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Pharrell Williams – Happy – How to Play on guitar – Guitar Lesson – Tutorial

November 5, 2019

Hey, this is Tim Pierce You guys near the beginning I’m gonna show you a simple strum on this song, and then for you more for you more advanced players I’m sure the John Mayer style kind of R&B soul lick The kind of stuff I do in sessions all the time. If you click the link below there’s a more comprehensive beginner strum video, and some other private videos… Some videos on soloing. Thanks so much for your support, for
your comments. Let’s get started… Hey, the first part of this video is for
people near the beginning, and it’s just a simple strum of this song. We’re doing it in the key of F, and we’re playing it as if we’re in the
key of E – everything’s open, but we use a capo on the first fret, and
just make sure its firm enough to mash down the strings, and you get a nice open sound like that,
if you don’t own a capo you can actually do this song a
half step down everything applies just pretend that the
nut is your capo it just won’t be in the exact key of the song. The nice thing about the capo is you’re able to play along with the
actual song because it’s in the key of F. So we’re gonna strike… We’re gonna form an E chord, which is actually an F chord
because this is an F note when we have the capo on the first fret, and we form that as
you probably know index finger third-string, second fret
third finger fourth-string third fret and second
finger fifth string third fret… Finger that… form that
chord and strike it once. And then we do a
percussion thing with our right hand and it’s pretty interesting day. Once
again as with most strumming, the hand just keeps moving like this and
we make choices of when to grab air and went to grab the actual sound of the
strings and this is no exception. So instead
of going we’re gonna leave one stroke out. So I’m gonna go really slow. And the way that works is instead of going… We’re leaving one
down stroke out really slowly And then we do this other phrase were we grab the E chord again, and we hit it twice. and then we go to the A chord same position, and I think I’ll use my third finger to bar across to grab it because you see the third finger is
already sitting right there on that note and we can keep an anchor going… right there on the fourth-string third fret I would just lay down that third finger
in a bar might hurt a little bit if you’re …not too advanced. And you want to get all 3 of these strings to sound – straight across. so it’s the third fret and it’s a second,
third and fourth string. This high E string… if you can make it
ring – fine… if not just let it mute itself with the flesh of this finger. So, strike the E twice… Strike the F twice 🙂 Cause we’re… we’re kind of tricking ourselves – we’re
we’re pretending we’re – playing E and A but we’re really playing F and Bb. You don’t have to remember that right now. So two strikes on the F chord One strike on the Bb chord and then we move this same chord up two
frets and we grab with our index finger because we moved up two frets on the 2nd
3rd and 4th string up to the fifth fret we have to grab with our index finger, the low note and that’s now string 5 for three. We grab that chord hit it twice and walk back down and hit that chord again. So, this series… and I keep my hand moving like a clock
up and down see that time I got a couple funny
little overtones that weren’t so desirable Let’s try that again. So if you can work that up to speed you end up with… I’ll try it again in a kind of medium speed… and that’s the verse. Now, the key to getting the strum right in the verse is there’s a couple of crucial kinda
up strokes So what I’m doing is striking the guitar I’m grabbing air you know it’s… it’s a So I’m going… So this is a way to learn a nice strum pattern, so watch which strokes hit the guitar and which
strokes just fly through the air… So my hand is moving constantly, my hand doesn’t stop doing this but I’m choosing when to strike the
guitar down down down down up up up down down and there’s a space between a lot of these
down space down space down space down space up up… something like that so it’s kinda some down strokes with spaces in between… and then you switch to up strokes with spaces in between Let’s try it one more time… So good way to try and get it is to go to count ’em 1 2 3 4 up up up 5 6 It’s a good way Up to speed so just keep this going and make your choices 1 2 3 4 Gotta change chords 1 2 3 4 up up up 5 6 So now we learn the chorus and it has a
very similar strum to it. The chords are very, very simple. Take your third finger fourth fret, fifth string. Take your second
finger third fret fourth string play this nice beautiful open major seven
chord Then you’re gonna switch these fingers
around to get the next chord like this so it’s a bit of a
switch So you go from here and then you plant your second finger fifth string, third fret and your third
finger third string, third fret… so, both on the same fret You go from here and then you stay here again and then you play the E chord that we
