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Reasonable Apprehension of Fear, Need More Time, and The Independent Inspection.

September 11, 2019

(funky upbeat music) Susan? Good evening, Susan. How are you, your Honor? Well, I’m hanging in there. This is Summons number 174096, charges you with going through a red light on North Main Street and Branch Avenue, Yes.
at 3:58 in the afternoon. Okay, let’s take a look at it. Okay. Which one is she?
Right there, the little gray car. [Inspector Kerrigan] Right there, your Honor. What’s the time on that, please? [Inspector Kerrigan] Point three, your Honor. I did go through the red light, but what you can’t see in that is I had a, I was afraid of a–
Panhandler? Yeah, and he was making me very nervous, not just for change, he was asking me for cigarettes, he saw cigarettes on my seat, he wanted a cigarette, “Give me a cigarette,” and I got very nervous and. If I feel that there is a reasonable apprehension of fear in the mind of the motorist, because there is someone who poses a threat, I was very intimidated.
poses a threat to them, yeah, but I have to make a decision whether or not I believe you.
Okay. Are you trustworthy and honest? Yeah. Have you never had anyone say no? (laughing) (audience laughing) I know Inspector Kerrigan believes you, do you believe her, Inspector Kerrigan? Yes, your Honor.
You do? Yeah. We’ve had trouble there before, okay. Unfortunately you had to come all the way up here because of that, but there’s no question that was a reasonable apprehension of fear, accordingly, Susan, the matter is dismissed. Thank you,
Good luck. and it’s an honor to meet you, your Honor. You’re pretty cool. There is no simple solution to the panhandling issue. I sympathize with those, who depend on the kindness of strangers, I also sympathize with motorists who feel threatened. One thing that I do know is that we should all try to help in our own way, whether it is donating to a charitable organization or volunteering our time, we must do our part to help those that are struggling on the street and elsewhere. (funky upbeat music) Edward Kenner Junior. Good morning. Were you here the other day?
Yes, I was. On these same tickets or different tickets? I remember the name.
The same tickets. The same tickets?
Yeah. I haven’t been working, that’s why, I couldn’t pay, I just need more time. Move your hands from your pocket, please, remove your hands from your pocket, okay. You were in court and you had a judgment of $330 and today is the date that you were supposed to pay, so you’re here today to tell me that you can’t pay? I couldn’t pay, I just need more time. Alright, how much time do you need? Two months. Alright, you wanna go on a payment plan? You wanna pay like $20 a week? How do you wanna pay it? $100 a month. Okay, we can do that. When can you start paying the $100 a month? I honestly don’t know, I’m not working right now, your Honor. Right, we’re gonna have you pay $100 a month beginning May 1st, Okay. that’s gonna be a couple of months, Alright, thank you very much. to get this done, okay, alright. If there’s any issues, first of all, I wanna congratulate you for coming to court this morning, Thank you. because you could have easily said, well, I don’t have the money, I’m not gonna go and see what happens, which many people do. But the fact that you came here today impresses me, because it shows that you are taking responsibility and you are a responsible person. Thank you.
So I’m impressed by that, that you actually came in.
Thank you. So if on May 1st, you still have financial difficulty, alright, do the same thing, come in and explain it, okay. Thank you, I will.
Alright, good luck to you. Thank you very much. (funky upbeat music) Mr. Brown, you’re charged with going through a red light on Smith Street and Chalkstone Avenue. Alright, this is the same situation, that we just encountered. There’s definitely no sign though, You can’t tell from that. I know for a fact there’s no sign. You know for a fact there’s no sign? Yes, sir.
How do you know that? No right on red, I mean, I can take a right on red right there. Are you telling me there’s no sign, period or there’s no sign in the video? Oh, I’m sorry, I’m saying I’m allowed to take a right on red at that section right there. Do we have a photograph of that intersection, Inspector Quinn? Not to agree with you right now, sir, not in the video, but I’m sure this catalog has it. Let’s look at Smith Street and Chalkstone Avenue. ‘Cause I went back there the day after, I didn’t see anything. No, you went back and you did what? Then once I got the, in the mail, I went back to where it was and looked around just because, you know, I was planning on coming to court. Oh, you did an inspection tour? I did my own inspection, yeah. I see, you did a personal inspection tour? It’s my neighborhood, so I did my own inspection. Right, and you’re impartial, independent inspection, right, revealed that you were innocent? That I was innocent. Well, that’s really surprising. Alright.
(audience laughing) Let’s take a look at it. (speaking too far from mic) And from what I just learned, I believe that you guys have the burden of proof, right? Just for my own edification, I was curious as to whether or not there was a sign at that intersection, so I had Inspector Quinn present to me a list of photographs for all of the intersections, okay. Your inspection tour, right was accurate, based on the photographs, there is not a sign, that indicates that a right-hand turn is prohibited. Accordingly, the City has failed to prove its case, the right-hand turn was not prohibited and the matter will be dismissed. (audience laughing) What do you say about that? Thank you, Judge. All rise and hit subscribe, so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases, you be the judge, subscribe now.


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    I certainly understand the apprehension because of the panhandler. I feel the same way and we have a lot of panhandlers in my area. But I don't think I would run a red light because of it. Our red light tickets are over $400 here, compared to the $85 in Providence and judges here probably wouldn't be as considerate as Judge Caprio

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    4:57 I got a ticket for turning at a red light. I yield and turned but since I didn't make a complete stop a got a ticket in the mail. There wasn't any sign stating "no turn on red light" and 4 years later still no sign. Had to go to court 3 times because they closed on the day of my court date twice. End of story I was fined $400 and was told sign or no sign I have to make a complete stop. That's was my Christmas present that year.

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