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November 20, 2019

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel. For today’s video I have something super fun planned that I’m actually so excited for. When I was little I used to watch TV with my mom all the time and the one thing that I loooved watching every single year was award season. I don’t know why, but something about a red carpet just always intrigued me so much and one of my biggest goals growing up was to walk a red carpet and now, because of my amazing job, I pinch myself every single day, because at this point, I feel like every other week, I’m walking some red carpet and doing interviews, which is so crazy to me. Most celebrities, when getting photographed or walking red carpet and doing interviews like to look absolutely perfect. I mean of course, who doesn’t. But that usually includes very expensive gowns, very very beautifully done hair and intense glam make up from some of the best artists in the entire world, but that process can be extremely costly. Today I want to try and get red carpet ready full make up, full outfit, full accessories in under 100 dollars. I have my hundred dollar bill right in front of me, let’s head over to the store and see if we can get red carpet ready in under 100 dollars. (intro music) Alright guys, so we are here at CVS which is gonna be our first stop of today’s video hashtag not sponsored You guys know I don’t really use drug store products that often I mean my regular foundation alone would literally eat up half of our budget So we’re gonna do our best to find as many products as we possibly can here to still look good on a budget so first step is going to be foundation I heard the new Maybelline SuperStay Foundation is so bomb This one is $12 so definitely a little bit pricey for the Concealer I’m gonna grab the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in the lightest shade This one is $7.49 (Angry Sounds) Alright, I know that Nikkie also loves the Maybelline Fit Me loose setting powder I’m gonna try and save myself $2 and look for the Coty Airspun powder in a different store I know that one is $6 However, that is the powder that created Flashback Mary (Angry Sounds) And on Red Carpets you have to be photographed so hopefully we aren’t look’n spooked So for Mascara I was gonna pick out the Covergirl So Lashy! Mascara. Which I was literally was the face for. Hello, that is me But it’s $11.99 and that is way out of budget at this point, like give me a discount of something I was in the commercial So the brow pencil is $10.50, the pomade is $7.50, and so is the brow gel. I do have some pretty bushy brows but wow A sister apparently can not have brows on fleek on a budget I’m going with this instead this is the Nyx auto eyebrow pencil This one is $5 didn’t even see her (GASP) The highlighting and countering palette is $24.99 that’s literally a quarter of our budget I don’t know if we can do this Not with that attitude get it together sister Let’s go For mascara today I’m going to be grabbing the maybelline “great lash” mascara this one is $5.99 and I know that Maybelline is known for having really great mascaras so, we’re gonna pop that one in and hopefully it’ll be a budget saver, because mascara can be crazy expensive $6.00 for a single shadow from loreal? I don’t think so sweetie. wet n wild has liquid liners for only $3.00 so I’m gonna throw one of those in there and then I also still really badly need a highlighter. Okay, so what were gonna do instead is I’m gonna grab the blush and highlighter duo which is $5.99 and also the contour and banana powder duo which is also $5.99, so the two of those together equal the same price But, I’m gonna put this one back. Sorry sister E.L.F., I still love you So, that way we’re killing four birds with two stones Yeah (laughter) Alright guys, so we just checked out at CVS and we have a bunch of products Our total came to forty-four something and that means we have fifty -five dollars and one cent left For the rest of this video Not too bad; but we did already spend almost half of our budget, and thats just on make-up. We still have clothes and accessories and shoes I don’t know if we can do this guys! (laughing) That’s not looking too great so far Okay guys so, we’re on our second stop called Sister Walgreens, we only have a few items left to complete our full-on makeup look today – (woman over speaker) Bianca IT3, Bianca IT3 – Bianca Okay, so these lashes from Kiss are six dollars and ninety-nine cents which is honestly not much better than the other ones from before But, it is saving me two dollars these kind of look relatively normal so we’re going to pick out these for today’s look, hope and pray that they work see that eye shadow and lash and lipstick, our total is going to be $10.93 hoooh look a diner oh look (laughing) 3.99 clothing store or less that’s what we need so at our last stop of today which is going to be Rite Aid we only need a powder and a lipstick left and our total right now is at $44.80 remaining (sigh) $9 for lipstick?! (gasp) hello? $8, $9 hello? it’s lipstick $7 we’re gonna have like 4 cents for clothes I feel like we probably should’ve gotten the Nyx one when we were at CVS (groans) we might actually have to go back for that back at CVS cause apparently lipstick products cost a trillion dollars each so I need a Nyx soft matte lip cream which are still $7 (frustrated groaning) oh my god I’m gonna get the liner in the shade natural which is $3.50 and the soft matte lip cream in the shade stockholm which is $6.49 totaling to another $10 which is gonna leave our clothing budget at around 30 bucks I’m really hungry so I think I’m gonna use $1.69 of my budget on a snack ok guys, so since we were here earlier and already bought a bunch of stuff we have a $9 off CVS coupon since I am a loyal CVS member