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Scary Snowman Hidden Camera Practical Joke US Tour 2016 * Over 100 Reactions

September 6, 2019

[Captions by Mike R. at] What the f***! Whoa. Whoa. Oh, my God! Oh, my God. Shut the f*** up. Are you ***in’ kidding? Not today. Nope.
Not today. Not happenin’. Not today. Oh, my God. What the f***! – How ya doin’ buddy?
– Hey. – Huh?
– How’s it going? – What the f*** are you doing?
– Living. Good, good, good, buddy. Now, how do you get in and out of it? Magic. – F****n’ magic.
– Magic. Really? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Ah, I love the hat. [BLEEP] That’s not funny! I’m so sorry. Here. Wait. Is he serious? Here. Oh, it’s okay. It’s okay. – Here!
– It’s okay. You don’t have to give me money. You spilled your coffee. Here. No, it was only…
It wasn’t $20. [LAUGHS] No, it’s okay. I’m in a rush because
I have to go to the rink. – But it’s okay. – I’m so sorry.
– It’s okay. I know it.
I know it’s not easy being you. Oh, stop, stop. – That is really scary. [LAUGHS]
– [LAUGHS] Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Son of a …! … go around. I didn’t know it was
going to do that! [LAUGHS] – That’s a weird snowman.
– [INDISTINCT] going to happen. Dude, [BLEEP]. Oh, my God! That scared me! Oh, my God, motherf****r! What the f***! SNOWMAN WITH WEAK VOICE:
Help me. Look closely. I am looking closely.
But that’s cool. [INDISTINCT] he’s gonna jump at me. Holy crap! Oh, my God. SCREECHES: Holy s***! I wanna put this on my Instagram. – Do you wanna take one with me?
– I already took one. – Why is he so p****d off?
– I don’t know. Oh, Jesus! Why are you so angry?
Your thing needs to, like, smile. Oh, my God! – That would be a snowman.
– Okay. I’ve got a little surprise for you, Chase.
I wasn’t going to tell you. – Now I will –
– Oh. since you’ve got the camera in my face! … give you a chance to prank somebody in the snowman. I want you to get inside the snowman suit and scare somebody for yourself. What do you say? That’d be– Yeah, please.
That’d be awesome. Put your head up in there. Are you in?
– Yeah. [INDISTINCT] Motherf****r! Oh, my God! That was awesome. Nicely done. Oh, my God! Holy s***! – You like that?
– Oh, yeah. – There you go.
– Yeah! – You like that? Yeah!
– Yeah. Well composed. That’s it. – Aahhh.
– Yeah. All right. I look like an idiot. – All right. See you bud.
– [LAUGHS] – Huh? Oh! Cute.
– Oh, God! Oh! Hoo. Jesus! Got ’em. Got ’em.
Got ’em good. Got ’em good. I told you, Robbie! That is not a freaking joke, is it? … and me neither.
What the hell is it made of? – Oh, gosh!
– Jesus Christ! Good thing I have my Depends on. Oh, my God!
Why would you do that? That was not cool! No! Seriously! Oh, my God! Hey, guys. What’s up? We are here with Tom May today. He is going to be a featured guest
inside Freaky the Scary Snowman, scaring everybody in Louisville, Kentucky. First thing we gotta do is put the carrot on. – That just brings him to life.
– Good carrot. I like it. [LAUGHS] Let’s get going. Oh, my good… Oh, my! He’s leaning in. Ah, s***. Really, bro? Oh! Hoo. I’m sorry. I messed up touching things
I don’t know what they are. Whoa! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey. Punch it in their nose. Ho! Hello. Oh, God! Oh, my God! I can tell that. What? Oh! It is one that moves. Oh, my God You’re gonna give somebody a heart attack. Yes, not me, though. Oh! My! Scared the crap out of me. Hello, there. That’s funny. Glad to see you in Louisville.
I’m so happy. S***! I told you that was for real. Oh! Oh, loved it! [INAUDIBLE] Oh! – Oh, my!
– Jesus Christ! That was fantastic. That was something. Whoa! Oh, my God! It moves! Oh! Oh, my Gosh! It can see us through eyes. Eyes. [INAUDIBLE] behind us. S***! Oh, my God! Nah, it’s not real. – You can take my picture, though.
– All right. Go. I don’t want a picture. I don’t want a picture. Oh! Oh, my God! Holy s***! Holy s***! – Did you touch that?
– No. Okay. – I was making it…
– No! No! – You’re doing that!
– I’m not. He’s a snowman. This is not something… Oh, my God! Yeah. – [INDISTINCT]
– Huh? Get in there. You got ’em. Good job. – Yay, the snowman.
– Holy [BLEEP] Jesus [BLEEP]! Well, I knew it. I think it was out of that [BLEEP] moves. Oh! Scared the [INAUDIBLE] out of me. Who set me up? Oh! God, Jesus! Oh, my God! Oh! Son of a …! [INDISTINCT] Give him a hug! Jesus, I’m just trying to go to the game. Snowman: Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! [INDISTINCT] it started moving towards me. That was awesome. Got you. Whaddya got up your skirt? – Here, baby. Come on. Get real.
– Is it this big? He says I can jerk his nose off. He’s [BLEEP]. Snowman: Are you sending that one to your mom? Don’t — Skippy. Don’t be funnin’ [INDISTINCT]. [BLEEP] I knew you were frickin’ fake. Anyway. Bye, Felecia! – What the f***!
[INDISTINCT] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] You didn’t know that it moved? No! I thought it was real! Oh, my God! There might be a person in there. There is a person in there. Not today! Oh, my goodness! Oh, my God!
It’s a person and it moves. God d***! Whoo! Oh, my God! Well done! You are dead! What the f***! Oh, my gosh! – There’s a person in there, dog!
– Well, I ain’t [INAUDIBLE] with that. Oh, s***! That’s the way to have me spooked
is that little kid was in there. Ah, man! [INDISTINCT] Right. That’s exactly what he goin’ be.
You put yours all over the snowman. Snowman whispers: Is it getting
hot in here or is it just me? Jesus Christ! Whoa. S***. Oh, my God! It’s moving! That’s creepy. Oh, my God! Snowman: You’re creepy. Be nice. Oh, my God! Oh, that’s cause I hit it. Then why did it move? I called that, I called that. [INDISTINCT] – Look.
– Come here. Come here. [HIGH ENERGY MUSIC ]


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