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Rolls Royce – 380.000 EUR – V12 BiTurbo

October 19, 2019

How much was the car? The car was somewhere at 2 million Euros…2.5 MILLION EUROS? But, I must admit that I received a small discount … because I bought two (cars) How much does 0-100 Km / h have? YES, AND I GET THE BIGGEST SPIT IN MY FACE… I HAD SPIT IN MY FACE, IN THE MOUTH, IN EYES Today, you will see a special car, Rolls Royce Ghost and you will meet it’s owner. Bogdan bought his new car, but there is a used market for expensive cars as well. Even if it is an expensive car, you can be deceived with cheap cars, and with expensive cars. There is no risk-free category. I even found a Rolls Royce Ghost …. and if you check CARVERTICAL, you will see that he was scratched all-around. A car that can probably be repaired, but about which the seller may not say it was damaged. That’s why it is good to check any car, expensive or cheap, on CARVERTICAL, before you buy it. Use the link below from the description. Are the people looking after you in traffic with this car? I don’t notice … that I used to watch … But, for example, if I land any car, everyone says “WOW, WHAT THE PEOPLE ARE LOOKING AT THIS CAR” That they are not used to … With this I notice that the world gives you right of pass… But I think people let you pass to see the car, to admire it. Hi, dear friends, I’m Andy Popescu and today we are doing a vlog with Bogdan Capusan. Hi, Bogdan! Howdy! How did we get to make a vlog? Everyone wrote to you … Yes, he wrote me a lot of people, we also discussed, I think, at the beginning of the year … The opportunity has not arisen so far … Honestly, I hoped to do it sooner, because I had the Ferrari that was to come to me, To be delivered somewhere in February. What Ferrari, 812? Yes. 812 SuperFast, which is faster than Ovidiu Pop’s, Berlinetta, right? F12 I also had an F12. Yes? Yes. I also had an F12. And how did you think of the difference between them? 812 is … faster. You don’t feel that much faster, it has 60 extra horsepower To say that it is a car with 30% better in all the chapters. Overall. Overall. It has steering on the back, the comfort is better … it seems more solid, it seems more solid than … at F12 and when I closed the door, it looks like the car is breaking down … This seems much more solid. You know what I didn’t like about Ferrari? The fact that at the first and second gear, the engine seemed very restrained. You do not benefit from all horses. As I say, on Romanian … So, Ferrari, has a big problem and I think this is made especially by them, because they are genius at driving experience. If you give fully accelerate, so the car does not jump gears, doesnt have full power, limits you … Yes, so they want you to keep it there, at 6000-7000-8000 shifts. Yes. Now this is a thing that very few people know about, for double clutch boxes, If you were driving it in automatic mode, for example, I was driving it in automatic mode, Yes. Ferrari. Correct. In the 6th gear, if you give it a kick-down, he doesn’t jump until the third or the second gear … Which is crazy, right? Jump to the fifth gear. And if you want to jump more, you hit the foot acceleration twice, but so: “TAC-TAC” You run it 2 times fast, it jumps 3 gears down, automatically, and after you kick it, another gear will jump down. And so, in a second and half, you downgraded to the second gear, without using the pads and nonsense. YES, SO YOU HAVE LISTENED, ALL OF YOU WITH FERRARIS It also works for Porsche. I learned this in a Porsche. So all in all, I’m right that Ferrari is very limited in the first and second gear And then, you enjoy it, only at high speeds, over 150 Km/h. Then the car can use all its horsepower, 750HP Then it’s the ultimate trick, you know … Yeah … fortunately, you get to those speeds pretty quickly … Yeah. That’s right, normal. Let’s talk about the car. What car is this? A Rolls Royce Ghost. The car is 3 years old, I had it for 3 years. Its from 2016. I was with it at the service. The service is free. Did you purchased it new? Yes, new. Okay. And how much? Somewhere at 380,000 euros. BUT … I HAVE TO SAY THAT I RECEIVED A LITTLE DISCOUNT … BECAUSE I BUYED TWO. Yes??? Are you serious about taking two? Why??? Well I got this version, the limousine and then I got a convertible. I ordered a Rolls Royce Dawn, cabrio … That Blue one? Yes, that blue one. That I sold. I saw it on your Instagram. Follow him on Instagram if you want to see it too. The moment I ordered it, I really liked the blue with the white interior. Yes, I liked it too. It was very, very … beautiful. The car was a bit flashy … I sold it because I was in France, it was summer, with my family. And they were following me from a television in Romania … Really? Yes. And I don’t give a name … Now, being passionate and participating in many car events, you recognize “car spotter” The car spotter is at one point, They do not move, waiting for the car to come, focus on it, still take pictures. PAPARAZZI … And I saw two running from side to side of the road when I showed up … you know, and I realized something was wrong. Afterwards, my mother called me and said “I see you on TV dear …” The next day, I called a trailer company, a trailer, Which came, I put the car in the trailer and sent it to Germany to sell it. In principle, the Romanian press writes about you to give them money. Yes? Unfortunately yes. The Romanian press is not real press and I write