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Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Mess With Your Head

November 4, 2019

– [Narrator] These
perfectly timed pictures are so weird and wacky that they’re guaranteed
to mess with your head, and hopefully give you a few laughs before you finally figure
out what’s going on! People think that
emergency service workers like policemen or firemen are angels but in this case, it’s true! Like sure, he only looks
like he’s sprouting wings because he’s in front of
a perfectly placed statue, but it’s a good way to show on the outside how brave and protective
he is on the inside too! Wearing high heels outside when you’re a guy is a pretty bold move, and to be fair, this guy
didn’t even do it on purpose. It’s actually the size and
shape of the chair-legs behind him that make him
look like he’s rocking some killer heels, but I still think that he’s pulling it off. Okay, so when you first saw this picture what did you think? A giant bee kidnapping the sun, or a tiny sun being carried
by a normal-sized bee? Either way, this forced
perspective optical illusion is pretty cool, even if
the idea of a giant bee that could carry away the
sun is pretty terrifying. Now there are two explanations here. This girl is actually such a nice person that she’s sprouted angel wings or she’s just stood in front
of some awesome street art. Either way, she’s so
caught up in her phone that she hasn’t realized
what has happened, which makes it look even more
like she’s a real-life angel just strolling down the street. I’ve got to be honest, if I went diving and saw
this swimming towards me, I’d probably get back to the
surface as quickly as possible. I mean true, it’s just
a normal human diver in the perfect position, but it really does look like some kind of freaky
human-pufferfish hybrid. Everyone knows that chores can
feel like the devil’s work, but it really does look like
this woman’s been cursed. Why else would her
laundry suddenly transform into a demon like that? And why does it look
like it’s staring at her? Who knows, maybe she needs
to re-wash that sheet in holy water, just to be safe. Don’t you hate it when
you’re playing hockey and your opponent just vanishes? Well, in this case the
dude has just ducked and his helmet has flown off
but for a couple of seconds it really did look like
this guy was trying to beat an invisible player. Spooky right? Everyone’s seen those tourist pictures where it looks like you’re holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but I just had to include this one because it’s one of the best. Just look how happy that
dog looks to be helping out, and tell me it’s not
one of the best pictures you’ve ever seen, I dare you! We’ve already seen a bee that was intent on carrying the sun away,
but what about a van? This truck seems determined
to take the sun for a ride, but where it’s supposed to be delivered to is anyone’s guess. So I’ve heard about people who lost their hair due to stress, and people say their wig has been snatched when something really
impressive or shocking happens. So I guess you could say this guy’s wig was snatched by Obama’s speech? Either that, or the
woman sitting behind him finally realized she couldn’t
see and moved her head. Now I’ve got to be honest with you, when I first saw this picture, I thought the guy had made
his hair look like a tree just as a fashion statement. I realized that the tree was behind him pretty soon afterwards, but
look at that guy’s outfit and tell me he wouldn’t
do a crazy-tree hairdo just to see if he could make it look cool. Have you ever seen a
parrot crossed with a deer? Well, it turns out that
there’s more than one reason why you haven’t. Not only is that combination
totally impossible, but this picture proves
that a deer-parrot crossover would be completely terrifying and not something you’d ever
want flying towards you. My favorite thing about this
picture is that this guy seems to know that he’s
got half a bikini body, and he looks totally okay with it. Like look at his face! That’s the face of a guy who knows that he looks great with a feather boa, even if it doesn’t
exactly match his top hat. I’m sure you’ve all heard the
phrase “you are what you eat”, but this guy has taken it a step too far. I mean, that’s one way
to warn people not to eat too many sausages, although I’m not sure that looking like that
would help him sell any. I feel really bad for the girl who got this as a holiday photo, because you literally
cannot see her face at all. On the other hand, that ostrich actually
really suits the long hair, and it looks pretty happy
about it as far as I can tell. If you’re a bird, there’s only one thing
better than having two wings, and that’s having four! I mean sure, this particular
bird doesn’t look very happy, but at least he’s going
to get where he’s going twice as fast as all his friends! Or, you know, there’s just
another bird behind him and they’re both totally normal. Speaking of birds, this one
obviously got sick of flying, because it decided to just
grow legs and walk instead. In fact, this bird seems to be wearing bright pink tights and shoes although I don’t know how it managed to go into a store and buy them. So when you’ve won some