so that means this $10.93 of lipstick and lip liner that we just bought is now going to come to $1.07 (celebrating) we love a bargain and couponing sister, Extreme Couponers is quaking right now alright guys, so we just got back home and we finished our entire face of makeup except for one thing and that is the translucent powder I know the Coty airspun powder is one of the cheapest and best powders on the market but it’s only sold at WalMart, which we don’t really have a lot of here in California so, what I’m gonna do, is it is $5.97 and sales tax is 8% so if we do 5.98 times 1.08, we get $6.45 and subtract that from the budget 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, $36 and fifty — six cents and we need to get an entire outfit so the one option that I have left, that can actually be a really great solution is Santee Alley if you don’t know what Santee Alley is, it is this really long street in downtown LA where you can get everything in the entire world from fake makeup to literally knock off designer handbags jewelry, outfits for a super, super low price it is already getting really late, so that means everything is closed down I think we’re going to call it a night, but tomorrow morning we will wake up early get an early start, and go clothes shopping and find hopefully an entire outfit from head to toe for only $36.56 see you guys tomorrow good morning sisters! hello, it is the next day I am up, ready, and looking fabulous kind of (laughing) so tonight is our red carpet event, and I am so beyond excited we have $36.56 left and today we have to get a full on look I’m talking shoes, shirt, pants, accessories, the full shebang in order to get ready for this event and we only have a few hours to do so hopefully we’ll be able to complete this look on a budget (chill music) ok so we’ve checked out a bunch of stores and stuff out but we’re coming to the same issue and that everything is actually really cute here but a lot of the stuff is like literally taking up the entire budget, like we found a pair of shoes that were super cute but they were $25 we found a pair of pants that were really cute, but they were $31 we can’t get the rest of the outfit for only $5 this is coming to be quite the dillema up in here I don’t know what we’re gonna do jumpsuit reminds me of Gucci and it’s so good, but it’s $35 so I think that would be breaking the budget but I’m now thinking that a jumpsuit might be a really good option because it’s like two in one for one price, so the search has moved to a jumpsuit that’ll be our game plan (store music) this is gonna be a no (peppy music) (transition music) ok so we ended up getting that jumpsuit, it was retailing for $34.99, but we ended up being able to talk them down to actually $20 even thank god! but that is still a huge chunk of our remaining budget, that means we have $16.56 exactly left to finish off this entire outfit we don’t have shoes, we don’t have accessories, and there’s a slight problem too there’s a million shoe shops here in Santee Alley, but almost every single one of them is just heels like I have seen 87 billion pair of heels at this point, but I’ve seen like 3 pairs of boy shoes which is like fine I guess, I mean I definitely love a good pair of heels oh my god, you guys, look we just found these knock off Yeezys for only $15 clearly they’re not even close to real as you can see I have mine on (laughing) right up in here, but they are black and red which should match perfectly with my jumpsuit and I would so much rather have a sneaker than a heel on because lord knows I can’t walk in heels to save my life and I’d probably fall over, so these might be a go ok guys, so my shoes are a 9.5-10 but we only have a size 8, so I’m gonna see if a sister can do a squeeze to get these on (gasp) wait, I actually fit them they fit I need these right now ok guys, so we have our jumpsuit and our shoes now and the only thing that’s left is accessories, but our only problem is we have a remaining balance of 56 cents so we might have to go a few dollars over budget to get this perfect red carpet look, but I’m willing to do so it’s not like we’re gonna break the bank by just 56 cents it could really make or break the look, so let’s see what we can find suddenly we have budget again ok guys, we just found this bracelet and three ring trio for only 99 cents that does actually put us over budget by a few cents, but I think accessories can really make or break a look so we are a few cents over budget, but we did it, we are super close to $100 and now that we are over budget, oh well, I think I have one last thing that I wanna buy before we go to today’s look alright sisters, this should be a super easy and quick drugstore makeup tutorial today we certainly do not have many items to work with so starting off we do not prime the skin because that was out of budget so I’m gonna go into the Maybelline brand new SuperStay foundation I got the shade classic ivory, so I am praying this matches oh ok honestly, not a bad match at all I’m just going to blend this all over the skin like normal oh this foundation looks amazing oh my god, how much was this? only $11 I’m shook the one really annoying thing about drugstore makeup shopping, no matter how good a product is is that you can’t actually test it out in store so as you can see, this foundation definitely oxidized a little bit and is a little bit darker than my skin tone so I’m gonna go to my next step being the Maybelline Fit Me concealer and I got the lightest shade so hopefully this will help kind of brighten everything up and kind of make it match a little bit better gonna put this right in the center of my forehead and then right under my eyes in a triangle shape and you guys know I used to bring my concealer all the way out up into here for that really snatched look but more recently, I’ve been