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Rhea & Masaba get candid about their latest collaboration, Diet Sabya & more

December 9, 2019

we deal with designers on daily bases my friends get copied from Masaba to Shehla to Anamika to Abu Sandeep you know they are copied non stop and i know how frustrating it is for them so in a way it was a great thing you know honestly Sonam is such a generous soul she is my muse if i think of anything its always with her and i think that she is also Masaba’s muse She is my muse fashion has been an extremely important part to India but its only been in past one decade that we’ve started celebrating it joining me in a conversation our two extremely talented women who have been key in changing the face of fashion in this country here’s welcoming Rhea Kapoor and Masaba Gupta so like i mentioned in my introduction my Sonam came in about a decade ago the actually wished the gap between runway styles and high street fashion and then there was you because you opted for a color palate which was extremely bold eclectic and the motifs were like you wouldn’t go for the regular motifs so you two have been power houses of fashion so what took you’ll so long considering you’ll have been friends forever and we saw the camaraderie of screen see the thing is that when we met each other when we were young we were in the same kathak class but we were she’s younger than i am so we were really friendly in class but we weren’t as close you know and when Masaba launched her when she launched her label she reached out to Sonam to open her store i remember and she was just a baby designer at that time and that’s the first time that i kind of worked with her to put together a look for Sonam and i just remember it being so much fun so we just got closer and closer and closer in a very expertised way there’s a lot of ease between both of us because we understand each other very instinctively in terms of just creativity you know and even the way this collection came to be was at ah i think we were just sitting together drinking drinking you know its so funny but every single time its just been like fate every single time i wanted to do something new for Sonam in contemporary ethnic wear I’ve always reached out to Masaba and some how we did a look and it just became a collection and also you know ah Sonam getting married has left a lot of space in my life for me to do stuff about why are you laughing okay also we see a lot of actresses who are who fit into like really tight corsets to achieve a tiny waist or have like bum pats come out and stuff like that but you your collection is all about body positivity its about celebrating who you are was it a conscious effort that you know we have to go out there and be very real and tell people that its okay to be you i think its okay to be you in any shape and form i just think there is so much pressure today exactly to be ah to just put yourself out there and be skinny or go out without makeup and be a bit undressed or whatever it is but i think if putting on a little bit of makeup and dressing up every morning makes you feel good about yourself and you feel 100% than do that that’s your space and that’s something you enjoy but if ah you’re somebody who just wants to go out with a bear feet face and you’re not that concerned about how you look and you don’t want to wear like tummy sharpers and this and that to an event and you just wanna show your body in its raw and real form then you should do that and i think that its not just that i think like for example there was a time in you know in sort of fashion and film where curvy women were considered to be beautiful then there’s been a time where you are wave and you’re beautiful and i think that because of Instagram and face tune and whatever that’s what happening right now ah i just feel like no matter what if we try to conform out physical bodies and out health and our faces to what a filter looks like all you’re gonna do is just destroy your peace of mind for example in our stores we have women who like corsets or who like off the shoulder set but they are like or the like sleeveless blouses but they say just give us a shrug to cover it up to cover her arms up and i am not gonna turn around and say show your arms the way they are if you want to cover them just cover them so we give them solutions so i think this collection is a lot to do with solutions for like you know slightly occasion wear festive wear so i was reading on your Instagram where you said that you know you try to stay away from roses for a very very long time but now you know you picked up rose motif so what kept you away from it for so long and was Rhea the influential factor that you finally took it up you know we actually did the rose that Sonam wore sari remember the black and white yeah yeah long back some promotions but it was done in a very off white and black and it was done in a very clean my memory has gone for a toss yeah but if i show you you’ll remember it was very nice it was half and half haan yeah i think it was a Bhag Milkha Bhag promotions if i am not wrong so yeah so i remember doing that but it was a very ah it was a part of a much larger collection and i don’t think the rose was the focus and floral in general with me have never been a thing so its all about bold motifs and things like that and i remember saying that we should so a rose but we wanted to do one which looked like a hollow graph so it looked liked it had had been like or an old rose which would look how it would look in a old Polaroid photograph so every print that you see in this collection is actually been messed with yeah there’s some kind of a treatment that its gone through its not just a rose in its actual