces, despite what they say under the pressure of the camera.

    This is wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to start.. but heck, I'm gonna try:
    – You used way too much water. It should be at most 1.25x the amount of rice (I would suggest 1.1 – 1.2x)
    – be generous with your ingredients, that salmon was so thin you couldn't even see it, let alone taste it.
    – Whatever you do, don't use water to seal the roll. That will dampen the seaweed and make it so chewy it's impossible to swallow. Just let the roll rest on the seal and the moisture from the rice will tighten it on it's own. Or crush a couple of rice grains on the side, it will act as the most powerful glue in the world 😉
    – And please tell me that was not "*rice wine vinegar*" but the pre-mixed rice wine with sugar, little salt and some umami source (kombu seaweed… or ajinomoto)..

    I could go all day about the little details in the handling of the ingredients that will take that sushi to a professional level, but those are the most obvious and critical to get it right at home level (or street food busking level :p)

    Any beginner would do better with 10 minutes of youtube. You should know better.

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