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President Obama’s Anger Translator at White House Correspondent’s Dinner

November 12, 2019

I often joke about tensions between me and
the press, but honestly, what they say doesn’t bother me. I understand we’ve got an adversarial
system. I’m a mellow sort of guy. And that’s why I invited Luther, my anger
translator, to join me here tonight. (Laughter and applause.) [LUTHER ENTERS] LUTHER: Hold on to your lily-white butts.
(Laughter.) THE PRESIDENT: In our fast-changing world,
traditions like the White House Correspondents’ Dinner are important. LUTHER: I mean, really, what is this dinner?
(Laughter.) And why am I required to come to it? (Laughter.) Jeb Bush, do you really
want to do this? (Laughter.) THE PRESIDENT: Because despite our differences,
we count on the press to shed light on the most important issues of the day. LUTHER: And we can count on Fox News to terrify
old white people with some nonsense! (Laughter.) “Sharia law is coming to Cleveland. Run
for the damn hills!” (Laughter.) Y’all, it’s ridiculous. (Laughter.) THE PRESIDENT: We won’t always see eye to
eye. LUTHER: Oh, and CNN, thank you so much for
the wall-to-wall Ebola coverage. For two whole weeks, we were one step away from the Walking
Dead. (Laughter.) And then you all got up and just moved on to the next day. That was
awesome. Oh, and by the way, just if you haven’t noticed, you don’t have Ebola! (Laughter.) THE PRESIDENT: But I still deeply appreciate
the work that you do. LUTHER: Ya’ll remember when I had that big,
old hole in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and then I plugged it? Remember that? Which
“Obama’s Katrina” was that one? Was that 19? Or was it 20? Because I can’t remember.
(Laughter.) THE PRESIDENT: Protecting our democracy is
more important than ever. For example, the Supreme Court ruled that the donor who gave
Ted Cruz 6 million dollars was just exercising free speech. LUTHER: Yeah, that’s the kind of speech
like this, “I just wasted six million dollars.” (Laughter and applause.) THE PRESIDENT: And it’s not just Republicans.
Hillary will have to raise huge sums of money, too. LUTHER: Oh, yes. She’s gonna get that money.
She’s gonna get all the money. Khaleesi is coming to Westeros. (Laughter and applause.)
So watch out! (Laughter.) THE PRESIDENT: The nonstop focus on billionaire
donors creates real problems for our democracy. LUTHER: And that’s why we’re running for
a third term! (Laughter.) THE PRESIDENT: No, we’re not. LUTHER: We’re not? THE PRESIDENT: No. LUTHER: Who the hell said that? (Laughter.) THE PRESIDENT: But we do need to stay focused
on some big challenges, like climate change. LUTHER: Hey, listen, ya’ll, if you haven’t
noticed, California is bone dry. (Laughter.) It looks like a trailer for the new “Mad
Max” movie up in there. (Laughter.) Ya’ll think that Bradley Cooper came here because
he wants to talk to Chuck Todd? (Laughter.) He needed a glass of water. Come on! (Laughter
and applause.) THE PRESIDENT: The science is clear. Nine
of the ten hottest years ever came in the last decade. LUTHER: Now, I’m not a scientist, but I
do know how to count to 10. (Laughter.) THE PRESIDENT: Rising seas, more violent storms. LUTHER: We’ve got mosquitos. Sweaty people
on the train, stinking it up. It’s just nasty. (Laughter.) THE PRESIDENT: I mean, look at what’s happening
right now. Every serious scientist says we need to act. The Pentagon says it’s a national
security risk. Miami floods on a sunny day, and instead of doing anything about it, we’ve
got elected officials throwing snowballs in the Senate! LUTHER: Okay, Mr. President. Okay, I think
they’ve got it, bro. THE PRESIDENT: It is crazy! What about our
kids? What kind of stupid, shortsighted, irresponsible bull— (Laughter and applause.) LUTHER: Wow! Hey! (Applause.) THE PRESIDENT: What?! LUTHER: All due respect, sir. You don’t
need an anger translator. (Laughter.) You need counseling. (Laughter.) So I’m out
of here, man. I ain’t trying to get into all this. (Laughter.) THE PRESIDENT: Go. (Applause.) LUTHER: He crazy. (Laughter and applause.) THE PRESIDENT: Luther, my anger translator,
ladies and gentlemen. (Applause.)


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