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She Wanted To Dance With Them

September 8, 2019

– [David] Oh my God. (screaming) – [Asa] Good morning. Abbie, do you want cereal? You haven’t had sugar
cereal in a long time, huh? Wipe your mouth, a lot more than that, you need a lot more, here. Put your bowl in the sink. Nice job. Breakfast Part Two,
fruit and a protein bar. Everybody’s awake, not everybody,
Braylee went back to bed. Oh and Isaiah’s not
awake, he’s on the couch. – [David] Look at that outfit of the day. – [Asa] Hold on, we’ve got
to pose you, you ready? Look like this, just like that. So much sass. – [Priscilla] You’re so cute. – [Summer] Look guys! (laughing) – [Asa] Oh, that’s on Summer’s Instagram, you gotta follow her on Instagram. She’s been doing outfit of the days. It’s so cool here. – Yeah, the weather’s so nice. – We should just move to California, guys. I mean, we have everything
that we all love, right? Like we have the beach and
then we have the mountains. – [Priscilla] It’s so crazy. – See, and perfect weather, right Isaiah? – And we’re Youtubers, so it’s kind of a necessity I think, right? – Yeah, Santa Monica,
L.A., that kind of area. That’s where all the Youtubers live. – [Priscilla] I can not
deal with the traffic. – No, the traffic was brutal. How far did we drive? – [Isaiah] Like 15 miles. – 30 miles. – Oh yeah. – 30 miles, we’ve been driving
for like an hour and a half. Yeah, that’s crazy. – I think it would take
45 minutes at home. – Yeah. – She’s not very good at walking downhill, it throws her off completely. – [Asa] She doesn’t care for it. She’s tired too, so that’s helping. – [Summer] Her feet going down. – [Asa] Everything’s
messed up when she’s tired. Like even her sensory stuff
is different when she’s tired. – Yeah, I agree with that. (upbeat music) – We did the beach yesterday
but this is different, this is Santa Monica pier, so. – Yeah, it’s really cool. – Gonna come check this out. – Look, I need a picture
in front of the 66, End of the Trail. – Oh Route 66, look at that. – This is so cool, it’s very California. We don’t have this on the East coast. – [Asa] You keep saying that. – We don’t. Eyes up, Ab, Abbie. – [Asa] Said no. No Mom, it’s sunny out. – I know, good job. – [Asa] Okay, are we splitting up? – We are, you guys are
gonna go do the rides and the girls and I, well not Summer, Summer’s going with y’all. But we’re gonna go get
Abbie something to eat. – [Asa] Nice. The roller coasters, food, sound good? – [Summer] Hands in, team. – [Asa] Hands in, team. – [Summer] “Team” on three,
one, two, three, team! (laughing) – [Asa] Wow! – [Summer] Holy crap! – I’m not vlogging, I just can’t see. – There’s so many people on that beach. – [Asa] Hey, I’m not
experienced at (mumbles) you, but I feel like that’s not how it’s done. – What, what do you mean? – [Priscilla] Hey sweet girl, do you want to get something to eat? You just went to the bathroom, do you want food? Yeah? Okay, yes. I love you so, so much. Hey, nice job, good job! Okay, let’s go walk. – [David] Oh my God. (laughing) – Oh no. – Oh I love having David with us. (screaming) (laughing) (screaming) – [Ride Operator] Do you guys
want to go one more time? (hollering) – [Asa] Are you sure? – [Priscilla] Look at
that, look at those waves. That’s cool, huh? Girl loves the beach. You like that? Isn’t that cool? So smiley, so smiley. (upbeat music) – [Asa] It was awesome, David
screamed the whole time. – [Priscilla] It was okay? (laughing) – I don’t know what you’re talking about. (laughing) – Look at your daughter. – [Asa] Girl. – [Priscilla] She’s fitting
right in, in California. – [Asa] Yeah, you just hanging out? I’m actually relaxing. – No, oh yeah. – [Asa] Isn’t it crazy? – We gave him money. – [Asa] Yeah, I did too. – And his inappropriate
