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Panhandling problem: Homeless Scam

August 28, 2019

WE’VE ALL SEEN PEOPLE STANDING ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD… HOLDING SIGNS… ASKING FOR MONEY.THIS LEAVES THE BURNING QUESTION DEEP INSIDE.. COULD WE SPARE A FEW DOLLARS TO GIVE TO A PERSON IN NEED?((DAN))AS NBC SIX’s JEANE’ FRANSEEN REPORTS… YOUR HESITATION MAY BE OKAY… AS MANY TIMES YOU’RE ACTUALLY GIVING TO A SCAM. 3 (Corporal Marcus Hines)”Is panhandling illegal? It is.” (Jeane’ Franseen)THAT’S ACCORDING TO THE SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA CODE OF ORDINANCES. YET… MANY STILL DO IT EVERY SINGLE DAY.(Verni Howard)”If you’re on Youree Drive, you are going to see that bearded man with his dog. Everybody knows.”(Corporal Marcus Hines) “Some can be very crafty.” (Jeane’ Franseen)BESIDES BEING ILLEGAL… SOME SAYING THEY ARE HOMELESS.. AREN’T… DECEIVING YOU OUT OF COLD HARD CASH.(Corporal Marcus Hines) “Upon arrest, they’ve been found to have thousands of dollars on them, surely as a result of those solicitations.” (Jeane’ Franseen)HOMELESS ADVOCATES SAY THIS PRACTICE IS HARMING THE HOMELESS COMMUNITY. (Verni Howard)”It impacts those persons who really have a need, It impacts how people perceive homelessness.”(Jeane’ Franseen)”Those who are in fact homeless say they would prefer the help over a handout any day.”(Jeane’ Franseen) PEOPLE LIKE BENNY BROWN… A SINGLE FATHER OF THREE GIRLS… WHO WAS HOMELESS FOR OVER A YEAR.(Benny Brown)”It was rough. You never know if you will have enough money for a hotel or who you can stay with.”(Jeane’ Franseen)THE HELP BROWN RECEIVED CAME FROM THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE… A LOCAL ORGANIZATION THAT HELPS HOMELESS FAMILIES GET BACK ON THEIR FEET.(Benny Brown) “People are friendly and they help you out. Everything I got on these people gave me.” (Jeane’ Franseen)NOW… BROWN IS WORKING ON GETTING HIS G-E- D… TAKING HIS LIFE FROM THE STREETS TO THE CLASSROOM… HOPING TO NEVER BE HOMELESS AGAIN.(Verni Howard)”If you give them fish for a day, that’s great, but if you teach them how to fish, then you’ve really resolved the whole problem.” 3 ((JACQUE))THAT WAS JEANE FRANSEEN REPORTING.GIVING TO ORGANIZATIONS LIKE PROVIDENCE HOUSE COULD BE YOUR BEST BET TO TRULY HELP THOSE IN NEED. WE’VE PROVIDED CONTACT INFORMATION FOR AREA RESOURCES THAT HELP THE HOMELESS ON OUR WEBSITE… ARKLATEX HOMEPAGE DOT-COM. 3 ((DAN))((TIM))COMING UP… JARED COOK IS QUICKLY DEVELOPING A

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