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Piggyback Installs, Exhaust Valves and Boost by Gear – Haltech Q&A Episode 25

September 5, 2019

Hi and welcome to the first Haltech Q&A
for 2018. This is a segment where you ask the questions
and we give you the answers. Our first question today comes from crow4ever
and they ask: Is it possible for the ECU to control
an exhaust cut-out butterfly valve? Well, Crow, the answer is yes. Some of these butterfly valves or these
exhaust bypass valves are actually available in standard cars. Some of the
European cars have them and they bypass some of the mufflers in order to make
them quicker or make them sound better. In the Haltech system we can
control these valves using some of our generic output tables. What we’ll do
is set up a generic output table that’ll go to your valve controller, so that when
we either press down on our throttle pedal, or we reach a certain amount of
boost pressure or a certain amount of RPM it’ll then activate the controller
the valve will open in order to get more exhaust flow or more noise out of your car. Our second question today comes from Kirk W… and he asks: What is a piggyback
installation? Kirk, this is a really good question and truthfully one that we
don’t actually get asked that much but one that I agree is certainly something
that we need to talk about A “Piggyback” ECU installation can be one of two things. The first one we’ll talk about is a “signal bender” style ECU
installation. That’s referred to as the first style of piggyback and the way
that style of system works is by intercepting the crankshaft sensor so
that we can intercept how fast the computer thinks the engine is turning so
if it we can speed it up or slow it down by intercepting the crank sensor signal
as well as intercepting or cutting into the load sensor so that might be the
throttle position the air flow meter or the manifold pressure. By cutting into
that signal we feed the sensor into an ECU and then out of the ECU back to a
factory computer. We can then adjust how much load the
computer sees. That’s why it’s called a “signal bender” because we’re
bending or we’re manipulating the factory senses in order for the factory
ECU to see a different load and then give us a different fueling or different ignition value. The second style of piggyback ECU
installation, which is a lot more popular is where we leave the factory computer
in place but we also wire in a full standalone ECU. The full standalone ECU shares all of the sensors with the factory computer. So that would be the crank sensor,
the cam sensor, the air temp, the coolant temp, the throttle position,
the manifold pressure. So both computers are looking at all of the sensors.
We would then cut the injectors and the ignition and maybe the cam control as well off the factory computer and allow that
aftermarket ECU to control those things. So now you’d end up with a factory
computer that’s got all the sensors going into it but not controlling fuel
and ignition. Whereas the aftermarket ECU
would be controlling the injectors, the ignition and the cam control. The benefit of doing it like this, is that we can leave the factory computer there and it might still be controlling all of the dash,
it might be doing the air conditioning system, it might be doing a factory
automatic transmission. So that way we can share the load
between the two ECUs. We can let the Haltech ECU or the aftermarket ECU control the engine and the engine power. And the factory ECU is left there to control the rest of the car. Our last question today comes from Jarmo: Is it possible to do boost-by-gear
on my R32 GT-R without adding any extra sensors? Jarmo, the answer is yes. On
your R32 GT-R we should have a speed signal going into the ECU so that way we know our road speed. You’ve also got engine RPM because we’ve
got our crank angle sensor coming in So because we know the road speed and we
know the engine RPM, the one thing that we need to enter into the ECU is our
gear ratio. That gives us a relationship between the road speed and the engine RPM. So that at any time we know what
gear you’re in. So it’s that simple. In our ECU you would cruise, drive along,
be online with the ECU, go into our Gear Setup cruise along in first gear – press READ.
It’s that simple! Get into the second gear, cruise along
at a steady RPM – press READ. Do this for each gear that you’ve got.
If you’ve got an R32 GT-R, it’s a five-speed. Once you have done that APPLY and OK. From there, whenever you choose a gear
that gear ratio will let the ECU know exactly what gear you’re in
so you can then do boost-per-gear. You can also display that on any of your
CAN based Dash systems. Well that’s all the questions we’ve got today.
We’re always looking for more questions So if you’ve got one you’re thinking
about right now… Leave them in the comments below,
jump on our Facebook page or is probably the easiest way
to give us your questions. When we get them – keep on watching,
we will definitely be answering them in the upcoming videos! My name is Scott. As always, thanks very much
for watching and I’ll see you next time!


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    It would be verry nice with a "how To" video on a piggyback installation.. n/a to boosted on at newer car. Using the onboard map sensor on the haltech…. Whats going to happen with the factory ecu and its map sensor when suddenly reading boost.
    And same situation if the car had maf sensor. Thats one of my main concerns when considering boosting my 2015 car, where i se piggybacking as my only option.
    love your videos!!
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