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Secretly Subscribing People to PewDiePie

September 22, 2019

Captions by AesthexticFricks! In case you don’t know, the top youtuber in the world, PewDiePie, an Individual creator, is fighting for his spot as number one against T series, a large media company with their own YouTube channel. So for the sake of keeping YouTube dominated by individual creators instead of large media corporations like TV today… We’re joining the fight. Pl-plas, (Plus) I really like PewDiePie and, I think that he’s cool. I like watching him. I like watching him. Excuse me, guys. Would you mind if I use one of your phones and send my friend a text? I have terrible service. ..941, thank you. My name’s Ross. Thank you. they don’t respond but he should be out here soon. I appreciate it man. The sacrifices we have to make to get people to subscribe to pewdiepie.. Getting kicked out of libraries. Pewdiepie,We can never come to this library again, but it’s for a good cause. Guys, I have sad news. *Clears throat* Billy is no longer with us in spirit. But he is here physically! We’re gonna miss that spirit Billy! I would trade anything to have spirit Billy back. Bath bomb. You ever use a bath bomb? Cole, have you ever taken a bath? Got some nice clothes here. Everything looks brand n’ used! Goodwill: brand used! that’s our motto. You know what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna be street performers and make some money. That’s how we’re gonna pay for this stuff; We’re gonna come back later with the money we make and pay you then. B- Yeah. All right. Now we’re gonna go live our dream. We’re gonna make millions, bro! The way that that woman walked by us.. I could tell she believes in us! wait, guys, what should we name our band? Stiff biscuits. Rock creations, rock creations. STIFF BISCUITS! Lot of musicians got it wrong. They try to play in front of like, hundreds of people that walk by. Up your game, You know, you’re gonna at least get a thousand people Going by if you’re playing out here. I think we got one honk, so I’m not giving up. I’m not quitting! I don’t care what my family says, my relatives. I’m not good at playing guitar. My voice isn’t good. I’m not listening to any of that bull crap.. They’re just hatin’, we got a honk, right? Chris is telling me a story or something. I start just randomly talking about whatever I am. Sorry, whenever I’m not talking my mind just moves on. Sorry dude. I only care about myself. Bro, dude, I was I was already thinking of something else. You don’t have to tell me anything about you, dude. I didn’t look at him. I didn’t even turn my head. I just roll the windows up.. I think that’s why he was mad. That’s what i do to Cole when he talks to me. Oh, sorry Cole, I thought you were a .homeless guy. You’re coming to my room- Oh, sorry, I don’t have a dollar, don’t have any change. Everytime I greet you in public- he’ll be like “whats up, man?!” And i’m like “Oh sorry, don’t have a dollar” Which way is the public beach? I think if you just keep going down this way, it’ll be over on the right-hand side. Oh, yeah, I’m sorry. I don’t have any extra change, any spare change or- I’m sorry. -What? I got- I don’t keep any any cash on me, I just keep cards on me- I would but I just- don’t have any extra on me. Yeah, I’m sorry- I would happily give to you, I just don’t keep anything. I literally don’t have my wallet on me just my key. Yeah I- Yeah, I just don’t have any extra on me.
The beach is down there.. Because I only have a card. Yeah. Yeah, so I don’t have any change or that I can give you, okay? I’m sorry. a great place to ask is on the corner on University! -Adding insult to injury if we go up and tell him like hey, you hurt your arm? You’re also ugly! If you went up to him in act like you’re very like, Sympathetic to you. You hurt your arm? It’s so bad. You’re also ugly. Uh, Adding insult to injury, bro.. I Yelled at him to get him to look at the camera. There was lady in a wheelchair too.. That’s a good one, We’ll just go up and insult people who already have injuries. Son, you got the fattest wallet I’ve ever seen in my life.That thing needs to lose some weight. Was about to say you look like a good citizen paying taxes, keeping those receipts. You like open it. It’s full of fake money. It’s like yeah, this is just for the looks of it. Set of women padding their bra and pad their wallets. What kind of food do you want? Oh, sorry, I don’t have any spare change or anything. Oh No, you said what kind of food do you want? Yeah, I just don’t have any extra money, I don’t keep cash on me. Yeah, I’m sorry man, I would but I just don’t have any extra cash on me. No, I would get out happily give to you I just don’t keep the change- I don’t keep extra change on me. Okay, yeah, I’m sorry. Have a good day, guys. People get so pissed sometimes when I see that there’s a camera recording them. So I think if we disguise the camera as a gun instead people will get less mad. People are like: Oh, At least it’s not a camera recording me. In Iraq, like the Taliban looks at the US military. He’s like aimin’ a gun at him He’s like this better not be going on Facebook! When you’re done relaxing, give me a box. -When your done screwing around, can you give me a box please? She’s like clearly When You’re done playing on your little computer games over there. Sir. I don’t have any money on me. Hi. Oh, sorry. I don’t have any spare change. I Think cops would intimidate more people if they just walked around with cameras. And so I’m gonna pull my camera out if you don’t stop. Oh please I don’t wanna o to Facebook! I have a mic. I don’t know! if you know you make it the chorus to my new song I’m gonna write in a letter to my mom what you just said. Oh, don’t you dare! You do not have my permission! I Remember what you look like. I’m gonna draw a picture of you later and post it on Facebook, don’t you dare. You don’t have my consent. I didn’t sign any forms. Hey, oh, I’m sorry. I don’t have any extra money buddy. He knows? Does he know that I don’t have any extra money for him? Thank you for service! What platoon were you? first in my life. We found cigarettes on the ground, a full package! We also found this little dude over here. Hey bud. It’s time you grew up! Yep, see, and that’s what smoking will do to you, kids. Don’t smoke or your head will fall off. Sup Billy, A long time no see. Good to meet you. So I introduced myself. So on. Hey man, long time never seen you before. You either go hard, or do it moderately or not at all, that’s my motto. Thank you! I’ll just leave this here with you guys.. keep them here and don’t smoke. Since you- since you don’t smoke then keep him there and I better not see one missing. This lady brought her house phone to the beach. The Amish don’t believe in cellphones, but good god, man, their house phone range reaches a long way. That’s like it’s 60 miles from there. Never worry about them like seeing themselves on Facebook and getting mad cuz, They don’t have social media. That’s why I’m always recording. They’re like, hey, you better not draw a picture of me and post it on the town bulletin board! Like if I see my face on that bulletin board, I am suing. I’m like sir. This is a public place I can draw who I want. It’s perfectly legal for me to draw who I want. Thanks to the patreons! Ly all. -Fricks


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