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Shim a guitar neck with a pick

December 7, 2019

Welcome back, in this video we’re going
to be looking at a slightly controversial subject, some of my videos
are and that’s okay we’re going to be looking at shimming the neck on a guitar
just using the end of a guitar pick so if that is going to cause you some
problems then maybe check out another video, if it’s something you’re
interested in let’s continue… let’s have a look okay the tools that we’ll need
for this are a Phillips screwdriver a guitar pick my pick of choice was a pick
that I borrowed from Sam Ash and what I did I cut the pick down and didn’t use the whole pick I’ll show you that in a while I do realize that this video is controversial
probably gonna get a lot of comments from it I would say there was a
disclaimer that it was something that I decided to do it’s something that worked
perfectly for me we’ve got the result that I wanted from it I don’t condone
doing it this way there are plenty of Shim suppliers out there what I didn’t
want to do was order a ton of different shims have the neck off half-a-dozen
times etc so I took a risk and this worked perfectly for me this guitar has
jumbo frets so the action on the 12th fret was really high so I was looking to
reduce that action the result I got was reducing it by a meal to about a mil and
a half of the 12th fret so it worked perfectly for me so let’s get rid of the whammy bar I’m
gonna flip the guitar over use the Philips screwdriver I’m going to take
that neck as I say it’s probably gonna generate a
lot of negative comments maybe some positive comments if you want to do it
go for it I mean is your guitar it works for you fantastic so here’s the part of the pic that I use
now I used it at the front of the pocket there and I’ll show you a graphic a
little bit later on because I wanted to generate an angle where the head stop
was lifted slightly of the body so this is the before and after before obviously
the saddles too high after the settles were lower because I have to have the
settles really high in order not to get any fret buzz when I put this pic in
screwed it all back together then I could put the saddles really low which
reduce the action on the 12th fret with no fret buzz as I say I wasn’t I was
unsure whether to make this video I wanted to make it because it worked for
me so here’s the angle it’s an exaggerated example obviously but this
was the effect I was going for that was the result I wanted well thanks for
watching the video on how to shimmer guitar neck with a guitar pick I’m sure
some of you have got some comments down there negative and positive that’s okay
as I said in the video it’s something that I wanted to do it worked perfectly
for me the guitar now plays perfectly it reduced the action at the twelfth fret
as well and it also increased the playability of the guitar for me it’s
not something you feel happy about doing that’s okay but as I say it worked for
me so thanks for watching plenty of other videos to watch just down there
also subscribe if this is your sort of thing and I’ll see you next time


  • Reply Sarah Peterson August 13, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    Will be trying this tonight with my boyfriends guitar! Thank you!

  • Reply Brad Laue August 13, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    I think that is a legitimate hack. Those of us who like to repair things ourselves have drawers full of stuff we look at and keep instead of throwing it out precisely because it may come in handy someday when we need to fashion a replacement part and your 'pick fix' falls neatly into that category. One question: When you brought the bridge back down onto the body and created a hardtail in effect, did that have anything to do with the higher action or am I thinking of another strat?

  • Reply Deadbeat Angels August 14, 2019 at 6:14 am

    Don't EVER do this. In time it will make an irreparable ski jump like bend in the base of your neck and ruin it. Either buy a Stewmac shim for about £5 or at the very least make a graduated one out of paper or card glued together like a set of steps

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