September 19, 2019

This is my home. I wake up every morning just thankful that
this is where Tracy and I chose to raise our family. And when Iook at my kids I’m excited that
they chose to stay a few more years while they attend college here. But I wonder if Albuquerque will be place
they want to stay and raise their own families. I want them to have opportunity anywhere. But I hope they’ll have their best opportunities
right here in Albuquerque. But here’s the brutal truth about our city. Right now Albuquerque isn’t defined by opportunity. By a stagnant economy and by failing schools. It’s tough to hear. But it’s also the truth. I believe our city can change. And if it can change then we should rise to
that challenge. For Albuquerque to be it’s best settling isn’t
an option. It’s time our leaders embraced the grit and
determination that built this city. We’ll make Albuquerque the best place to live,
raise a family, and do business. And the worst place for the thugs, thieves,
and criminal gangs. Real reform and new leadership in the police
department. I’ll have their back, and I’ll get them the
tools they need to put career criminals behind bars. No more big spending boondoggles like the
ART. It’s time to shake up the failed status quo. It’s time to reform and renew our city. I’m Dan Lewis and I’m running for mayor. And I want you to join me. Because only together can we renew

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