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SESSION GUITARIST: PICKED ACOUSTIC Walkthrough | Native Instruments

November 2, 2019

Welcome to the SESSION GUITARIST – PICKED ACOUSTIC walkthrough. PICKED ACOUSTIC comes with a library of 194
picking and strumming patterns, and a second instrument that allows you to
play your own melodies and patterns. The entire library was recorded with three
different microphone setups, and the effects section has been improved
for added sonic variety. If you’re looking for a specific topic, we’ve added a table of contents in the description. Clicking on one of the links below will take
you directly to the corresponding section of this video. To start with, let’s take a quick look at
the pattern instrument. If you’ve used one of the previous SESSION GUITARIST libraries before, you should feel right at home. Select patterns via the keyswitches and play
chords over a range of three-and-a-half octaves. As you can hear, the instrument creates smooth
transitions between patterns without interrupting the playback, so you can combine multiple patterns into
one continuous performance. When triggering chords at a maximum velocity,
a slide will automatically be added. Clicking on the song name leads us to the
song browser. Double-click one of the song presets to load
a set of patterns, and if ‘Link to song’ is enabled, loading
a song will also load its corresponding sound preset. To choose a different sound preset, simply
select it in the menu. Let’s have a look at the melody instrument. The keyswitches from C1 to D#1 give access
to the main articulations: Open, Muted, Flageolet, and Tremolo. All articulations were recorded with fingers
and plectrum, so we can choose between the two sample sets
by clicking the toggle switch. Note that repeating the same note while holding
down the sustain pedal of our midi controller will not trigger multiple overlapping samples. Instead, the instrument emulates the muting
of the string, just before the new note is plucked, just like on a real guitar. The monophonic mode creates authentic sounding
transitions between overlapping notes, so try this mode whenever you’re playing
single note melodies. If the second of two overlapping notes is
played with a softer velocity than the previous one, the instrument interprets this as a hammer-on
or pull-off. Succeeding overlapping notes will be hammer-ons
or pull-offs as well, which makes it easy to create trills and ornamentations. Holding down the B keyswitch will add a slide
at the beginning of each note. Let’s add vibrato with the modwheel to accentuate
some of the notes. Let’s have a look at the ‘Guitar Settings’
tab. Right now, the accompanying guitar is using
the Condenser AB microphone setup. Let’s switch over to the ribbon mics and
enable stereo doubling for a wider and softer sound. The melody is played with fingers, using the
Condenser AB microphone setup. Let’s add a second melody on the left-hand
side, played with plectrum and using the dynamic microphone setup. Here’s the full arrangement, with all three
guitars and some added percussion. Let’s open the pattern browser to preview
and load patterns. Filter by playing style, articulation and
time signature, or enter a rhythm into the pattern search
strip to find a list of compatible patterns. Holding down the ‘alt’ key will repeat the rhythm entered from the step that you clicked on. The icons by the pattern name indicate whether
the pattern is a picking pattern or a strum pattern. The staircase is a picking and the “up and
down arrow” indicates a strumming pattern. To compare different patterns, we can flip
through the library during playback. Once a pattern is loaded, you can adjust it
to your needs in the pattern inspector. All picking patterns can be played with fingers
or plectrum, in open, muted or flageolet articulation. To play the pattern in a higher position on
lower strings, try adjusting the fret position value. This will create a darker, more intimate sound. You can use the ‘end step’ parameter to
shorten a loop; or offset its timing using the ‘shift’
control. You can also adjust the volume or switch a
pattern into double- or halftime mode. By default, patterns are played back using
the voicing generator. You can choose a different voicing in the
voicing dropdown menu. The auto chords module creates chords from a single
note on the fly. Set the key of your song in the dropdown menus, trigger chords using the white keys and modify
or add options using the black keys. Some of the voicing presets in PICKED ACOUSTIC
enable the emulation of open tunings like DADGAD or Open C. Here’s how this works: In DADGAD, the strings are tuned to D-A-D-G-A
and D, and the typical key for this tuning would be D major. Changing the notes on the lowest two strings will be enough to play most of the chords
we’d like to use in a typical song, while the pitches of the higher open strings
will always stay the same. To emulate the sound of open tunings with
voicing presets, look out for voicings with an asterisk next
to some of the intervals listed in the voicing menu: Those are the notes which will remain the
same, just like the high strings in an open tuning. Make sure that auto chords mode is engaged
and set to the key of your song to ensure that the open strings are played
back in the right key. Now, we can create chord progressions in open
tunings by playing single notes on the keyboard. Let’s have a closer look at the melody instrument. As you can see, the instrument includes four
pattern slots in addition to the melody keyswitches. Holding down one of the pattern keys will
engage the pattern mode. Release the key and the instrument will return
to melody mode. We can reverse this behaviour by choosing
‘Pattern’ as the default mode in the playback tab. Now patterns are played by default and holding down a melody keyswitch temporarily
puts the instrument into “melody” mode, allowing us to add licks or fill-ins to a
performance. Here’s what you can do to make the performance
sound as authentic as possible: The pattern feature works best when using
the instrument within the DAW. Set the tempo, turn on your metronome and
play along. This will ensure that a pattern will start
on the correct beat, instead of restarting at the first beat every
time we transition from a melody into a pattern. Make sure that the fret position and playing
style of your melodies match those of the selected pattern. There are a couple of extra keyswitches below
the playing range of the melody instrument: We’ve already looked at the B keyswitch,
which adds a slide at the beginning of the next note. Depending on the pitch of the previous note,
this will either be an upward or a downward slide. For slides at the end of a note, we can trigger
either the A or the G# keyswitch. A soft velocity will create a slow slide and
a hard velocity will create a fast slide. Triggering the A or G# keyswitches while
no notes are sounding will create a regular slide. The B flat key crossfades from ‘knuckle
wrap’ to ‘slapping’ the strings with the thumb. The effects tab reveals the effects chain,
including the new Plate reverb and Replika delay. We can change the order via drag and drop, load new effects from the effects browser
and tweak and bypass effects in the inspector below. To hear the unprocessed signal, we can bypass
or clear the entire effects chain. And of course, we can save our own settings
to a new preset, which includes not only the effects chain
settings, but also the ‘Guitar Settings’ tab, including the selected microphone, stereo
doubling, stereo width settings and more. Thanks for watching – We hope that you have
enjoyed this PICKED ACOUSTIC walkthrough! Leave any questions in the comments and head over to the Native Instruments website to listen to the audio demos.


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