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Seungjae & dad hang out in “hot place” Yeonnam-dong [The Return of Superman/2018.02.25]

September 10, 2019

Where are Seungjae and Jiyong visiting today? Seungjae, we are at Yeonnam-dong. There are many good restaurants. This place is nice, right? Everything is shiny. – It’s shiny. / – Everything is shiny, right? Everything is shiny. Yeonnam-dong is the hot place to be these days. It’s where most youth go to. I went there to visit a nice restaurant with Seungjae. (What is that noise?) – Shall we go over there? / – Yes. (Let’s go.) (Buskers draw them in with the guitar sound.) (Bravo.) Hello. – Who is that? / – Hello. Hello. (He melts girls’ hearts.) You are so cute. What is your name? Ko Seungjae. Ko Seungjae. Come on out. – Go ahead. Go on. / – Come on out. Everyone, it’s Seungjae. (Is it really Seungjae?) Hello. Hello. Seungjae, how old are you? I am five. Do you know your dad’s songs? He doesn’t know them. – I know them. / – Do you know them? You don’t know my songs. (Does Seungjae know his dad’s songs?) Do you know this song? (He looks confident.) (You came to me) He knows the song! (Surprised) (Oh, love) (He doesn’t know the lyrics perfectly.) (With people cheering him on,) (he succeeds in singing the song.) Give him a big hand. It’s his dad’s song. See you again. It was nice meeting you. (He succeeds in his first busking.) Where is the noodle restaurant? – Is it here? / – What? – Is it here? / – No. It’s here. It’s here. (Their happiness is short-lived.) (The waiting room is packed.) There are a lot of people. There is no seat for me. Let’s wait until there are seats. (We will be able to eat soon.) Key in your phone number into the tablet computer. When it’s your turn, we will send a message. – How long should we wait? / – My guess is two hours. – What? / – Two hours. (The estimated wait time is two hours.) (They are shocked.) (He can only laugh.) The estimated wait time is 2 hours, not 20 minutes. (They decide to wait since they are here.) Our number is 192. Seungjae. The current number is 131, right? We can go in when the number is 192. There are 52 teams before us. – You can wait, right? / – Yes. The two-hour wait time is unbelievable. Sian is unbelievable. Why are we suddenly talking about Sian? Sian. Sian. Maybe Sian is here. (Did someone call for me?) – Where are we? / – Yeonnam-dong. – Yeonnam-dong. / – Yeonnam-dong. – Yeonnam-dong. / – Hello. – All right. / – Hello. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. It’s your favorite dish, pizza. (Hello, Seungjae.) Hello. It’s Seungjae! Seungjae! – Let’s go someplace fun. / – It’s me! What is this place? There are so many pretty things. (The place is filled with crafts.) (It’s the hot place, Dongjin Market.) There is a pretty ring. Right. There is a pretty ring. Is there anything you want to give to Mom? Take a look. (Thinking) – Which one will she like? / – Which one will suit her? This one. This one. – Will that one suit her? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. – Shall we get it for her? / – Yes. – How much is it? / – 15 dollars. 15 dollars? Seungjae, we have a lot of time. Let’s see everything in this neighborhood. You can measure your height here. Stand against the wall. Let’s measure your height. (Let’s see.) 100cm. 100cm. You are a big boy. “Life is a flower.” “Life is a flower.” What do you think it means? Life is fun. Is life fun for you? That’s good. When you are in Yeonnam-dong, you have to take a picture here. Let’s do that. Stand next to me. (They sit at the photo zone.) Sit next to me. (They want a picture together.) (However…) (Dad, what’s wrong?) What is going on? Seungjae, my phone is missing. – It’s wood. / – It’s a picture on wood. They print a picture on wood. Shall we make one? Yes. We would like to make one with this picture. – I can do that. / – That’s good! How long will it take? It will take 15 to 20 minutes. You can come back – I see. / – or wait here. Okay. Please make it well. We will come back after 20 minutes. – Okay. / – Okay. (He left the phone at the store.) The noodle restaurant will send a text. Seungjae, I think I left the phone at the store. Let’s go and find the phone. (What do they need?) Let’s go quickly. There might be seats. (Speed) (Jiyong runs down the alley.) This is fun! This is fun! This is fun! This is fun! Run! Run! Let’s go! Did I leave my phone here? Yes, you did. (They found the phone.) (After a short break…) Seungjae, there are four teams before us now. Four teams. We have to stand by. – Stand by? / – Yes. – Is it almost done? / – Yes. (They get the picture first.) – How did you do that? / – Thank you. Seungjae, what does it say? “Seungjae and Dad” “at Yeonnam-dong”. “Seungjae and Dad at Yeonnam-dong”. That’s right. “At Yeonnam-dong”. – Bye. / – Bye. Thank you for the picture. Are we going home now? – Are we going home now? / – Let’s go eat noodles. It’s our turn now. Run faster! Run faster! (He is cheerful.) (The dragonfly eats chili and goes, “Buzz buzz”) (They wait for the green light.) 192! 192. It’s our number. We need to go there quickly. 192. That’s our number, right? – Let’s go, 192. / – 192. Let’s go. (Let’s go, Jiyong.) We are here. (They return in two hours.) Why are you singing that song so suddenly? (They sit down after many struggles.) (My throat is dry.) Seungjae, we waited two hours. Two hours. – How much will you eat? / – Four bowls. – Four bowls? / – Yes. Hello, may I take your order? Please give us two beef noodles. Som tam is salad, right? Yes, it’s papaya salad. It’s spicy. It’s okay. I will eat it by myself. – Two beef noodles and a som tam, please. / – Okay. Did you wait two hours, too? (He conducts an interview.) Yes. Is this a popular restaurant? I think so. We waited two hours. I waited three hours! – I waited four hours! / – Four hours? You waited a long time. After waiting four hours, Dad lost his phone on his way here. (Why did he have to share that story?) What will you eat? I will eat beef noodles. It’s what you ordered. – How much will you eat? / – I will eat four bowls. What a bluff! – Your noodles are here. / – Thank you. – Please enjoy. / – Thank you. (Beef noodles with rich broth) Seungjae, this salad is called som tam. – Say it. / – Som tam. – Som tam. / – Som tam? – Som tam. / – Som tam! It’s a difficult name. – It’s som tam. Som tam. / – That’s right. Wait until it cools down. I will go ahead and eat. Dad, enjoy the food. (How does the food taste after a two-hour wait?) Try it. It’s tasty. (Seungjae takes his first bite.) (It looks like he will really eat four bowls.) It’s tasty. – What does it taste like? / – Meat. – It tastes like meat. / – Yes. Excuse me. – Please give us cilantro. / – I will bring cilantro. – Here you go. / – Thank you. Call me if you need anything. This is cilantro. – I will hold it. / – Try it. (Not even many adults like cilantro.) I will add cilantro to my noodles. (It tastes weird.) – Try it. / – You can have it. (He gives the cilantro to his dad.) – You can have it. / – What does it smell like? The smell of a witch. What kind of smell is that? A dark smell. It has a dark smell. Do you think a witch would eat it? (With cilantro,) (the Thai dish tastes more authentic.) (Eating) (The long wait was worth it.) – You enjoyed it, right? / – Yes. (Let’s pay.) (My goodness.) My wallet is missing. (What is he talking about?) – What should I do? / – Your wallet? (He is pulling a prank.) – Your wallet? / – I have no money. Did you forget it? I forgot it. I don’t have my wallet. You lost your money and your mobile phone. Get a hold of yourself! (Grinning) I know it’s a prank. (Seungjae is a smart boy.) It’s a prank.


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