about you if they want a sponsorship, If you want to go to them to give them money to give you peace. Yes? Seriously? Yes. That’s how it works! Look, super hard … these are things I, I, didn’t know. And I think many do not know them. Sadly yes… It is clear that the press will write bad things about you again now… Yes … now they have written a bit, but … they are already ridiculous, that is … they invent, I don’t know … Did u see me with a Bugatti Veyron, they wrote that I have Bugatti Veyron. Well, I didn’t see it… Not even a toy Veyron, but I have a toy Chiron, but … It bothers me, because … fake news … Fake news, yes, it affects your reputation, it affects your family. The world believes. Somewhere, it’s my fault. Where did all this story start from? It all started from Valkyrie. It was a private presentation for Valkyrie in Monaco. Tell us, please, what Valkyrie means, so people won’t understand. Aston Martin Valkyrie, a car I honestly bought as an investment. The car was somewhere at 2 000 000 EUROS… Pounds … please, they changed prices, they sold it at 3 different prices. 2 MILLION HALF EURO? Yes. Well, did you spend that much money? Seriously? Okay … I haven’t received it yet and I don’t know if I will receive it … You paid it and you didn’t receive it? No, there are some terms in the contract, some mandatory payments that have to be made. The EU regulations for pollutants and the AMG PROJECT ONE, which have a much higher financial power than the Aston Martin group, have been tightened very strongly. I can’t approve the car. Now they have postponed it for about 3 years. And their prototype has been circulating for 1 year … Aston Martin only now had a prototype, with which they made a track tour, they succeeded with it, so I don’t know when the cars will be delivered and what happens to them. Well, good, so if you paied 2,500,000 EUR on a car, you must really get a Tesla P100D. So it’s a car you have to have, Bogdan, seriously. 37Km/h… and at 25Km/h gonna hit it … Yes, I was super impressed with Tesla. So you must really buy a Tesla… I would even say shocked … Especially because it is cheap. 100,000 euros. For you it’s like buying a Chewing Gum… Let me tell you why, that was the whole story … there appeared an article in which, indeed, I seemed arrogant. And you always have to measure your words and take care of what you write. Especially when you have money, you have to be that way. Because people already consider you arrogant. Friends or people who really know me know that I am not arrogant and … I was at the first private presentation of the car (Aston Martin Valkerye), until then it was just a plastic thing, put together and so … I saw that they were taking pictures … Yeah, usually on these private things, like last week at Ferrari, It puts some stickers on your phone that you can’t take down, it looks like you broke the seal, Things very … not to take the picture. Yes. Not to take pictures. And there they were taking pictures for free, you know … If I said “YES, CAN I POST THE PICTURES?” I talked to the Aston Martin boss who was from the VIP department and he said “you can take pictures, but you can’t put pictures on the net” because Serena Williams was also there Before she gave birth, and we want to put a picture first with her, with the car, and then you can post the pictures. Okay. They didn’t know that, as I am passionate about cars, I went, got the phone, filmed, went under the car, through the back, I put my phone through the diffuser, the ailerons, everywhere, you know? And they didn’t think about it. Like I’m filming. And indeed, the car was not finished. In the back he had an air diffuser that was … see … That was not finished…. I asked those from Aston Martin and I had their emails and their confirmation that I can post what I filmed. What I photographed. The moment I started filming and posting, To post the super delicate stuff, which they didn’t think I post, There were also Solomondrin, they all took them from me, reposted them They also called me, from Aston Martin, and they panicked a little and said “Listen, please, remove them, If you can, because we want to take some official better pictures Because of the rear diffuser, which wasn’t quite finished. Yes, so in certain areas you could see it wasnt really finished, you know? I deleted all the pictures and after I deleted all the pictures, Some articles appeared in Holland, like I illegally put pictures and they made me that and now I have lost the contract, to see what happens … And they started calling me from there, acquaintances, friends, Oh come on Bogdan, you lost the contract? What did you do, that they took your contract now, as a car, Like you’re stupid … like you did something like that … And then I put another picture and I explained. That … I had the agreement. I didn’t do anything illegal. Correct. As I voluntarily withdrew the pictures, I did not write there as to why I withdrew them. But … THAT I WILL RECEIVE THE CAR. Despite those who do not want to receive. Indeed, the last sentence seemed rather arrogant and then took over the press from Romania, And they made me arrogant and so on .. until … I had to keep my mouth in the future, I’ll keep it. I will no longer respond to challenges. Maybe we make a vlog with that car, but it seems kind of expensive, I’ve never driven a car so expensive. Yes. Why did you choose that 2 600 000 EUR over a Veyron thats only 1 600 000 EUR? The Veyron, first of all, has a price, I do not know, 1 million and … when the Veyron appeared, I could not afford to buy a Veyron. I took this car as an investment, which, indeed, is a jewel, it is an aspirated V12, at 11,000 rotations per minute. You will hear it from 100 miles away, its gonna be that loud… Yes? How the car sounds … And I said ok, to increase its price to several millions. 