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Restringing an acoustic guitar – Takamine G 240

December 9, 2019

Hello and welcome to the channel and
today we’re going to be looking at restringing this guitar now for that
you’re going to need a new set strings some fast fret for the strings and some
free oil to lubricate the fret. The fret board yeah and you’re also going to
need an old t-shirt to apply the oil and wipe it off and a file and I tell you
are we’re going to need this file very simple
I bought this guitar about 20 years ago on a trip to Florida and as you can
see it’s still got the label on there because it hasn’t really got a lot of
play because the action is a little high but don’t know if you can see that there the action is a little high so it’s quite uncomfortable to play but it plays
nicely plays nice but when you get down this end this you’re really having to
push a good couple of MIL so what I’m gonna do today is I’m going to take this
apart and I’m going to lower the bridge here by using this file I’m just going
to shave off this this this bridge to bring that action down because you can
see that’s a good three mil, two or three mil high can you see that it’s quite a
gap there I want to bring that down to about You know about there now I could get
Feelar guages out and all that kind of stuff but I ain’t got time for that Look at this Look at the gap underneath there. It’s huge anyway so that’s what we gonna do so first things first. We going to take these strings off but don’t cut them off take them off properly Right we are going in the right direction this guitar is thinking what on earth is
going on it’s been under tension for 20 years
alright that’s a lot of tension and incredibly the neck is still straight
there’s no bow in the neck it’s still perfectly straight so the guitar was built
nice it was built well in the first place. This Takamine by the way if you
look at it. It’s a Japanese brand this is a (G 240 Actually) I think Takamine is it’s basically just this Take mine mine I think it’s a joke that the Japanese were having a joke with us? But now look. Many years ago if you bought a Japanese guitar they were
considered inferior but now this thing is from the year 2000 and it’s still in good
shape it’s in good condition primarily because it hasn’t been played but the
fretboard the fretboard is really dried out so we’re getting there.Now they are all loose okay now we can do this pull these out and put them in a line of how you took them
out it’s easy then put them back in left to right. This ones a bit tight. Occasionally you’ll come across one that’s a little bit tight just get a screwdriver and gently
underneath just push it up like that okay just a little bit of persuasion just gently gently do it don’t go crazy
let’s do it gently okay so that’s all the strings
loose we can just pull them out now Throw them over there out of the way that’s it we’ve got the deck open to this take that out and what we want to do. You see the shape of
that we want to keep that shape okay we want to keep that shape but we want to
reduce it somehow so we get our little sanding block then we just sand away keeping it flat we know that this was very very high and
I’ve taken a bit off it already but we’re thinking now you’re thinking. Well hang on Mike. That’s er. How you gonna know when you’re in the right level? well
I’ll show you we know it was very high so they put it back in make sure we put
your right way around and we get our big old E string then we pop it back in just
like that okay make sure it’s on the nut and now we can look okay okay if you
want to do this properly and get it really really accurate
hold it down here at the 12th-string measure your gap between here and the bridge.
