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Proposal is reasonable response to panhandling

September 8, 2019

TOWARD A REASONABLE RESPONSE TO PANHANDLING 12/06/16 trt :57 Proposed changes to a city panhandling ordinance are certainly no solution to a tough problem. But neither is doing nothing. And if the revisions under consideration lead to further
efforts to find a comprehensive, humane and just approach to poverty on the streets then we say keep pushing ahead. It’s hard to hard to know even where to start with panhandling. Perhaps safety is first. So is the need to make sure people aren’t punished for being poor. But it seems to us some kind on intervention, including knowledgeable and compassionate
law enforcement intervention, can be part of the process of understanding who these people are and what they need so they don’t have to panhandle to survive. The solution to panhandling includes housing, health care, jobs and more. City ordinances that lead to those resources are part of the solution.

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