5-10M or whatever. Like it is with McLaren F1, which, you know … You enjoy it and its price increases. But … let’s see if they produce it, after all. And you can find a rich person to buy it for 4,000,000 EUR, you also make 2 000 000 EUR. May, you make no profit 2 000 000 EUR, as I paid for the car, 4 years ago or when I made the contract, Since then, I would have multiplied the money 10 times. So in the end, I didn’t make any big deal. So 4 years ago you started to pay for it and you still haven’t received it. It seems unreal … Yes..the contract … the cars had to be delivered in 2018-2019 and they didn’t deliver any cars. Rich People Problems :)) Well, let’s talk about this car. What engine does it have? 6.6 V12 Biturbo 570 horsepower I think you pay about 2000 and some euros, annual tax … So in 4 years, you pay 10,000 euros to this car … Probable. But in 4 years you lose 10 times more. As you said… “It’s so cheap, I WANT TWO !!!” This button, over here, what is it, massage? You just massage your butt in front. In the back, on the back seats, massage your back also That’s leather, right? Yes, yes, yes, everything is leather. Is it natural or artificial? No, it’s all natural leather … well it should be for this money.. How about the proportion where you go with this car and where you stand in the back? I’m not too far behind. I’m glad when I get to sit back. I stayed back 2-3 weeks ago, I was extremely happy that I was staying back too … Otherwise, I don’t really have the opportunity to stay behind … so when I go with a friend and we’re abroad, I let him drive. You know how they all say … “sir, this is the car you have to take to stay in the backseat” … but if you want to drive, it’s good to drive, right? Yes, you can drive it, it’s a very comfortable car and I can tell you how I got this car, how I got to take this car. I wanted to buy a limousine, then I had no limousine. We had the Ferrari and SUVs, all the family had SUVs. And I said “let’s buy a limo, let’s have a limo”, we didn’t have a limo. Going with it to an event abroad is more comfortable I wanted to get a S63 AMG The S63 AMG was somewhere around EUR 220,000
So cheap?? Plus VAT. I mean one with all the nonsense on him. And then I was in Germany, I don’t even know how I got to do a test drive with this car, I remember that I went over a railway, near the office and did not feel, I was stupid … Near the office, I did not feel (the railway) I saw the price, it was somewhere at 300 and a little thousand + VAT And because I ordered the second car, they gave me a discount … it came out with about 60 000 EUR more expensive than the S63 AMG And I said … between a Mercedes and a Rolls … I give 60 000 EUR and I take this Rolls … And that’s how I got to own a Rolls. From “let’s get a limousine” Test drive + discount. Yes. And are you satisfied with it? Very satisfied, I had absolutely no problem. How many kilometers does it have? 26,000 Km, in 3 years. Maintenance? Zero. Free maintenance. 4 years. Paied by Rolls Royce. I didn’t spend any money on the car except for gas. And the windshield washer fluid. And gasoline .. Gasoline, yes. And the oil exchanges are free. Yes, I do, I was now and I changed … the spark plugs, everything, everything, they changed for free. In Bucharest. In Bucharest, yes. Is a Rolls Dealership? Yes Indeed, I find it very comfortable. It is much more comfortable than a Mercedes S. We can also take it on the tram line … Yes, yes, yes …Smooth Ride. If you have 100 Km/h and something and you are trapped in the roads unevenly roads, I thought I’d get back to her. So the car didn’t know what to do, Yes, he tried to counter-balance … there were bumps … So the car was unpredictable I had to brake very suddenly. Very loud because I was scared. In Germany, where there is no speed limit, Have you ever given the car maximum speed, to see how fast it is? Yes, 260 Km/h. And it is limited. Now you know, in Germany, most cars, almost all, and sports cars produced by Mercedes, BMW, Audi, are limited to 250Km/h. And you pay extra to raise your limit to 300 km / h. What Ferrari do you have? Now I have one to make a vlog, this one from Constanta. That’s from Constanta, Testarossa Testarossa, yes. That’s my childhood car. And mine … that I always saw on Turbo It was no. 51 Turbo … Yes … I know his number now … I have an 812 Superfast, which was supposed to come somewhere in May. This car also not arrived yet. Still … and these cars, when you order them, are so many things you don’t realize The car cannot be produced because of the color … If you can imagine … and it really is a color I dreamed of all my life. It’s called Rosso Maranello. Yes. The color is darker red, super metallic. Yes. And now I can’t produce it, I understood that they had delayed my car for a few months, the approval issues, By the producer, regulations, etc. Like Ferrari, they do not have a workshop that makes colors. They all take them from third parties. And now they promised me that in the next 2 months, it will deliver. But did you ever own a Lamborghini? Well, Lamborghini … I saw the vlog with COBRA TATE, where everyone says: