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Proform 67652 Piston Ring Universal Squaring Tool Tutorial Overview How-To

September 5, 2019

Welcome to Power Shop. Today, I’ll be showing
you the piston ring squaring tool. You’re going to not even believe how easy this is,
and you’re going to wonder why you ever measured your piston ring gap any other way. This is
the universal tool. It works with any bore unless you’ve got some gargantuan head size
bore, but not many people are using that. So this is Proform patented. It’s totally
innovative. Gets the rings aligned the first time every time, and all you do is simply
press down the ring. Check it out. All you do is take the part; you stick it upon your
rings inside the cylinder bore. You push down until the little notches touch
the surface. Check it out, perfectly aligned every time. Stick it in there. Check out how
much of a gap you’ve got with a feeler gauge. You’re going to wonder why you did this any
other way before. If you’re interested in picking up this part, you can visit,
part number 67652.

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