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RBCxMusic: Music Makes You ft. Conan Gray

February 26, 2020

♪♪♪ – Hey guys, we’re here
with Conan Gray, for RBCxMusic. Conan, thank you so much
for joining us. – Thank you for having me.
– Welcome to Canada. – Thank you very much,
very happy to be here. – So your music is really
upbeat and fun, but then kind of cynical
and dark at the same time. How would you describe
your music? – I would describe my music
as very like… mysteriously dark. Like it sounds like it’s fun;
you’re like “wow, this is so much fun”,
and you’re dancing to it. But then like when you listen, you’re like this kid needs some
help. Like please, someone help him. – What is the most challenging
part about writing music that is so personal to you? – That’s a hard question, because I’ve been raised
by the internet practically, so like everyone puts
everything on the internet like; “just peed” and stuff
like that, ya know, people put everything
on the internet. I’m-I’m just happy to have
people on the ride, and have people understand me, I think that one of the main
reasons why I started song writing
in the first place was just ’cause I felt really
isolated and writing was my way of being
able to tell people how I felt without having
to really say it. – You’ve been really open
about having a childhood of ups and downs,
and in many cases, those ups and downs being
caused by money. Coming from that background, how has that re-defined
success for you? – I think it just made me
super aware of how much money like $5 is, or like how much money $20 is. With success it’s been super,
super strange, because money was such
a big issue growing up. The most important things
in life, and the things that really
make you feel like you’re safe and loved are having people around
who you trust. – Fill in the blank:
music makes me… – Music makes me think, a lot. It really makes my one brain
cell just really think. It really makes it work. ♪♪♪

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