If you get a Lamborghini, you really feel like a SuperStar. So … That’s what Ovidiu Pop said. Yes. Now, in the spring, I rented quite a bit with an Aventador Roadster S Is it white? Yes, white. DO YOU SEE I FOLLOW YOU? The world is coming to you to take pictures and ask you who you are. If you’re an actor, who are you, are you a footballer? So yeah, yeah, Mega SuperStar! Yes … but the car is not practical at all, let’s be honest. You can’t go with that car, I don’t know where … Well that’s what Cobra said, yes. Yes, but many want to know, how much does it cost to rent a Lamborghini in Italy? Well, first of all, you can’t rent any sports car without 30,000 euros, guarantee. Seriously? Yes. 30,000 euros costs the guarantee, if you hit it. That’s from the head of the place. And you leave a 30,000 euro guarantee and after that, how much do you give? About 800-1000 EUR per day … so to understand, you can go … No, a few thousand euros. Per day? On the day, yes.You can take it if you want, at Ferrari, where everyone goes and so on. There you get 100 euros with a car, well, with the instructor in the car. You go 80 km / h, on a straight road and so. But, if you want someone to leave your car in your hand … Do what you want with it, somewhere at 30,000 euros, 25,000 … guarantee + several thousand euros per day. Yes exactly. Do what you want with it. If you want that, one hour, with someone in the car, you save 100-200 euros. Not an hour. Ten minutes. They were now some friends and had a test with something Ferrari, Lusso or something … Somewhere at 100 euros, you went 10 minutes … You walked. Do you like Ferrari GTC LUSSO? I do not like it. No, I do not like it either. It’s the only 4×4 Ferrari, GTC Lusso They do not sell too much, you know … Ferrari offers some discounts … if you want to buy, go. It offers you discount and 14-15% at the car. I hear! Now is the time! And you will keep everyone surprised, driving, the Ferrari are comfortable. I don’t know, this idea is not comfortable … Outside of Scuderia, look, I have a friend who took it … Well, Scuderia is something else … Yes. He went to Monaco with him, put him in the trailer and came by plane. He said he never needed something like that again. Because that Scuderia is too sporty. The stable … is a Street version Now that I’ve drove a Tesla, I don’t need a Ferrari anymore. You understand me, don’t you? Yes. The TESLA model we tested has 460 horses. 40 … 30Km/h … So if you don’t … I already know what car I buy … Really … think about that 770 horse … I NEVER WANT TO LOOK AT THAT SOMETHING. Or if I take it, I won’t climb into it. So I can’t believe it. However, I can’t believe he has only 460 horses … You can’t believe it, do you? I think I’m lying somewhere … and you even drove cars, brother … If you didn’t drive cars either … I really like how I do massage at the bottom. To put more blood in the movement, not to numb your ass. In the back, for example, don’t do this to you. It only does your back, massage. Aha. So here … Okay, you have another back position. MHM. In the back you sit differently, the seats are left on the back, your seat is extended … In the back is something else … What has pleased you with her in the 3 years and 24,000 km? First thing, navigation. So I told them today at the service, the navigation … A JOKE! Seriously, if … I think if I now put them on navigation to take me … we are on the outskirts of Bucharest, right? If I get her to take me to the center of Bucharest, It takes me through another City… So you can’t believe how ridiculous it can be and how bad it actually is. Another thing, what I don’t like about this car, what you asked me, is blocking the GSM signal. Does it have those double windows? Yes, I do not know what windows has, but you have very low signal on the phone Look, he has doubleglass, you see? So the net doesn’t go in the car … yes, I heard this again at RS6 NDY (appears next week) And now, when I came to you, the Waze wasn’t going. These chrome stuff, in the middle of the day, when the Sun comes out, is reflected, almost everywhere you are in the front. It blinds you. It blinds you, yes. Either from here … or, find a place. Most, almost everything you see, is metal, but they are also … For example, these are cheap plastics, painted in the color of metal. ABS, it’s called that plastic. Yes, it’s quite comfortable, on these pits … It’s a car … Usually when I shoot with other cars here, we don’t hear much. I must speak louder … In this, we really hear. So this is the first car that is really ok to talk about. Do you have a G Klasse? Yes, somewhere up to 600 horses. That scared that priest … Yeah. But I do not recommend anyone’s car … I do not like… In my personal opinion, you know … I don’t like it having too squared lines, you know … Yeah, I like that thing, it’s squared. I like that the car is narrow and very short. In town, you move in with it. But otherwise, it’s a shitty car… I think more than 30,000 euros is not worth that car NEW !!! Is this a highway or what? 80Km/h limitation Now they have started work … It will close soon. Can we give it that, a little, up to 120-130 Km / h? Just see that. The car shifted down…and it pushes… Now he starts to pull… Only you saw, I had 140 and I did not feel the speed at all … that is really not to feel. It’s MADE to not feel. But if you would like a car, still a limo and more expensive, how much could you choose? More expensive? Yes, I’m thinking: S Klasse, after the