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Playing Your First Song – Beginner Guitar Lesson #10

October 11, 2019

Welcome to lesson ten of the Beginner Guitar
Quick-Start Series. In this lesson we’re going to put everything you’ve learned so far about
your strumming and your fretting hands together to play through a classic song. This is going
to be really fun for you because you’re going to apply everything you’ve learned so far
to some actual real music. If you’re a newer guitar player putting all these things together
can be pretty challenging, so now is a great time to go back and review some of the lessons
on either you know the open chords we’re using, fretting hand technique, or strumming to. So all of the chords we’ve learned so far
in the Beginner Guitar Quick-Start Series are in the key of G major. That’s not really
important for you to know where that comes from. I just want to kind of expose you to
the fact that all four of these chords are in the key of G major. What we’re going to
do is put these chords together in a progression to play through this song. That progression
is G, D, A minor 7, and then C. And you’re probably going to have a little trouble changing through these chords smoothly, but that’s fine. That’s normal at first. Practice. Remember
all the tips I’ve given you about changing chords smoothly and making your chords sound
clean and buzz free. Okay, what we’re going to do is keep the strumming
really really simple for now just so you can concentrate on making your chord changes smooth and clear.
So what we’re going to do is just strum each chord twice. So start with your G. Get it
on there, and just strum it twice. You can use downstrokes, that’s fine. From there switch
to a D. Use downstrokes again. Make sure not to play the E or the A strings here. Move
to an A minor 7, and leave the low E string out, remember for your strumming. Strum that twice, and then move to a C major and strum that twice. So try to visualize the next chord before
you need to go to it, remember. So if you’re on your G, by the time you’re hitting the
next strum, the second strum, you need to be thinking about that D chord so you can
move right to it. Same thing, start thinking about that A minor 7 early. Start thinking
about that C now. And if your chords are sounding not clear,
not great, or just a little buzzy sounding, make sure you’re coming right down on your
fingertips and that your fingers are right behind the frets. Once you start learning
how to switch between chords like this, when you learn new chords, switching between those
chords and the chords you already know will be easier. So be encouraged it does get easier
after a while. In the next lesson we’re going to dress up
your strumming and make it a little bit more musical, so get ready for that. If you have
any questions ask them in the comment section below. You can also email me [email protected]
See you.


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