just learned, which is actually an F chord! ’cause we’re in the key of F. But, it’s the E shape – the open E shape So, I’ll strum really slowly go real slow and just check out what I’m
striking and what I’m not striking and the cool thing about the left hand
is you can actually buy some time by cheating a little bit and leaving a
space in between we just strike the guitar open
like that. Check it out… I’m going… and that gives me time to switch chords The true and proper way to do it that the
great guitar players do and I’m… I’m still working on this You see there was no gap? But, you can leave a gap if you’re at the beginning and it’s easier for you It’s gives you a little bit of a chance to change chords Get up to speed One more time really slow So here’s this John Mayer style rhythm
part that I’m playing. To me it’s a Jimi Hendrix part ’cause that’s the era that I come from but a lot of you guys might recognize it as
more John Mayer I’m on the thirteenth fret, I’m sliding up
with my third finger on the top two strings. And then I slide down to the eleventh fret… we’re dancing above and below the 12th
fret as you can see and I strike it once Slide it down 2 frets and come back up And then I go to the next two strings, a little
different position. Index finger tenth fret third-string third finger, eleventh fret, second string. And, I slide that up… Two frets also… so the actual destination is here with
the index finger on the 12th fret and the third finger on the 13th fret, but we start two frets lower So slowly And you’re depending on your left hand to
sustain everything. So, you need to press down hard enough that all the notes ring but not so hard that you will cramp your
finger. And we’re kinda in the key of F minor right now And, in the second we’re gonna switch to F Major which is the cool thing about this chord change and this part And I’m gonna jump down the octave
with my index finger I’m gonna go from fret 8 to fret 10 and, repeat this first kinda thing an octave lower and what that is is Index finger mashed across strings 4 and 5 – the 8th fret, and then we drag it up 2 frets to the 10th fret So, here’s everything so far So, you’re mimicking the first
phrase down here on these strings and you wanna try and not make any… you
want to have none of the other strings ringing down here. It’s a little harder So, all that was kind of in the key of F minor were planted right here, and we’re gonna
go into the key of F Major because that’s where the chord lands. The great thing about this progression is that it’s in a minor key and then in a major key and that’s what makes it interesting So, that’s the next phrase we’re gonna do So, we’ve slid up here. Our index finger is in the exactly right place So, the start of this is fret 10 – strings 4 and 5 And, we just hammer on with our 3rd finger up 2 frets Same strings – strings 4 and 5 but up to the 12th fret And, then we do this whole thing just 2 strings over… so, that’s pretty easy… And, the hard thing is just to get 2
strings only because we’re mashing down we want to try to only get the two
strings we’re aiming for Which are strings 4 and 5… and then strings 3 and 4 Then we jump back start again there and finish out the phrase that way. so, the last piece of this phrase my hand is in the same position we use
the third finger on the 4th and 5th strings – 12th fret. Then we jump over were we already were 10th fret – strings 3 and 4 and then 3rd finger up two frets back over to here Kind of a seesaw thing So the whole phrase and the entire series So here I hit a string I didn’t want to hit it’s hard to do Then I end the phrase with this Which is kind of a Blues Pentatonic thing. It toughens up the… This is kinda a sweet thing so this adds some toughness to the end of it what this is is index finger on the 10th
fret fourth string. Hammer on four frets up then jump over to the next string – 10th fret, 3rd string And then toggle over to the 4th string again and then up here with the 3rd finger on the 13th fret, 3rd string strike it and pull down back to our kind of anchor note which is the F note – 10th fret, 3rd string. So that phrase is… And that adds a little bit of blues kind of toughness to the end of this very sweet series I’ll do the whole thing And you want to do it in tempo so I’m gonna do it kind of slow but in tempo – 3 4 And then I’m off to the races with
the solo but I think what I did which you can try
too is I was using these two fingers which gives it a kind of a warm sound So, try experimenting with that if you want.
I just picked everything but you can use these two fingers to pull it You probably heard the wife walked
in, I had to take a break, now let’s get back to it I was explaining how the the second and
third finger the right hand can be used to get kinda a mellow tone instead of the pick and what I do in a situation like this
is I kinda cup the pick in my index finger so I can kind of go back and forth from
the pick to the fingers players have lots of different ways of
doing it sometimes they put it between fingers you’ll see lots of
different ways of holding on the pick when you transfer
to the the fingers But, it’s nice. It’s kind of a jazzy tone So have fun with it


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