Phantom comes and what’s up? Is there anything else? Well the Ghost and the Phantom. The phantom that is … I don’t know … EUR 100,000 extra over. But the Phantom, once it’s too big, much bigger, the car. And then … you can’t drive it. The Phantom … only with the driver. What’s the difference between Ghost and Phantom? The Phantom once is a much more impressive car. It’s a car that has … I don’t know … 6 meters … And everything is oriented, everything is done in the back. So … oriented to the rear seats, for comfort. And that, you will see when you climb into it, that it has everything you want in the back. But it doesn’t compare to the Phantom. This is a car you can drive. So the Phantom is more expensive … Well, I didn’t know … 100,000 euros more expensive than Ghost. Yes, one hundred and something thousands. So this is … they made this car like a … let’s say … This is the volume car at Rolls Royce … FOR THE MASSES! For masses, yes … FOR THE POOR. Poor man’s Rolls Royce. Yes exactly. But it’s not the first time I’ve driven a Rolls Royce, you know. I drove before, but these old ladies. Rolls Royce Corniche, from the ’70s. So you don’t have a speedometer, but you have that thing with the Power Reserve. Which goes the other way. Power reserve. Well yes. 100%. How does the car feel? Do you realize that everyone wants to know “Well, what would a Rolls Royce look like?” Well, it’s very smooth. This is the first impression. The steering wheel goes very, very easy, that is, you turn it with your little finger. I understand why you like to drive this car. That is very comfortable and you can go with your family in #LUX. Yes, in the back he runs cartoons … Yes right. As an idea, so, that people want to know, about what 0-100 Km / h has? I think 5 seconds. It only has rear traction. Only the back pulls … Yes. Can you take out his Traction Control? I don’t want to remove it, but I ask for an idea. I’ve never tried it, I don’t think it has the Traction Control knob. Join AndyPopescuVlogs for a while and read people’s questions, you know? Let’s see! You see, we communicate with people on Instagram! If I use the umbrella … I have never used the umbrella. There are 2 umbrellas, attention. Umbrella in each door, I never used it. It’s put on #GPL? I haven’t tried yet … I haven’t tried … After 2 days in Bucharest Traffic How do you handle a Rolls in the country, taking into account the quality of the roads and especially the insufficient parking spaces? Well this is the idea … Wear signs appeared after the first 25,000 kilometers? So, wait a little, that’s an important question. Yes, it is very suitable for Romania, because Romania has pot holes. And then it’s perfect, because you don’t feel the pits. Yeah, so you really don’t feel the pits. Don’t … now, of course, I didn’t take huge potholes to destroy my wheels or something. But it is an extremely comfortable car. Do you have Full Insurance on it? I don’t have a Full Insurance. You break it, you buy it. But I also tell you why I don’t have a Full Insurance. I had cars where I had a Full Insurance. And you paid for nothing. You pay for nothing … And then, in a car like this, I don’t know, the world doesn’t know … I tell you how it works. If at a car of 200,000 euros, you pay Full Insurance. You still pay some fee if you make an accident. If you do total damage, it automatically gives you 20% franchise (you pay 20% fee from car value). It gives you 60% of the value of the car (evaluated value) And the wrecked car. The wrecked car, after a year, if they can’t sell it, they have some fine print in the contracts. So you keep 60% of the money on the car. But I, at Ferrari, paid 17,000 euros a year, full insurance. Well it’s not worth it. As for 5 cars, do I pay 100,000 euros per year this full insurance? If he doesn’t put the pigs in the Rolls … 4-legged pigs, no. Does he have a Dacia key? Look, let’s see the key. So this looks like the key. Just like a BMW. This looks like a BMW, on this side. So, it really looks … But it has the spare key, which is really BMW. So just like a BMW. Because Rolls is owned by BMW. A tip for young people who want to do something with their lives and do not know what and where to invest. Many children, as I can tell you children, are concerned about this. At 16-17-18 years old, the main concern should be the school. After you finish school, after 20 and some years, then you can focus on making money. Until then, there is no point, if your priority is not school, you certainly won’t make any money. And especially, the accumulation of information. Which one is the school and the other is … You can, on your own, at home, accumulate knowledge yourself. Reading entrepreneurship books would help. “Rich dad, poor dad”, right? There are many, yes. And many other books. And now I look, I study, a lot of tutorials for the industry in which I work. What are you working? Mainly real estate. Now I am in Bucharest because I have a real estate project in Bucharest. But, the group of companies to which I am a shareholder, has been building in Cluj for 10 years, 15 years. Mhm And … we are the largest in Transylvania, as far as I know. Will you turn on the lights on the ceiling? Of course. Let’s light them. From here… And if you go in front or in the back … Conversely, as I am now at their best. Minimum and maximum. The interesting thing about these lights is that you can order them in what … if you want the day your baby was born, like the sky in the Constellation. I know, I got that, I got a gift like that from Gre. You can … Skyday of the day you were born. Costa … I don’t know, somewhere at 10,000 Euros to put it in this car. Yes … But if you order your panoramic roof with 2 hatches, it costs you, I don’t know, 6000 EUR. Know? So it’s not … I don’t know what … What do you think of the doors that open the other way? It is more comfortable to get behind on the backseat Yes? Yes. Look, I didn’t know. How much does the car eats gasoline? 