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Pattaya Night Live “Party Monsta” Endorphine Club Walking Street

September 8, 2019

Caution: this broadcast has the power to bring about epileptic seizures so watch out Hi this is Tom the rave with Pattaya Night Live coming to you I’d like to say straight away that… I wish QPR would win you know, like, tonight because they’re playing right down the bottom of the table they should do better they’re a great team but they’re not gonna win tonight sorry about missing the game beautiful girls here! so much noise terrible well you know this is what happens in Pattaya Walking Street crazy people you see here I really can’t think of too much to say We’re in Endorphine Nightclub in Walking Street it’s a great place very noisy but great and beautiful women hey mister DJ Any chance of you playing a bit of Chas ‘n’ Dave or Dean Martin or something I hate this noise can you play something decent like we used to have in the old days in the dance halls please mister DJ I’ve been going to discos for 50 years never heard such noise Oh dear I’m too old for this shit headbanging noises out there driving me around the bend too much for me I’m in the right place at the moment hey this looks like a nice room what the fuck are you bloody hell doing in here what do you want this is a nice comfortable room do you mind if I… do you know who I am yes piss off what you doing? nice… comfortable… fuck off! fuck outta here! young… whippersnapper when I have to talk? hi everybody this is Pattaya Night Live this is Dennis Frost in Endorphine Club it’s such a shit party I hate this music very bad DJs and NO drugs I love my mom I love Techno please guys, don’t buy narcotic! be cool DJ like me and everybody will give it to you for FREE I

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