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Racist Street Comedian/Performer in L.A.

September 28, 2019

Five dollars all the way from Germany! You got more? And where are you from? Stockton! Make some noise five from Stockton, where ever the hell that is! Where the hell is Stockton? How old are you? Four-teen! Stop looking at me like that, I’m too old for you. Come back in an hour. She’ll be older then! It’s true, its true. Little kid gimme money. You been sittin’ here for like forty five minutes already, this ain’t no damn daycare! Parents just going to drop you off and go shopping n shit. You see that? Cheep ass Mexicans! Honey, watch the show, we’ll be back. Okay. Damnn, you just gotta drop dat fool off. Ayy whatch you lookin’ at me? I’m not a tamale. He’s lookin’ at me like I’ma freakin’ tamale or something. How are you doin’ little white kid? Do you got money? YOU DON’T HAVE NO MONEY! Where are you from? New York and you got no money? Alright. You doing good in school? Alright this is for you. Are you helpin’ out your mom at home? Sometimes? That’s Important, this is for you. Did you uh vote for Obama? This is for you. This kid is smart. Uh not that one that’s a five. Do you have uh a girlfriend? Good they crazy, all of ’em. Let me tell you something about women That I know. Half of them are crazy, half of ’em are broke. If you get a girl friend you go crazy and broke. Okay? Stay in school or you will do a show too. Give a hand! Alright you can go back, psych, get over here. I’m just kidding, I paid you, you work for me now. You are going to work 18 hours a day. You’r officially Mexican. That is not wrong man! Mexicans work hard alright? My boy right there, in the back right there. He got 13 kids and 26 jobs! Thats how the mexicans get down! explicit 26 jobs! Thats how the mexicans get down! If you just touch a Mexican woman she’s pregnant. Thats just how they work, i don’t know why. but thats just how they work. Look at, she shankin’ her head. Hahahah, Mexican. Hahah you got money? You in the military. Damn, you’re broke bro. You’re in the military, way way way where wo wo what? The Air Fo? Make some noise, The air Force. I love a man I uniform. You got a uniform? Ouuuhhhhh! Sexy, Uniform … and obedient. OUUHHH I LIKE IT! Go right there. I’m not gay, i’m not gay. If anything go wrong, you die first. He already, he read, he ready to die anyways. The minute he signed up for that shit, he knew. How you doin’? Uh gimme money, i know you got money, you got a uni-brow Everybody with a uni-brow, they got money. You’re either Armenian, Persian or Arabic, and they all rich. Gimme money. I think you’re rich! I think Arabic. No? Persian? (in accent) Ehhh good to see you baba, good to see you! How are you baba? Gimme some money baba. Good to see you baba. Don’t be Persian Jewish Mother Fucker. Ah you better show me which one you are right now. Just show me which one! I’m kidding. I’ll get it, if i get it i might pull some balls out with me. What the Heck? You should not have bought skinny jeans! Daanngg. Hurry up man i got to go home. Make some noise! five from persian! Thank you persian, good to see you baba, good to see you. You know they be sayin’ that. whats up man? You got a card? You’ll get my money? Afterwards? Go ahead give her a slide. Uh, this guy’s gay. Go to the front, he’s gay too, right here. Oh he’s married, make some noise he’s married! How long you’ve been married? three months! Who’s the lucky guy? Hahah thats alright i hate you too i hate you too. Do you speak Arabic? Shalguda, shalguda. French? I love you! Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise, 20 dollars from white people! White, white, white. In yo face! In yo face! Ohh bam! Ohhh in yo face! I love white people! In yo face! Ay put that money up! Don’t give it to your mom. She going to try spending it on a guchi purse. And not the real one, she going to go down town LA. It’s going to say L W. Oh dang she look rich right there. She got the burbery scarf, with the louie jacket, the armoni shirt the coach, purse and uh… Tori berk shoes. Make some noise shes bald. Sir, do not divorce her, she going to take half. Where you from? Detroit, what nationality? Jordan? Aw its ok you can kill her. you know like the dictator votes with the middle east deteriorate and I hold 2 world records. The most people ever flipped. Ima say it again! I didn’t get 3rd place aight? Its a world record i hold. For front flippin over 13 people Ima show you me second world record. right here on concrete. If you wanna see it say yahhh! say heeeyy! say hooo! say Heyyy Hooo! Yo packin a chickin mc? No i am just kidding. No chains! I ain’t no rapper. So, give me a hand! You can go back to mommy and daddy. don’t be spoiled, little white kid. and you, where ever the hell you are from, Oh you want more? white dude you are rich you can stay with me. Its always good to have a rich white friend. That way you get arrested. You need money, white people, always there for you. white people got connections. and cocaine. He got excited . Freakin white people. black people, we don’t do cocaine, just marijuana, you know. But no cocaine. You got a great husband, is this yours girl friend. work eaa, make some noise, working on it! I like her bro, she is way cuter than the one i saw you here yesterday What i am about to do is a world record on set. and . . . oh more money! McDonald’s messed up your life! You look like a umpa lumpa! I don’t need yo five bucks! key where my key at? I drive a Mercedes S550 okay!!?? Sorry kids, uh lolipop lolipop. Lamar odem you don’t like lolipops? Frozo from the incredible’s ? Thank you for watching! Please subscribe rate and comment!


  • Reply TrevRomFilms February 19, 2013 at 2:29 am

    He's pretty funny. It's kind of weird that he's not wearing a shirt though.

  • Reply zadewave February 19, 2013 at 3:04 am

    Yeah it got me laughing pretty good

  • Reply Axios .king March 5, 2013 at 8:27 am

    Just jiving

  • Reply zadewave March 10, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    Whats wrong with Jiving?

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