24L … look here, 29L. In the last 2h 39 ‘ Yes. I think this ceiling is cool to get a blowjob and admire the stars… Are you planning on getting another car in the future? Yeah, I wanna take me … But you get bored of them … no more … I don’t know … you’re looking for something, like Tesla … It’s something new. Will you get your Tesla? Honest, no … Honest! Honestly, I’ll buy my electric car. Model S did not drive nor did I see so, in reality, to … I saw, of course, in pictures … I saw Model X, which I liked very, very much. And which I find extremely practical. Right, the SUV. SUV. But now, so does the Porsche … the Porsche that’s pretty expensive. Taycan? Yes. It’s a bit expensive. Dear … Okay, but for your money, what else matters? Okay, but why give … See people don’t understand this … I tell you, let me tell you how people think. People think: “well, this has millions of euros and it doesn’t want to give 185 000 EUR” They say : “This guy is so frugal!” That’s how they think … they don’t understand that you have your priorities. And maybe you don’t want to give 180,000EUROS on a Taycan. Even if you make that money in a month … I mean, hypothetically … They don’t understand that. Because they never had that much money. to understand… Understand how you think. Why give? I mean … It’s hard … I mean I understand them and I don’t … How does it compare to an S Klasse? Let’s say what you say. It is much more comfortable, much softer than an S Klasse and you have a much higher performance. The picture is different. You tell… Yes, if you put a S Klasse, a Rolls, what are you looking at? Look, an interesting thing. Why did they put this on Rolls Royce, this cap? They know that technology is advancing very rapidly and in 5 years time, this will be outdated. Yes. Or over 10 years, it will look really bad. And then, so you can hide it in the future … ah, I understood. How do we activate the distronic? On and from here. So. Cruise Control if … can’t be activated Probably only from a certain speed. Aaa, yes, over 30 Km/h. It also has night vision, the car. Get him activated. To the left. So it’s a Rolls Royce with 4 buttons. Oh, okay, it lights up. This week, yes. See that room, yes. Let’s give them a little, so let’s see how it turns out. My phone flew out of my pocket … So there’s something more like Tesla … that your phone didn’t ring at Tesla. Yes. Let’s see a 0-100 Km / h. 3 … 2 … 1 … YES! FULL ACCELERATION! Did you see that when he changed speed, he gave a little like that? That just pulls the back. Yes. But the car is made for comfort. But once it starts … and on the highway … You take it that way, like a … ship … a force … You have to understand people that the car is oriented to comfort. Not to feel, not to feel the speed … That’s 200 Km / h … you don’t even feel like you have 200 Km / h … 3 … 2 … 1 … YES! AHA, tyres screamed! You don’t feel like making a little car like that? I’m used to … I’m not used to it. They wrote me from TV stations to film … I do not do television, I do not participate in any program. She keeps calling me at … I appeared once in the job, many years ago, when I was dealing with real estate, I made myself an apartment in a complex that I did … Nice, there, I put on some colors … at that time … More special paints … It comes from the company that gave me the paints “Mr. Bogdan, look, we want to … this time from ProTV to make a show …” “How the Romanians do, what to do, what to do … and this is a more special apartment …” “And if you want to shoot …” Okay, ma, ok. They all came with a face like they were coming from a funeral, very upset and I asked them: What happened? He says … Well, the theme has changed … we have to make an issue now that the Romanians have no money to renovate their apartments as they go to the beach and … Spend all the money at the beach… Well I say good and … what do I do? Well you say you have no money …… DUDE, ARE YOU CRAZY? IF I GOT … YES, MORE … And be careful … and he comes and says … Ala, the guy from sales, you know, from that company, says: “Mr. Bogdan, I can’t ask you to do, say something like that …” That started with crying, girl. I say, “Well, okay, Ill say it. What do want me to say?” “As you wanted to renovate and the initial costs exceeded … the estimation costs exceeded the final costs …” And I start and say: “Look, I wanted to start renovating the apartment and the initial costs, the initial estimates exceeded the final costs and I have no money to go to the beach.. And I postponed my vacation to beach… And then he says, “Tomorrow we will air this on the news” When the next day on the job, these others, from all the televisions, showed the beaches were full, full-full, all Romanians went to the beach. They said : We cannot air this because the beaches are full. We’re gonna air it at the end of beach season. When it will not be so full at the beach. These TV’s are fake news sometimes… Where in the states were you? Thats where I did the college. What college did you do?
