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Sally Field | 2019 Kennedy Center Honors Red Carpet

December 11, 2019

Paula Reid: You have won every award, so why is this one unique? Sally Field: [laughs] Um, well, we heard a lot of people talking last night- I mean this really is-
I think everybody feels this kind of is uh, the real sort of pinnacle achievement
award. It goes across the boards in the arts. Um, and it’s people in some cases that
the public have forgotten or or really don’t hear much about but who have had
such an impact on their culture. And I think that’s what we all feel and feel
so proud and honored to be here and to be amongst all the honorees over all
these years. Especially this group is just stunning-
I mean buckle up kids it’s gonna be some night. Paula: So, as you know the presentation is
a secret, are you nervous at all? Sally Field: I- I’ve kind of been sort of sick for three days
it’s just this is it just- um- It just feels, uh, to me I just don’t mind sort of an emotional
flood of overload, uh- I didn’t expect to feel this way- I didn’t know what I’d feel
but um- I- I plan to probably get very sick as soon as this is over because my poor
body is just going to- WOAH! That was just enormous! But, what a ride. you

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  • Reply Ed Ally December 11, 2019 at 3:19 am

    She deserves this and Linda Ronstadt

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