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Seoul, Take the Wheel: #01 Gwanghwamun Square

September 7, 2019

Hi, I’m Catherine.
Hi, I’m Kunho. Nice to meet you. Today, a close friend of mine
Catherine and I went to Gwanghwamun district in seoul. We met early in the morning and
went to Gwanghwamun Square. Where are we going to go today?We are
going to hang out at Gwanghwamun Square,
where we are at right now. It’s like the center of Seoul. I was born in Korea, but I grew up
from somewhere else. Every bit of Korea is new to me. It’s my second time over here, and that’s
because I don’t live in Korea. So where are you from?
Are you a Korean or I am from Korea. I was born in Korea, but our family moved to Vietnam
when I was three years old. How long did you live there since?
Until I graduated from highschool. So for both of us, the square was kind of new. It looks so different today Yea if you come at special days
like children’s day Right, today is Children’s day. That’s why. It was Children’s day, May 5. There were so many families and
things happening at the square. Concerts, performances, festivals,
just about anything you can imagine. Gwanghwa Mun is an open space. You have the great view of the iconic Kyungbok Palace. I guess this is the first place to
come then, if you visit Seoul. So I see two statues in these
pedestrian roads. What are these two statues for?
What are they? I think the one in the front
is admiral Lee Soon Shin. He is a famous commander
in Korean history, for leading a fleet of turtle ships
and stopping Japanese invasion
during the late 16th century. And the one at the back is King Sejong. He made Hangeul, Korean alphabet. We saw a lot of people wearing Korean
traditional clothes and heard that if you wear one,
you can enter the palace for free. So, we wanted to be a
prince and princess. Hanbok time! Aw… We failed. Well, we don’t need to be a prince and
princess to enter the palace. The next stop is Kyungbok Palace,
the most famous palace in Seoul. Subscribe and follow us.
And don’t forget to like this video! This is Kunho with the
accessibility review. Gwanghwamun Square is well equipped
with side walls and curb cuts. And it is easy to navigate in
a wheel chair. The square has two accessible
bathrooms that are open to the public. One is inside the big tunel,
Haechi Mandang behind
the statue of Admiral Lee Soon Shin. The other accessible bathroom
located in the museum
called Sejong Story, beneath the statue of King Sejong. There is an elevator going down to the museum just behind the statue. The location of the bathrooms
is as shown on the screen.

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