When I first went there I choosed Acting. Yes? Yes. When you visit another country, they show you the best examples of people they make it in that country. This guy came here very poor and now he is rich…stuff like that. They give you examples that shine I was good in acting in highschool So I said: I will choose acting. I want to be a SuperStart here in Hollywood So I choosed acting, and after 6 months, I choosed Bussiness. I had a funny situation, let me tell you about it. Why I finally choosed bussiness after acting. Apart from the cultural differences When I signed up for comedy and I had to do stand up comedy I couldnt do a joke with grandma’s goat because they didnt have that. They had a different set of jokes. They had another background Jokes about peanut butter, I didnt know what was peanut butter until I got in California… Was pretty difficult for me with the cultural differences Then I had a class of improvisation We all sit in a big circle and I could only see your back I had to tap you on the shoulder, I had 5 seconds to make a related gesture, like the one behind me made. So not the same gesture but a related one. I was the second one after the teacher. I was ready for anything, I said what can he do? Like a monkey, a dance or something He taps me on the shoulder, I turn back to him.. And he gives me the biggest spit in my face ever… A huge spit right in my face I had never seen such a spit ever I was full of spit, I thought I was gonna kill him I was about to hit him I was so shocked… When I was trying to realize what happend he says: 5 seconds… YOU’RE OUT! And I was… I was dazzled He failed me on the class I was outraged but he explained to me: “Bogdan, here is how this works” “In a scenario, on the stage, it writes YOU FIGHT, doesnt say give him a slap, or pull hair or spit” you have to be present, act on it So I said: “Ok, not for me, you convinced me acting is not for me” You have to know how to act, know what to say. Yes. Am zis “m-ai convins ca nu-i de mine” So I went to bussiness and I finished an MBA. If you were to say in just a few words what did you learn doing the MBA, what would it be? I will give you an example, the best thing I learned in college was to continiously improve the quality, no matter what you do. If you have this mindset, you can suceed in anything you do. The most important thing I learned is to take risks, to try to do stuff, no risk no gain. A meteorite with money wont come, you wont win the lottery. You have to try bussiness after bussiness. Doesnt matter the amount of money, you have to try it. Many people in Romania, make plans and do nothing. They already make plans for money they dont yet have. It’s sad and life passes, and soon you realize you are gonna be 50 years old. I also went to construction college for a year. In romania you make some classes that you dont need, they dont help you. In USA you can choose a few classes that you like and will help you in the future and extend from there. If you think those classes will help you. But apart from this you only do classes that you benefit from in the future. You mean you learn stuff that you will actually use. Not like in Romania where you learn things you’re never gonna need. Thats the difference between Romania and USA Thats why things in USA are better then in Romania. Because the education system is thought differntly So what was the most important thing you learned from the MBA? That you had actual examples of bussinesses? Case studies, yes. Concrete cases, correct. So I was a Frigde company owner… I was wood comany ownwer… door company ownwer, all sorts of things you benefit from, you learn You were learning to maximize the company potential So some sort of money management What was the first bussiness you made after you came back from doing an MBA? At first in the 2000’s years I tried to do a WiFi bussiness There were city blocks internet networks, there wasnt widespread at that point In Cluj there were 80 Internet networks, some people were installing cables in the buildings in the city And I thought : How can I give internet to all those people? That’s how you do it with a powerful wi-fi. Exactly! And then I made a contract with Radio Comm, because they have the Internet in Romania. I had a contract to bring a high bandwith I made the contracts where to put the Antennas And I got screwed… I wanted to give free routers in the beginning, to attract people … Got screwed by the router providers, They got the first payment and they diisapeared A romanian con They were bringing the routers from Poland Some of the most important elements for the success of a business is TIME when you open a business. It’s important to open a bussiness at the right TIME. And those things, I repeat, you can look them up on Google. It’s a good information, I teach you how to fish, I dont give you a fish. Sometimes, its also luck, not just timing, it’s a combination. But you see, you could easily do nothing and just spend money, but you choose to do bussiness. I could not do it if I would not like it. That’s why I live in Bucharest now. To do Real Estate. I could easily stay in Cluj and take care of what I have there. What do you Watch on YouTube? I mostly watch auto reviews