music’s on your vlog, so you’ll have to just edit out the… – [Stacey] Abbie was getting it, though. – Yeah, Abbie loved it. – [Stacey] Yeah, she even held on to the bar to brace herself. – So she could rock above. – Hi, how are you doing? – She had some chicken tenders and fries. – [Asa] Nice, yeah we’re starving. (water crashing) – [Asa] What is it? – [Asa] Popcorn. – What is that face? – [Asa] You want some popcorn? – [Priscilla] Do you want popcorn? – [Asa] You can have popcorn, that’s cool. – Good job asking, high-five. – [Asa] She stopped you? – Yeah. (crowd noise) – Abbie, can you say hi? Hey, eyes looking, look, she watches you. – [Summer] Come here. (upbeat music) – [Asa] What’d you get, Ab? – [Summer] She got a little penguin, I think it’s a penguin. – [Priscilla] Isaiah. – [Asa] A subscriber walked over to the car cause they didn’t… Oh thank you. A subscriber walked over to
the car cause they didn’t want us to have to carry this stuff. So they wanted us to be
able to leave it in the van ’cause we’re sitting outside of Dunkin’. That’s so cool. – [Summer] She loves it. – I’m working right now, Lipstick Mama. (laughing) – We had to finish a few
things on our phones. I was doing emails before we walked in. ‘Cause we have a meet-up in 10 minutes. – [Asa] We saw you dancing
when you pulled in, you know. – We gotta finish our jam before we get out of the car. – [Asa] You were rocking it. (laughing) – How are you? – [Summer] You’re super cute. – You are super cute. – [Summer] Look at you
with your mini-Birks. – [Priscilla] Oh my goodness. – [Asa] So your dolls name is Abbie? – Yeah, she doesn’t say
much, she has C.A.S. – So there’s very few words
that she says correctly, but since we watch your
guys’ vlog all the time, she says Abbie. So any time it comes to naming something, it’s either Elmo or Abbie. – [Asa] I think Abbie was a good pick. – This creepy doll, all
three of them are “Abbie” except for that one’s Papa. – [Asa] Oh okay. (laughing) – [Asa] She named her
creepy doll after you Abbie, I think it’s rather appropriate. (laughing) (crowd noise) – [Asa] You are doing
awesome in your chair. So good. Took us a while to get there. – [Stacey] I think once
she realized that she sat, she had to eat, she was in. – [Asa] Took us a while to get there, but we made it in the chair, huh? – [Stacey] Thumbs up. – [Asa] Good job. – [Asa] I feel like we drove all the way to California to have California Pizza, even though we have a
California Pizza at home. – [Asa] It was good though. I would say California
Pizza in California, is better than California
Pizza in Florida. Thoughts? Thoughts? – [Isaiah] I agree. – [Asa] Thoughts? – I don’t know about Florida, but we don’t have any in Minnesota. – [Isaiah] You don’t have
anything in Minnesota, David. – [Asa] Sounds like a sad place. – So Braylee wouldn’t get in the chair. She would not sit in the chair, like not gonna happen, clinging to David. Looked like a little spider monkey, like a koala bear. So we ABA’d it, right David? It took, how long was
that, 10 minutes maybe? – I’d say 15. – 15 minutes of inch by inch by inch, getting closer to the
chair, touching the chair. You know, every little
thing was a victory. And then, at the end, so
they brought her food, she also has some gummies as reinforcers, but they were like right in front of her. You know, she’s got
pretty good self-control. Like she didn’t try to snatch anything. You know, she reached
out for it a few times, but sitting right in front of her, you know, she couldn’t
have it unless she sat down and she did. Oh man, it was a good feeling, wasn’t it? – It was. – Everybody at the table was like, “yes.” So yeah, that was cool. Was it something about the chairs? She doesn’t normally have
problems sitting in chairs, right? – No. – The restaurant worker was probably like, “I’ve never seen somebody so excited “for someone to sit in a chair.” (laughing) – So that’s a good point. Like in the autism parenting world. You made a good point, Stacey, for someone to sit in a chair, right, you wouldn’t think that
would be a big deal. But for us, it was such a great feeling, such a huge victory and we were so proud of her for doing it. You know, I think that’s
one awesome thing about being an autism parent, is we
don’t take things for granted. – Right. (laughing) – Give him a kiss. – [Stacey] Give him a smooch. (laughing) – [Asa] That’s okay B, he’s used to that. – It’s all right. I get curved a lot and
