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Play 10 Songs With 4 Chords – Free Guitar Lessons

October 18, 2019

Hey I’m Nate Savage and you know, one of the
best things about the guitar is you can learn just a handful of chords and you can literally
play hundreds of the best songs that were ever written. In the case of this lesson,
I’m going to teach your four chords that you can use to play ten songs. First of all let’s learn the chords that we’re
going to be using in this lesson. The first one is a G major, second one is a C major,
third one is a D major, and the last one is an E minor. Okay, let’s start with the G major
chord. Put your third finger on the third fret of the low E string, second finger is
going to go on the second fret of the A string, and your pinky finger is going to grab the
third fret of the high E string. And you can strum all six strings. Now one thing you’re going to want to remember
when you’re making these chords is come right down on your fingertips, on the very tips
of your fingers, and try to stay right behind the fret. Keep you fingers as close to behind
the fret as possible. That way you can ensure a good sound without any buzzing. Next chord, a C major. Let’s take our third
finger and put it on the third fret of the A string, second finger is going to go on
the second fret of the D string, and your first finger is going to come back here and
grab the first fret of the B string. Make sure to come down on the very tips of your
fingers for this chord. If you don’t you will definitely notice it. Check it out. Strum
the top five strings, leave the low E string out. Watch this little change right here.
If I just let my fingers get a little lazy that’s going to sound terrible, so make sure
to come right down on your fingertips. Next chord, D major chord, open D major. Put
your first finger on the second fret of the G string, or the third string, third finger
third fret of the B string, second finger second fret of the high E string. Now leave
the sixth and fifth strings out, and just strum the top four strings there. Alright, the last chord for you is just a
regular E minor chord. Put your second finger on the second fret of the A string and your
third finger on the second fret of the D string, and you can strum all six strings with this
chord. Now that I’ve showed you those chords that
we’re going to be using let’s just talk about strumming really quick in the context of this
lesson. I’m going to keep things really really simple for your strumming hand or your right
hand. That way you can focus on learning the songs and getting the chord changes for the
song smooth. Alright let’s get down to business here and
learn a song that uses these chords. We’re gonna learn probably one of the most popular
tunes of all time, song by The Beatles called Let It Be. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Um, let’s go put our G major chord on here,
and I’m gonna do this in groups of two strums for your right hand just so you know. So,
the verse of this tune, just strum G twice. And then go to a D. Strum that twice. E minor
twice. And go to a C twice. Back to a G, a D, a C, and then back to a G one more time.
And that’s pretty much the entire verse to the song. It just goes through that whole
progression twice. Let me play that progression for you uninterrupted so you can hear what
it sounds like. So that’s the verse of the tune Let It Be,
and let’s get to the chorus now. The chorus goes to an E minor twice, a D, C, G, stay
on a G and do that two more times, go to a D, a C, and then finally end up on a G. So
let me play the entire chorus for you real quick. So as you can see, you can get through that
entire song using just these four chords. There are some walkdowns and stuff in there,
but like I said we’re keeping things real simple for your right hand. Um, another song
that uses almost exclusively those four chords is the Beyonce song If I Were A Boy. All it
is is E minor, C, G, and D. I think there’s an A minor on the bridge somewhere, but almost
the entire song is just those four chords like this. So you may be thinking “Nate that’s great
but I know all of these songs aren’t in the key of G major”, and you’re right. The song
Let It Be is in the key of C. So what are we going to do about that? How’re we going
to get around it. The answer is this little gem right here. It’s called a capo, and if
you’ve never used one they are great. It lets you use those four chords to play just a ton
of songs. So, what I would do if I wanted to play along with Let It Be to the album.
I would put my capo on my fifth fret, and then I can play those exact same chords, G,
D, C, and E minor, those shapes and I’ll be in the key of C. I’ll show you why. If this note right here is a G, right here
on the third fret of the low E string. If I moved up a whole step from there, two frets,
that would now be an A. Another whole step would be a B, and a half step from there would
be a C. So this G shape is now a C chord. This capo is pretty much like a movable nut
for the guitar. Here you go, I’ll show you what Let It Be
sounds like playing it in the actual key that it was written in. So you see what I mean? This should show you how valuable these four chords are and how valuable knowing how to use a capo is too. So what I’m going to do now is just go through
all ten songs in this lesson, the choruses of them to just help you see what they sound
like. And below you’re going to see the artist, the title of the song, what key it’s in, what
fret to put your capo on, and then just the main chord progression for the chorus. For
some of these you’ll be able to play just the chorus. For some of them you can play
the entire song using just these four chords. So you see what I mean? This should show you
just how valuable these four chords are, and how valuable learning how to use a capo can
be for you. So just to clarify, the chords that you saw on the bottom of the page there
as I was playing each song are the actual shapes that you are playing, not the names
of the actual chords. So being able to play this many songs is awesome
motivation for you. You’re gonna be able to play some real music, and it’s great practice
for you to work on your chord transitions too. Pick a few songs that you liked out of
these ten, and go back and pause the video once they’re up. Write the key of the song
down and which fret you should be capoed on and work on them. Work them into your practice
time, and work on getting your chord transitions smooth. Thanks for watching everyone. I just launched
a new guitar lesson series that you can get right now for free. Just go to
and I’ll see you there.


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