because I like cars. Who? Salomonrin? Smee150? I am friends with Smee150 Really? You’ve met him? I know Smee since a few years ago, I know him from auto events We also met at Nurburgring He does YouTube all day and he is so busy… He has so many people around him I also become more busy since I am doing YouTube… People don’t understand … since I started YouTube, a lot of opportunities, let’s film, let’s get really busy and get this thing stirred up, you know? You’re not as chilled anymore.. And Smee knows this and I think he appreciated when he saw that I left him alone. But if you are somewhere and there are 10 people, I preferred to retire, I leave the others, anyway they drive him crazy. So apart from Shmee, I was looking at these car reviews done by magazines. Now, what I like very much, I study real estate (real estate) I am focused on what I like I did residential Real Estate And now I would like to do Commercial Real Estate. I am not very good about commercial Comercial Real Estate. I dont really know about it I am trying to study it now… It’s a challenge. And what do you like to do in the Free time? I like to ride my electric scooter. Seriously? Yes. What electric scooter do you have? To go with 30 Km / h I really like it. Yesterday I was talking to someone who is an orthopedic doctor and he told me that most bone fractures, come from electric scooters. Never, I never fell from the scooter, but it was to do about 5 semi-fatal accidents … That’s why I never ride motorcycles… I did ride a scooter once and the freedom sensation that you get, pushes you up to speed and you want more, more…. This is like drugs, so … I don’t try drugs because I know I will like it. I mean … the others, who do drugs I am sure they love em. So I dont try because I know I will like em. Very good mindset. I really like the electric bike. And with this traffic in Bucharest, it’s perfect there are no cars there … Is it Legal to go on the tramway line? I don’t know if it’s legal … Mayor of Bucharest wants to make this legal, the cops dont even bother… I mean, in the end, I’m willing to pay the fine because that should be the law. The fact that the law is not adapted, this is the fault of the authorities, the bicycles be allowed there. The cops allow you to go there with the bike… What makes you happy? Cars…cars are like a disease… How did you get this passion about cars? I was, I don’t know, 4-5 years old and received a Porsche car magazine. First time … that I had only seen Romanian cars until then, you realize … And then … it impressed me … Since then, I bought, of course, immediately after communism, I bought all the car magazines that I could get. So, at the end of the year, I had lots of car magazines. We knew all the technical specifications for each car, At any Citroen, at any Ford. So I was an encyclopedia. Because, as a child, you get information faster. Okay, then I couldn’t afford anything, no car … Now, when you affort them… You don’t appreciate them anymore. Exactly. Okay, maybe even age, your priorities change … Yes, let’s give us another pedal to the metal, full acceleration… But see how hard it started? Well, it’s not like Tesla to … I also saw Tesla, how you press acceleration and its INSTANT. It’s not Tesla. You see, people need to understand. But now if you press it like that, you’ll like it. FULL ACCELERATION It was always hard to start … until the turbines kick in… That’s how its designed… Yes, but you realize … if you sit back like a boss, You don’t want the car to be brutal. Directly fire the driver … I was pleased to do this vlog with you, it was very cool, I really liked it. And you are a very … Down to earth (means being open and honest) And I liked it, except for the Tesla part. Yes? Why? SCARY. So I don’t know if you’ve ever tried … I saw that you have a link there for people to test. Indeed, it feels like your blood is flowing faster and you get sick. Yeah … I like it. You gotta love it. If you don’t like it dont buy an electric car. I think you got used to it. Yes, I like so much and I really think about what 770 horses will feel like. I think its gonna be so cool. Follow our Instagram. Leave a comment, I personally will read all the comments, because I am pleased to read them. I cannot answer them all… Leave me a comment if you want to do another vlog with Bogdan. That’s about it..BYE!


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    Mai este un Rolls Royce mai scump ca Phantom care valoreaza 13 milioane de euro

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    Cum nu poti conduce phantom-ul ,de ce trebuie sa-ti iei sofer?Pai ce, nu esti la fel ca "soferul" ala? Sau ce nu ai destule opțiuni in fată!
    Am vazut ca baiatu' nu e arogant,daca are niste scapari de zici ca a uitat de unde a plecat!!

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    Felicitări Andi, un videoclip foarte frumos care m.a ajutat sa realizez cateva lucruri despre ce vreau sa fac si eu in viață, un videoclip amuzant si care m.a ajutat sa vad cum este de fapt viața unui om care a știut ce vrea de la viata si căruia iesit lucrurile. Felicitări înca odata si bafta in continuare cu tot ceea ce faci!

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