kind of focusing my highlights only on the very center of my face it’s a very Kim K style of highlighting and contouring, but I really, really love how it makes my skin look and how it brings attention right here to the center of my face gotta cover up the mustache you guys, not even gonna lie, I am absolutely in love with how my skin looks right now I am so shook to the core, it looks so beautiful oh my god I am gonna grab my Cody airspun powder and just set underneath the eyes today you guys know I usually love to kind of bake a face in place but I also love to go in with setting sprays and like a Mac fix plus in between my powder steps to really melt everything in, and $22 for Mac fix plus was definitely not in the budget I mean literally fix plus, body suit fix plus body suit the last time I went to the gym was never so I’d rather not go naked (laughing) (gasp) oh you’re literally killing me so I’m going to attempt to bronze and contour my face using what’s left of this wet ‘n wild duo crap oh that is very pigmented maybe because it’s broken into a million pieces can’t forget to chisel out the hairline, of course let’s be real though, the true test of a contour slash bronzing powder is can it snatch a sister nose I’m not mad at the nose contour, but I’m also not like happy with her, she’s like ok I’m gonna grab a flat powder brush and dip into the highlighting (blowing) excuse me banana powder side of this duo and I’m gonna pat this in the center of my forehead to bring back some of the light and I’m also gonna place this right underneath my eyes and right up to the sides of my nose to really brighten everything up and further the illusion of a pinched and snatched rhinoplasty (laughing) next to finish off my skin and base, I’m gonna open up this blush and highlighter duo from ELF I think this one was literally only $5 which is so bomb and I’m just gonna apply both of these to my cheekbones starting off with the highlighter hello I’m gonna try digging my brush into this and actually breaking it a little bit to see if that way the pigment will actually you know show up ooohh there she is ok I actually love how this looks I’m gonna grab a little bit of blush on an angled brush just to kind of blend the contour and highlight together (click) (sigh) or not don’t love doing this for some reason, you literally have to scrape the top layer off of this I think because it’s a baked formula, but the actual pigmentation of the product underneath is really, really bomb and I’m loving how my skin looks right now before we do my brows and my eyes, as usual, I’m just gonna grab my damp beauty blender and literally the lightest bit of powder and just bake along the sides of my nose to really snatch it in place and then just right underneath that contour as well (loud pop) moving right along, this is going to be our brow, for this one we’re using the Nyx eyebrow pencil this one was $4, it was literally the only one that was within budget let’s see how this one compares to our normal I think $21 or $22 Benefit precisely my brow pencil oh this is big I mean let’s be real, we do usually love a good sister big tip (laughing) but right now this might not be very helpful let’s see what we can do here this brow pencil’s supposed to be dark brown, but it’s literally coming off as like red on my skin this is not what we need right now not the worst eyebrow, but definitely not the best I’m gonna grab my Maybelline Fit Me concealer on the back of my hand and just a flat top concealer brush and attempt to clean them up a little bit, although I’m really not sure how much that is going to help being that the main issue here is definitely the color of the brow, but I’m not gonna complain because clearly we had not a single penny left to go exchange this or try to get a new one, so gotta make do with what you got (laughing) honestly, it really doesn’t look that bad, I’m definitely being dramatic, and the rest of my face looks amazing so far so I don’t wanna get discouraged by it, it’s just the brows now next of course comes the eyes and if you’re an avid and creative makeup lover like I am you would know that eye shadow can sometimes get really, really expensive really fast for some reason though, I was not able to find a single big eye shadow palette anywhere in any of the drug stores we went to I either found these ones, like wet ‘n wild, this is what I’m going to be using today or tiny little single shadows from like Loreal that were like $12 each hello I absolutely did not think so, so I picked this one up I’m going to do my best job to create a soft glam look for my- today I’m first gonna grab a tiny packer brush in the shade that says a brow bone, and pop that right on the top of my brow bone to give it a nice little highlight and lift before I apply some shadow (gasp) oh that’s actually kind of pretty I’m also gonna place a little bit of that right on the inner corner to really make that area of my face pop and bring attention to the eyes I’m then gonna grab a fluffy brush, this is the Morphe M 441 use code James for 10% off for all your future budget discount shopping and dip into the shade transition right up here at the top, tap off the excess and I’m gonna plop that right in the crease as my transition shade well that pigmentation is definitely rather unfortunate I guess when they say transition, they really mean transition, because that color is literally barely even there I am like dying to put a darker brown in the crease to really define it, but the crease shade in this palate is a shimmer shade, which is a major, major makeup no no you do not put shimmers in the crease, literally ever there are barely any rules to makeup, but that is one of them for sure so I’m gonna do is crack back open my very, very shattered wet ‘n wild bronzer and dip into that with a fluffy crease brush and use that to