Rohui is jealous of her parents who show affection towards each other! [TROS / 2017.09.03]

September 9, 2019

(Rohui is watching TV.) Do this. (Noisy) (What is that sound?) (Eugene is working on the sewing machine.) Eugene is focused on her work. What is she making? What are you making? – Rohui’s skirt. / – You are making a skirt. It’s the fabric with pineapple prints. I’m almost done. It looks nice. I did a great job for the first time, right? – Do you need my help? / – Don’t be ridiculous. Come on. I can do this. You shouldn’t push with your hands. Simply hold the fabric. Hold it. Hold it. (Eugene, hold it.) Have you ever used a sewing machine? What do I do next? Now step on the pedal. I need to lower the needle. (What are they doing?) All right. (Pay attention to me, too.) – Here I go. / – Go. (I will be behind you.) Hold it. There you go. (The lovebirds are filming a movie.) (What are the two of them doing?) (Lovey-dovey) (Approaching) (The disruptor of love gets to work.) I need to sew this part a bit more. Doesn’t it look nice now? You made it wider on purpose. I need to sew this part a bit more. I need to sew this part a bit more. (Rohui pulls some string.) Rohui quietly causes trouble. (Pulling) (It keeps coming.) You could cut the end with scissors. (With that long a tail, she will get caught.) (What?) Rohui, what is this? Hey. (Let me run away.) Hey. Rohui. My goodness. Mom was knitting a scarf for me. What are we going to do? I can’t believe you. Sit down. My goodness. Sit down. My goodness. Come here. Come on. (Will she return the knitting needles?) Give them to me. Lightning power! (No way.) (Rohui has the most power.) Both of you are dead. – Give me the needles. / – Give her the needles. My goodness. – My goodness. / – My goodness, Rohui. You caused a trouble. A big trouble. (Rohui causes a big trouble) Rohui, try this on. (and gets a skirt.) Taeyoung, do you remember this? Of course I do. Rohui, I used to wear this. (It once belonged to Eugene.) Eugene’s shirt became Rohui’s dress. It’s a meaningful item of clothing. It’s my present to you. Put your hands up. (Wriggling) Rohui, look at your stomach. Rohui, do you have a drum for a stomach? Do you have a drum for a stomach? (Giggling) Is this a stomach or a drum? – A drum. / – Is it a drum? (Beating) (Shall I put on Mom’s dress?) I should’ve made it bigger for her stomach. I underestimated her. Attention, Rohui. Stand up straight. How cute! – Look at Dad. / – Look at Dad. (My goodness.) (It fits her perfectly.) – My goodness. / – It’s pretty, right? It’s pretty. Rohui, I feel a sense of accomplishment. This is the main event, Rohui. (Eugene’s second item) (A trendy pineapple dress) I will put a button here. (Does it look good on me?) It’s pretty! It’s a pretty dress. How pretty! Don’t run. (Rohui the model walks the runway.) (Mom is the best. I love the dress.) Rohui, you are strong. – You are strong. / – It’s a pretty dress. It’s a success. It’s a success for the both of us. Let’s hit the road. Let’s go. Let’s go. Rohui and Taeyoung have a rickshaw date. (Fast) This isn’t half bad. It’s fun, right? It’s fun. Dad, go faster. I will go faster. (Let’s go, Rolls-Rohui’s.) Hi. It’s nice to meet you. Hi. (So cute!) (Rohui parades like a queen.) – It’s a cat, Rohui. / – A cat? A cat? A cat. You shouldn’t stop. All right. I won’t stop. (Speed up, Dad.) Keep going. – Hello. / – Hello. – What would you like? / – Iced Americano, please. Please give me a straw. A straw? – Thank you. / – Thank you. What is this? I draw one-minute portraits and donate the profits for children’s therapy. I see. I wonder how you will look in a portrait. – She’ll look ugly. / – Really? – Look at him, okay? / – Okay. – What will he draw / – Look at me. in one minute? She is sitting very well. (Concentrating) (What?) (The drawing looks ugly.) Sit still. Look at him. (That can’t be right.) That’s Dad. Is that me? You take after me. (Depressed) (He is finishing up the drawing.) (She scratches her head.) Here you go. (It’s complete.) Rohui, do you like it? – Say thank you. / – Thank you. – Okay. / – Thank you. – It’s scary. / – Is it scary? Why is it scary? – It looks strange. / – Does it look strange? (She’s unhappy) Look at the front. (I can’t believe it.) Who is this? (I can’t believe it.) Don’t you know who this is? It’s me. It’s you. That’s right. (I am Kim Rohui.) (He buys a snack for Rohui.) Eat ice cream and cheer up. (Surprised) Hold it and eat it. How can squid ink-flavored ice cream taste so good? This is incredible. Are my lips dyed? That’s the charm. I have a bad feeling you will drop the ice cream. There you go. My goodness. (Why is a bad feeling never wrong?) Oh, my goodness. I will eat this. You can have mine. (Dad’s is mine and mine is Dad’s.) (Taeyoung cleans up.) (He looks pitiful.) Let’s sit down and eat. Rohui, isn’t it nice to be on a date with me? Yes. What’s the flavor? Black flavor. Black flavor? I really like it. It’s tasty. Give me a bite. (Don’t be ridiculous.) (She gets more ice cream on her face) (while trying to run away.) (Why is everyone laughing?) (I don’t want to look ugly.) Come on, Rohui. (She answers with her body.) (Go away.) Please give me a bite. (Won’t you give me a bite?) What will she do this time? (Pushing away) I will eat all of it. You’ll eat it all? Fine. Eat all of it. (She finishes the ice cream.) – Put me down. / – You want down? Here. Hold my hand, Rohui. – Isn’t it fun? / – Hold me. Why do you want me to hold you? You are so fickle. – Who is fickle? / – I am. Rohui is fickle, right? I am mischievous. Rohui is mischievous. I am cheeky. A cheeky girl. – My goodness. / – My goodness. Let’s move to this side. Rohui, look at those uncles. They can sing very well. (Buskers) I want to sit here. Do you want to sit here? (The three-year-old enjoys listening to the buskers.) (She is absorbed.) Hi. Wait, what? What? It’s Rohui. (The foreigners recognize Rohui.) – Hi. / – Hi, Rohui. – Can we have a photo, please? / – Okay. How nice! – Thank you. / – Thank you. We watched videos of you. You are very famous in the US. Rohui, you must be famous. Yes. (It’s like Rohui’s fan meeting.) Rohui, look over here. Do you know “Rabbit”? Do you know the song? “Rabbit”. (You hop and hop) (Of course she knows the song.) Test the microphone. (Mic test) It doesn’t make a sound. It doesn’t make a sound? The microphone is on. I can hear you. I can hear you. The microphone is working. (She tests the microphone for a long time.) Stop testing the microphone. (The staircase gets filled with people.) Dad. (Serious) (Which song will she pick for her first busk?) ♪ Dad ♪ (She chooses a new song.) (Dad, Mom, no) (“Thank You” by Rohui) (Dad) (I must film this.) (These artists use falsetto and head voice.) (They end the song skillfully.) Say thank you. Thank you. (She shows her cheerfulness.)

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