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Road Rally In Our New Supra | How did it do?

September 9, 2019

my name is Chris Carey i’m the president
and founder of modern automotive performance and i just got back from
crown rally it was a hell of a weekend I was very fortunate to take our
brand-new 2020 Toyota Supra on a road rally I believe it is the
first 2020 Supra to participate in such a rally since the release of the vehicle
so Friday morning was the actually Thursday night was the launch party I
was unable to attend that I had a concert to go to but showed up bright and early
Friday morning for the launch out in Minneapolis I think there was a hundred
and 25 cars of all shapes and sizes different varieties so it was quite
quite the spectacle police escort out onto the highway and just a fantastic
experience leaving Minneapolis with this group of tremendous vehicles so quite a
good time on Friday morning and from Friday morning our first stop several
stops on the way to Milwaukee and that’s where we ended the day at the Milwaukee
Art Museum didn’t see a whole lot of the town of Milwaukee but the experience at
the Art Museum was awesome I mean they had a huge entry into the museum where
all the cars lined up there was a tremendous reception of people there
that were there to check out the cars and then we ended up having a catered
dinner there that again was just top quality the guys at crown rally really
know what they’re doing and just had a great time there’s a great way to end
the first name obviously from Minneapolis to Milwaukee’s some amazing
driving you know they’re taking us from one point to another with the sole
intent of bringing us on the best driving roads in Minnesota and Wisconsin
we came over a hill in a backcountry farm road and you could see the road for
miles and there was no cars no nothing so I got up to I think I hit ??? and that’s
when my risk tolerance kicked in and I’m like oh okay we lose the tire or
something we’re gonna slow it down but got up there pretty quick and it was I
mean it was just cruising along felt perfectly stable so arriving at Chicago
a little less fanfare than Milwaukee we ended up at the I believe the largest
parking ramp in downtown Chicago we had the top one or two levels allocated for
the crown rally cars so that was pretty cool to just pull in there a little bit
of a Tokyo Drift type experience as we were pulling into the parking ramp as
there are no vehicles and some of the higher levels but yeah it was just again
another top quality location by the organizers of the event and at
that point we were ready to to get some R&R so we kind of called it a night you
know hit the town in Chicago for a great dinner it was a great experience and the car
was a lot of fun I was a little apprehensive about it to begin with last
year I took our 2012 Nissan GTR which has a little bit more power than
the super does but we were able to get this tuned throw on the downpipe and the
catback before we left that added I think 70 horsepower and a hundred
foot-pounds of torque which was critical I think really increased my enjoyment
throughout the rally as I was able to keep up a little better than what I
thought I was going to be able to so the power delivery is fantastic it makes
great sounds the transmission is phenomenal
not as fast or crisp as the GTR but for a torque converter transmission the
paddle shifters are fantastic it was very fast shifting I was super happy
with it that a private track rental for crown rally so we had the whole North
track to ourselves three run groups I was able to get out there in the
intermediate group and just see what the car had and really get a feel for the
suspension the braking and really put it to the test in terms of the performance the suspension had a little bit of body
roll to the car but I think that can be rectified easily with some aftermarket
Springs or potentially coilovers and then the braking system held up very
well for the first four or five laps and then you could start to feel the brake
fade and I think that can also be rectified whether we go with some
slotted rotors or different brake pads or look into using the ducting that
Toyota has provisioned for the the braking system in the aftermarket so. Driving the Supra is definitely a unique experience I was very surprised
when I first got into it that there were no back seats that was something that I
guess I was not aware of before hopping into the car so a true 2-door coupe
two-seater is the first I’ve ever driven but from a handling perspective a power
perspective all around a very nice performing vehicle also gets a ton of
looks you know it’s brand new people haven’t seen him out on the road but
definitely drew some attention I think we added to that with the wheel and tire
package that we put on there but feeling very fortunate that I was able to bring
a brand new 2020 Toyota Supra on the crown rally this year the plan was to
once again take the GTR and I was a very happy we were able to switch gears
last-minute and bring the Supra fun little car like I said it exceeded my
expectations in regards to the handling of the car the comfort of the car and
actually the performance of the car this feels great
I think stock it was maybe a little bit underpowered but I think that the
aftermarket is gonna be able to fill that gap for relatively affordable so
I’m excited about that I’m also really excited for what if we added a little
bit more power my understanding is that this engine can can handle it and if we
could get it to 500 wheel horsepower and whatever the corresponding torque is I
think it’s going to be even that much more exciting this gives me a little bit
of a taste of what we can expect for this platform and I’m very excited to
see what the MAP team is able to do moving forward from both the tuning and
hard parts perspective and very excited for the aftermarket for the 2020 Toyota Supra!


  • Reply rikki motl September 5, 2019 at 10:24 pm

    I need maperformace decals please?

  • Reply Sean Ponce September 6, 2019 at 3:28 am

    I love the quality of these videos it is insane

  • Reply Dale justice September 6, 2019 at 3:36 am

    Awesome video!! Wish i could have went with you all.. Beautiful cars!!

  • Reply o0Mr Robot0o September 6, 2019 at 3:24 pm

    Never thought I'd live the day where I saw a performance company set goals for an automatic supra to push 500hp…Man I'm getting old and times are def changin…

  • Reply Scott Brucher September 6, 2019 at 11:37 pm

    Saw you in Merrimac, I was the blue BMW in front of you (I see me in your video 😃). Almost followed you guys lol. I didn't like the supra in pictures. Now I saw yours in person, might be getting one. Lol

  • Reply Chad D September 7, 2019 at 9:24 pm

    Under-powered.. maybe because it has a BMW z4 Motor in it.. =p .

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