Post Malone Pranks People with Undercover Record Store Surprise // Omaze

September 15, 2019

You guys need help? Just let me know. Hey, how are you can I help you find anything? My name’s Skylar. Oh my god. Are you Post Malone? You got me already What you mean you got me already , you can’t walk around with these tattoos! Hey guys, it’s post Malone and I’m teaming up with omae’s to give you a badly I’m serious So supportive great cause we’re giving a Bentley to one lucky winner taxes and shipping included Oh, I will also fly you out to LA to take a joyride with me. It’s gonna be a kick-ass time So to spread the word I decided to go deep undercover at this record store See if you can spot me Sucks sucks sucks Okay, he sucks Husband trash, you know buy this I’ll get it. We’re trying to get rid of it because it sucks host Malone Hey, I’m your GF off. It sucks. It’s so bad Let’s go. I don’t have like a belly and I’m like, I’m giving it away for charity. No one a Bentley a car And I was just wondering if you’d be interested. No, no Just think about it. Yeah, just think about it. Yep Can I help you find anything? Well, I’m kind of looking at this one. It’s quite Brahms if you like hip-hop music Like I guess I mean, I don’t really understand it. I was just writing some stuff in the back I was wondering if you could like read it back to me and tell me what you think It’s a son it’s like real burger. It’s dirty stuff in there, but I think there’s a yeah, I’d love to it. Okay that who aspiring like Artists like kind of like raps type stuff. I was learning like I don’t really have like a name I’m tired Well, my friend was telling me like if you like put young in front of like the last thing you bought That could be thing like young flashlight That might very sick, uh, six little crazy I’ve been in the hills effing have superstars Feeling like a pop star Drank and Henning that must be what’s that booze? Yeah. It’s like a nice con. Yak Drinking handy bed to jumping in the pool And they got no broth What are you doing, I’m an accountant It’s no way. Yeah, that’s what I want to do. You want to be an accountant? Yeah, I know I have a little unconventional look, but I think 2018 there’s a whole new age of accounts. I think emergent. That’s true. That’s true. You know Romeo skylark. He’s like he’s up-and-coming accountant He’s very challenging Yeah, it’s like it’s like almost like extreme accounting really incredible You guys McGrath music yeah, what do you like? What do you listen to? Oh That’s a great song people say I look like him a lot if like if it take my stuff How are you man, all right So, what do you think? It’s pretty good, right honestly. Yeah, I think I think You need Jesus. I need ya I’m gonna work on it Again I’ve had him in your fight you fire me. Yeah, man, I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to this store You’re gonna fire me. I didn’t want to work here. Anyways, ever heard of a smart phone. You don’t need this So now that the words out, it’s your turn click the link or go to omae’s calm slash post and enter for the chance to win a Bentley and to join me in LA for the ultimate joyride the best of all every donation supports folds of honors mission to provide Scholarships to the spouses and the children of America’s fallen and disabled service members So let’s do this go to amaze that calm slash post donate and I’ll see you soon Hey, are you? alright To find the record I got distracted employees here

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