form and we just wanted to bring that in our own little twist and make it a little bit more new age i would think yeah okay so since now both of you’ll are venturing into i mean you’ve always been a designer and now you’ve entered this thing and we know that Instagram has been taken over by Diet Sabya and you’ve been falsely called out once twice and you gave out clarification and you we’ve seen you have a banter you know you are giving it back like i remember it was Anamika Khanna look so how do you think Diet Sabya has as a whole changed or has had an impact in the fashion industry or Indian fashion you know what is your say this to me i just think its become a bit personal i just think that they started off as a brand to no you are picking somebodies how someone looks i means isn’t it the whole point of Instagram to be a little bit more positive about everybody else you are picking on how someone’s stomach looks or how somebody is badly dressed but to them they may the best dressers in the world true so the job focus has moved which i don’t like having said that i think that they started off on a great note if they weren’t back to that then great they also owe every designer and design house an explanation true first of all we need to be very clear about the fact that everything has a mother yeah everyone got inspired by something or the other now how do you draw the line between inspiration and plagiarism if you claim to be the person that can draw the line my suggestion is to do as much home work as possible one part of that home work like she said is to reach out to the person you are accusing and say that well do you have anything to comment before we actually put something out that which you are putting on a public platform and you know don’t know how it will affect them one two its also become a place where people put out their uninformed opinions i don’t know how healthy that is and third i think that you know like for example there was this whole thing about out images being Photoshoped we then put out raw images both of them put them out on our social media in about 30 seconds the reality and expectation saying that look this is the complete raw image and i don’t know if after that there was with raw image i don’t know if there was an apology i don’t and its not something i expect of course but i am just saying that if you are going to be someone who claims to tell the truth then tell it like Masaba said i really respected the idea when it came out because i think its been a huge problem in our industry we deal with designers on daily bases my friends get copied from Masaba to Shehla to Anamika to Abu Sandeep you know they are copied non stop and i know how frustrating it is for them so in a way it was a great thing obviously Diet Prada was the mother true and Diet Sabya is the inspiration you know what it is today if people knew where half of the embroidery Abu Sandeep do where it comes from half the inspiration Masaba’s prints come from what heritage Indian actual designers are using handicrafts what they are celebrating if Diet Sabya could do things about that how much they would be giving young people the because young people have no idea about all of this stuff and that’s what Diet Prada does so now talking about Sonam what why was she missing you know MI what was her input like you know so Sonam has picked her outfits in the beginning okay and now you’ll see her wearing them but Sonam is the reason that i am definitely here that’s the reason and to an extend Masaba is here yeah which Masaba will acknowledge yes and i think that you know honestly Sonam is such a generous is such a generous soul she is my muse if i think of anything its always with her and i think that she is also Masaba’s muse She is my muse also you’ve taken you’ve drawn inspiration from your own mum so you know Neena maam you went back to Mandi Mandi yeah so why only that particular film no so ill tell you what happened Mandi was the original inspiration which was Rhea’s idea because i think we saw my mum put up a small clip on her Instagram of a mandi something and she said listen this is a great idea and we wanted to shoot it in that manner as well so if you see the whole campaign its got a very old school vintage yeah vintage backdrop and the set is also very vintage and yeah so that was the idea but a lot of the other prints were also like lost love letters yeah i think that Neena ji first of all has a flawless sense of style she is very sexy without even trying i think she saw said in her interview recently that she is a revered but she wants to be desired yeah and mom than anything else i think that Mandi also celebrates women that are just sexy by being and i think that there is a lot of that in this collection there is a lot of there’s a kind of little to low yeah that scarf is a little too long that’s sari’s going a little low but its high on side so doesn’t show your hips so i think that you know ah we have done these safety pins i mean back in they days used have women you know put their chabis in the safety pins i thought that was a great inspiration for us because and we thought why not embellish them and make them beautiful and and sell them as accessories so put like large pearls on them there’s little like pearl danglers on them and things like that so its just a celebration of women whats inside which women have been so shy and have been told not to show to the world so we are just like now just show it yeah kill it cool thank you so much for joining us on a conversation you definitely gave us a lot and and we did content lots of loaded content so than k you so much and congratulation thank you so much thank you


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