Measure your gap between here and the bridge and then you can just mark it
and reduce it that way but I haven’t got time for all that life’s too short so I’m just going to do it by eye I’m just doing this all by eye there is
a scientific way of doing it I’ll link to a guy who does it scientifically much
more time-consuming. Now I can tell just by looking at it that’s gonna play a lot
better. Easy to hold down easy now I’m going to actually take some more off. This guitar
will be sweet to play when I’m finished with it. I’m just going to take some more off just
by eye you could do it the scientific way like the other guys do like luthiers
you know proper people who know what they’re doing but we haven’t got time
for that we haven’t got the equipment we haven’t got the skills or the
training and all that and millimeter accuracy but you can use your eyes you
know use your senses? Now, now let’s have a look. What the heck was that? O the nuts flown off! Right while we are at it I’ll take a bit off of that as well not too much but just enough this is
real people real. Well if nothing else its a laugh laughs that nut keeps flying off okay I’ll have to put the other E string on just to hold that nut in place now look at the difference wow that’s so
cool. It actually worked Do you know what? I think that can come down some more I’m putting more pressure on the back edge of this this doesn’t need so
much That could come down!? right we’re getting down there now we’re
getting down down down we’re about less than half a mil off the frets now we’re
still quite high there’s a lot lot lower than it was so I’m happy with that. I’m
just going to take these strings off now Don’t lose that nut. right now while we got it…look at all that stuff there look that’s what I’ve just shaved off and all
this on the here look. Made a right mess haven’t I? anyway I’m just gonna again get some
furniture polish yeah furniture polish I’m just going to dispose of this so we
got some furnish polish because we’ve got this this is wood right so it needs
to be looked after so just got any old furniture polish
give it a quick dose with that microfiber cloth just rub that in
because wood needs to be moisturized you can never get to these parts when you’ve
got all the strings on so just do it when you’ve got them off obviously Look at that. It looks brand new. okay while you’re at it. While you’re doing
this… see I’ve been even taking the label of this thing? While you’re doing it while
you’ve got this all taken apart do the kneck because that is what helps you with
your slide up and down it helps you move quickly if the neck is nice and smooth
so you can’t get to these parts most of the time and this headstock that’s all
the strings gone we don’t need them anymore. Take that shim and put it back in. That’s it. okay so the next thing we’re gonna to do We are going to oil this fret. Before you do that though. Just feel the frets feel if they’re okay and they’re not you know no little burrs
or anything like that on there if there are if there are little burrs on there
just get your handy nail file give them a rub that’s what I’m doing anyway you
should clean this finger board really if you’re gonna do this property you should
clean this but this is not dirty it hasn’t been used but we’ll just give it a
wipe over with the old t-shirt now what you do with this stuff (F-One conditioning oil)
give it a good shake and drop little bits along the fretboard. just a drop get your cloth and rub it in. Have you subscribed yet? 🙂 Do you like these captions? Wow this is a very dry there’s 20 years
this has been 20 years you know sat in a case basically doing nothing so
it’s gonna be dry actually a little bit of dirt coming off with that as well you see the
change in the color oh my god this looks amazing looks beautiful again do that
where the nut goes now I can see just looking at there that that feels a whole
lot different and a good thing about this stuff is that it doesn’t leave any
residue now I can see one fret is a little bit dry drier than the others so
I’m gonna give it another shot. “I actually missed it on the first pass” See what happens? Also I need to do that as well. Whoops gone a little but extras on that one D’you know the more you do this the more
I’m doing this the better it’s looking so it’s obviously soaking in very nicely it’s been 20 years man this thing’s dry
as a bone it’s eating it up like the guitars thinking man I’ve been in the
desert now I’m out I’m free lemme drink listen I’m not professional luthia but I
am a carpenter amongst other things and I know about wood and the thing is. I’d rather get
this thing back into action and playing which is what it’s meant to do instead
of sitting around looking forlorn now it looks beautiful stunning in fact look at
that fingerboard that’s beautiful I love it. and that’s the thing about musical
instruments. You have got to give them a bit of love every now and again because they give you so much they give you all
kinds of support in difficult times now they’re liberating. They make you feel good
I mean yeah musical intruments do everything for you don’t they let’s face
it because that needs a bit of love an all after we’ve just given it a right good kicking
on that bridge and wood needs to be lubricated it needs
to be hydrated otherwise it dries out and cracks and then you get all kinds of problems. So I mean you know to be honest and to be fair to Takamine they built a really good guitar because this thing with a little bit of
attention looks brilliant and it’s just come back to life
look it it looks fantastic still got a sticker on for God’s sake you could have
bought this yesterday let’s restring this thing okay so we’re on the home
stretch now don’t need that anymore don’t need that that stuff is brilliant
very expensive but I mean I bought in the shop it cost me ten quid but you can