it’s not a new thing. – Hey look. – Thank you, give one to Isaiah. Isaiah, not me. – Look at me. – Stop looking at me. – [Stacey] Give him a smooch. – She’s moving away from me,
actively, she’s like, “ah”. – [Stacey] She literally
gave him a cold shoulder. – She slid away. – [Asa] That is the giant donut that Iron Man was
sitting in, in the movie. – I don’t think I’ve ever seen that movie, but I’m so excited. (laughing) – [Asa] You just happen upon it. – [Isaiah] Randy’s Donuts, boom! – [Priscilla] How cool is that? – [Isaiah] Randy’s Donuts. We’re on a movie set, in
the shady part of town. Why did Iron Man choose that donut shop? – [Asa] It’s Randy’s,
I’m sure they’re amazing. You can’t have that big of
a donut and not be amazing. – Right? – [Asa] Are you so excited to be here, B? (singing) – [Asa] Okay, go put them away. (laughing) (background noise) (laughing) – That’s so funny. – So Braylee’s been organizing
the shoes since we got here. Like day one, she had ’em
in this like crescent shape. And Abbie’s just like, “bah”. The difference between them is amazing. It just shows you how much of a spectrum autism is, you know? – [Asa] Y’all are way too
excited for 10:30 at night. Yeah, you are, where’s the other one? (laughing) So tomorrow, Venice Beach. Day after that, we’re making
movies in the morning. David and I have a couple of videos that we want to film together. And then, one for my channel
and one for his channel, and then Summer and Isaiah
has started their own TikTok. – We want to be TikTok famous. (laughing) – That’s the lamest
thing you’ve ever said. (laughing) How about you just want to make
TikToks ’cause they’re fun? – I don’t know, it’d be pretty
cool to be TikTok famous. – Yeah, it would be cool. So yeah, so they’re gonna
do, they started their own TikTok together, like a
brother and sister TikTok for people who aren’t
really brother and sister. – Go follow it, “Summer and Isaiah”. – [Asa] “Summer and Isaiah,”
that’s what it’s called? – [Asa] All one word? – Yep. – Okay, “SummerandIsaiah” on TikTok. – Not Isaiah and Summer,
Summer and Isaiah. – [Asa] Summer and Isaiah. – She gets to go first cause… – Summer and Isaiah sounds better. – [Asa] She’s older. – It does. – Okay, once again,
I’m not closing it out, so see ya tomorrow. – [Stacey] See ya next time. – [Asa] Anything you want, like, “bye,” like, “thanks for watching,”
“See ya next time”. Anything you want to say. – Okay. – Bye! (laughing) – [David] Yeah! (screaming)


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    You guys are so winning, Abbie is doing so well and I think will just do better and better because all you guys do for her, the things you do with her, so epic.

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    💕👍 luv this vlog Autism families come together💕

  • Reply Jojo's Universe July 21, 2019 at 3:43 pm

    I love B’s little headphones!!! I have inside the ear ones for my SPD, but I’d love to have outside the ear ones too!!! Pink is her color!!!

  • Reply Ali Miller July 21, 2019 at 6:31 pm

    I absolutely love how P always says I’m so excited!!

  • Reply Laura Wellens July 21, 2019 at 7:48 pm

    Question: Have Isaiah and Summer ever thought about dating?

  • Reply caitlin July 21, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    Born and raised in LA for 20 years and I’ve still have yet to go to Santa Monica pier 😂. Probably because my family has no patience to drive a whole hour to the pier when we can go to a closer one in 15 minutes 💀

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    that transition at 3.28 was soo cool!

  • Reply Marie Lane July 22, 2019 at 1:47 am

    New Jersey has a place something like the Santa Monica Pier. Rides, food etc..

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    YES, you SHOULD move to California <3

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    California = Earthquakes

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    Abby is so pretty

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