kind of sporting event, you obviously want to towel off, and that’s twice as true if someone’s just doused you in beer. Luckily, this guy’s beer
transformed mid-pour into a nice towel to help him dry off although I think it
might have changed back to beer foam as soon as
this picture was taken. So obviously when I first saw this, I was shocked at the bad
word the kid was writing, but I was also kind of impressed that she was writing at her age. Then I realized she wasn’t
writing the graffiti, she was just crawling over it, and her parents didn’t have to ground her for swearing after-all. Until you realize that
it’s just the design of the vending machine behind him, this guy really does
look like he’s wearing a headdress made of vitamin water bottles. I guess that makes him
the king of hydration. I wonder if he just follows people around, reminding them to drink
eight glasses of water a day and take their vitamins. Now if I was a statue that had to sit outside
in the sun all day, I’d probably want some sunglasses too. Sure, those are actually
perfectly placed traffic lights, but it really does look
like Buddha has decided to upgrade his look to
be a bit more modern. We’ve had a couple of
crazy animal mash-ups on this list so far, but this
one isn’t scary or hilarious. In fact, this accidental cross between a deer and a
bird is probably as close as we’ll ever get to a real-life pegasus, and it looks pretty cool. Most people are worried that someone might take an
unflattering picture of them, but when you compete in
a sporting event on TV then it’s basically a given. I don’t think either woman in this picture will be happy with it, because it looks like they’ve both turned into one swimmer with an extra-long body. Have you ever had a day where all you could think
about was your caffeine fix? Well, it turns out that’s
not unique to humans. This dog needed a coffee so badly that he drove all the way
to a drive-thru to get it, although I just can’t figure out how he grew human hands or put on a watch. Let’s be honest, being a wheel on a car probably isn’t a very fun job so it’s not really surprising that this one decided to run away. Okay, so what really happened
was the tire came off and the momentum kept it moving forward but it is funny that it looks like it saw the road branch
out and made a run for it. Do you ever wonder what
your pet is dreaming of when you see them sleeping? Well, this one was obviously dreaming of a career as a supermodel. Don’t believe me? Look how well they line-up
with this bikini model. It’s pretty obvious that
they’ve been practicing their poses in their sleep. There are a lot of myths
about identical twins, that they can speak to
each other telepathically, or that one knows if
the other one gets hurt. I don’t know if I believe
that, but I do think that they can become
each other’s reflections, because how else can you
explain them doing this at the exact same time? Now I feel really bad for this woman, because I guarantee whoever
designed this newspaper 100% knew that this would happen. With that said, the way she’s
looking down is almost like she’s appreciating her brand new boobs, so maybe she’s not so embarrassed by this optical illusion after-all. You know that cat I said was
practicing to be a supermodel? Well, it should definitely
meet up with this one, because I think they have a lot in common. Sure, this cat has used a
paper bag to get the six-pack and muscles it needs to be a male model, but it’s definitely got the
stare-full-of-attitude down. So most of the pictures on this list have either been hilarious or weird, but they’ve all been pretty harmless. With this one, well, I’m
not even going to explain what it looks like is happening because if you can’t tell
just by looking at it then you’re probably
too young to find out. Sorry kids. You know when your teacher is off sick, and the substitute the school brings in has absolutely no idea
how to control the class? They might as well have the word “help” written on their foreheads and this guy actually does. Just a reminder to be kind to
your substitute teachers guys, you never know how badly
they might be coping. Thankfully I don’t have
to make the obvious pun, because it’s already right
there in the picture. With that said, it looks like this toilet might have some secret wisdom
to reveal to the right person, although I’m not sure it would
be worth getting too close. I know wind turbines
are supposed to be good for the environment, but
I’ve got to be honest, this mega-turbine looks way too dangerous to be good for anybody. I mean sure, it might just be a row of perfectly normal turbines, but it does show how scary it is to have giant spinning blades just hanging out in random fields. I’m just going to go ahead and say it. Somebody on that plane has a quest. I mean, what other explanation is there for a plane getting hit by lightning right as it drives through
the middle of a rainbow? No, someone on that plane
is obviously destined to save the world. I’ve seen enough movies
to know how this goes. So, did you have a
favorite from this list? Or do you have a picture in
your own family photo album that would definitely make you look twice? Let me know in the comments
section and get in touch! Thanks for watching!


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