get it online for about eight. But look at it. Look at the job in does. It looks fantastic right we’re onto the home leg getting
strings on now when you set up your strings okay see the holes you should have
them all pointing directly that way so spin it around. Spin the Machine Head okay so now you can see all of the holes
are pointing straight down the fretboard Okay? Get me nut on. I’ve gone for very lightweight
strings on this guitar and I’ll tell you why It says on there look E string okay so you can’t go wrong We get a post push your string through so now that
we’ve got our string loads of space there so we do get it to about here bend
it in like this put it underneath the string like that. Now you got it the right angles okay and then just wind it up when you’ve got a loose nut like that the
obvious thing to do is to do either side of course you could put a bit of glue on it but then? I’d rather not. That’s the last string. Quick tune-up yeah I’ve got a little tuner over here now when you’re putting new strings on a guitar it’s important to
stretch them now I don’t mean like go crazy but just yeah give my little
stretch make sure they sit into the nut nicely as you can hear they are just snapping into that nut eventually we you get enough tension on it
should hold that nut in place but you know if not I’ll take it off and glue it okay so we’ve given it a little stretch
whoa that sounds ‘orrible let’s try you always tune up you know I’m doing that what you do is you get close to the E
I’m just a little bit low a little bit flat so just trying to have a little bit still a little bit flat
now it’s pitch perfect see that’s the right pitch okay when you’re tuning the guitar especially
acoustic the other strings will vibrate in sympathy with whatever string you’re
plucking so if you’re plucking on an E note here on a second second string
fifth fret that’s an E So thats a little bit flat that’s E can you hear the other notes
ringing out can you hear the other strings ringing in sympathy with the
vibration okay and as you tightening the various strings
because their new strings as your tighten them they send them each other out of
whack remember to bed these down as well because the other strings ring in
sympathy with whatever string you’re playing a good trick is to just mute the
other strings put your thumb put your the heel of your hand over the other
strings so they don’t ring out okay that’s an E I’m not too keen on this tuner I can do it faster by ear ok so that’s it folks I’ve put it back
together and it works sounds great Oh I’ve messed about with this tuner and if you don’t know what you’re doing I suppose it’s okay I mean it’s
helpful to some people but I gave up on it In the end I just went back to my old my
ears I just went back to using my ears and listen to the tone sounds pretty good sounds really great I mean I don’t know what it sounds like to you it sounds really good to me Wow super-bright and the action is much better just
lowering it down that little bit don’t know if you can see it but it’s come down a bit
and it’s easier to play so it’ll get played more simple as that well It’ll get strummed more I don’t that
played more okay so over next couple of days it will settle down but it sounds
really bright My crap playing is the problem but then
this is the point I haven’t played guitar for about 30
years so this is all kind of brand-new to me again but I still remember all the
stuff I remember how it all goes a bit like riding a bike you know you never forget
you never really forget but I tried to ride a bike a couple of weeks ago and
fell off it twice in five minutes so it’s the same kind of thing I’ve got the
knowledge just needs to practice and it’s a lot of fun again actually it’s a
lot of fun and I enjoy it. And this is gonna get used I mean
like that’s the whole point of a musical instrument right? To play otherwise
why have we got it? I know some people buy em and they stick them on the wall as decoration that’s great but a musical instrument is supposed to be
played its supposed to be loved and worked with you know? And this came up a treat this came up really really nice I don’t know how it looks to you but it looks fantastic to me it
looks like a brand-new guitar. I could take that sticker off? I’m not gonna to because
that’s like part of this part of this thing you know this is this guitar so I’ll
leave that on. I love it I love it. Great but and any luthiers out there who watch this they’re probably pulling their hair out again what is this guy
doing the guitar works fine didn’t have to get no calipers out no microns no
measurements just use your eyes and your ears and you can make the thing work
simple I’m not putting down luthier’s by the way okay so get a load of hate
luthiers following me know if you do a great job but most people haven’t got
the money to go to a lufthier but you know it’s nice to do things for yourself
right do something for yourself if you got an old guitar knocking around you
haven’t used it for a million years and you want to get to play again do what I just
did get out clean it up show it a bit of love get some new strings this sounds fantastic Plus the fact you know that you did
it that’s a good thing that’s a good feeling to have you fixed that guitar up
okay instead of paying someone else to do it
and then if you do really completely screw it up then you can save that for
Luthier last but not least fast fret just rub it
on your strings up and down. That’s it. It will help you move your fingers on the strings faster
wipe off the excess Bingo Bongo Wow Yeah so fast fret up and down
it feels so much easier so much smoother and it works a treat it makes
you it helps your fingers it’s not you’ll feel it you’ll feel the
difference you’ll kind of get a little bit oily feel to your fingertips. yeah so if you’re still here thanks for
watching and I’ll see you next time bye now

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