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Oscar Nominations with Candace! | Live A Little

September 11, 2019

-Oh, hey, SoulPancakers! Don’t fret. I’m still wearing tie-dye. The house is just really cold. So, the Oscars are coming
very, very soon. So, basically
what I’m going to do is I’m going to give you
a quick little rundown of what those movies are about. Let’s start, shall we? Oh, it’s not a cartoon. So, it says, “The movie was fake. The mission was real.” It’s about this guy who — Basically, it’s “Inception.” I’m looking at the movie
poster for “Amour.” So, basically
what this movie is about is it’s about…love. The whole movie
is about how much he loves her, and she falls asleep a lot. She’s just really
tired all the time, and so she always kind of
falls asleep, like, when they’re out
on dates and stuff. He always has
to hold her head up, and it looks
like he’s covering her ears. And I would totally suggest it
if you have a significant other that falls asleep on dates. So, this little girl goes into a field
on the Fourth of July and there’s fireworks everywhere and she’s running
down the field. It was like, pbht. Yeah.
It’s really nice. The movie
“Silver Linings Playbook” is about a guy
that is an architect. And he likes to make blueprints, as you can tell
by the movie poster. There’s lots of blueprints
on the movie poster. And then he runs into a lady. I’m guessing they fall in lo– I mean, they do fall in love. I highly recommend it
if you’re an architect. So, another movie that is up
for an Oscar nomination is “Life of Pi.” So, “Life of Pi”
is about a tiger who discovered
the numerical number symbol pi that we use in math. I don’t know what his name is. If you like math, I suggest it. If you don’t like math, it might be a little bit
of a rocky-road sandwich. And we’re back with the “comment” portion
of the episode. Yeah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah 97nnamdi — don’t know how
to pronounce that — said… “I can.” Caleb Kenney said, “She’s almost cross-eyed
or something.” Oh, sorry.
Pbht. aboblocksmith said,
“This was funny and clean. L-O-L.” Thanks. I-I appreciate the funny part, and I definitely try
to take showers before I make videos. I don’t want my hair
to be greasy on camera. Liam Doughty said, “The wink at the very end
is all that matters.” This fan art
I received from Jerry Dillon Jr. Thank you so much for your art. I really, really appreciate it. And if you would like
to send me art, you can send it
to me on Twitter — @ItsCANDASS — I-T-S-C-A-N-D-A-S-S — or you can send it
to my P.O. box, which is… And it could be featured in one of these
webcam episodes. X-O-X-O.


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