define out the crease a little bit more ok, now we’re getting somewhere popping back into the little eye shadow quad, I’m gonna grab this pink shade called eye lid right on a dense packing brush and pack that right on the eye lid oh that’s actually kind of pretty love that, ok, down, I can work with that this eye shadow honestly is not looking bad at all, I’m kinda digging it I’m gonna finish off by adding a little bit of a wing using the wet ‘n wild mega liner, this one was only $3 you know those days where eye liner just keeps getting thicker and thicker and thicker because you keep messing up and putting on concealer and then adding more liner then messing up, then putting on more liner, then adding more concealer today’s one of those days I really wanna define my lower lash just a little bit more, but clearly we don’t have any dark brown eye shadow so what I’m actually gonna do is grab my brow pencil from before and really lightly and carefully run this right up against my lower lash line to create a little bit more dimension (gasp) oh that kinda actually looks good, hello HACK this eye look isn’t even that bad, but I think that lashes are definitely gonna take it to the next level so I’m gonna give my lashes a good and fresh curl and then apply a layer of the Maybelline great lash that I found at CVS, this one was only $7 I usually love Maybelline mascaras, but honestly, not gonna lie, I am definitely not impressed with this one I feel like with mascara, it is definitely one of those products that when you pay more, you usually do get more bang for your buck my all time favorites are the Benefit roller lash and MAC excited play, and this one will definitely NOT be replacing either of those any time soon, so to add a little bit more oomph on my eyes I’m gonna pop on these lashes from Kiss that I found at Walgreens these are in the style corset and I got them because they kind of loosely sorry Lilly remind me of Miami’s (laughing) looking at these lashes, if I could describe them, I would simply say that they are underwhelming the actual style of the lash is literally so pretty and for only, I think they were $6.50, they’re really, really nice lashes they’re 3D, they’re separated, they’re nice and fluffy the band is comfortable but I would just say that the hairs themselves on the actual lashes are too short and they don’t make a big enough impact so those are the eyes all complete and that was definitely a little bit of a struggle, but I feel like we came through, I’m honestly pretty happy with these results, it looks pretty beautiful so I’m gonna go ahead and wipe away the bake, it’s been on there for quite a long time now I’m gonna go in and line my lips quickly using the Nyx liner in the shade natural I really like this color and when I was filming with Zhavia a few days ago, she uses one, and she said that this is her all time favorite, so I had to pick it up for today’s look, and it was only $3 and then last but certainly not least, I’m gonna fill in my lips using the Nyx soft matte lip creme in the shade stockholm alright sisters, I guess this look is complete, normally you know I would give myself a good spritz of setting spray, but that was out of budget for today so I’m gonna go ahead and change into my red carpet ready outfit and I’ll be right back to show you guys the finished, completed look ok are we ready? (behind camera) yeah (upbeat music) oh hey paparazzi you guys, this is the finished, completed look for today (gasp) I have something else, hold on did I spend an extra $21 in the budget that we didn’t have to create a red carpet for myself? absolutely alright you guys, this is the red carpet full look all complete, clearly I did not have a red carpet to attend tonight but you know what it’s the thought that counts, we have a full look from head all the way down to the toes and I’m honestly kinda living for it, not gonna lie if you look in the mirror over here it’s (gasp) it looks like I have camel toe (laughing) overall this challenge was honestly really, really challenging but also really, really incredibly fun to do although I definitely love to treat myself going makeup shopping with friends or buying a new outfit, or even getting a new piece of jewelry for hitting a milestone on social media ps thank you guys so much for 4 million sisters on Instagram, we’re getting so close to 4 million on YouTube sorry for the point it was honestly a really fun challenge today to shop on a budget and this just goes to show that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a new dress or a hundred dollars on a new foundation or to look a beautiful and stunning and fabulous because hello I’m standing right here (laughing) alright sisters, that is all I have for this little makeup challenge today like I said, it was so much fun to film, and I really hope you guys enjoyed it as well if you did, don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and next time you go out with friends and need a brand new outift and glam try doing it all in under $100 it actually is a really, really fun challenge to do, and I wanna see what you guys can come up with if you have not already, don’t forget to click that big red button down below and come subscribe join the sisterhood, we would love to have you and also click that little bell icon so you can be notified every time I upload a brand new video if you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey, see me on all the red carpets hopefully (laughing) in the future you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter, they are both just jamescharles, and my SnapChat for more behind the scenes type stuff is jamescharless with an extra s after charles alright sisters, I love you so much, thank you for watching, and I will see you in the next one bye (outtro music)


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