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Orchard Corset CS-411 Corset Review

November 16, 2019

This is what the corset looks like on As far as the fit, it is a little loose on top I think that is actually a benefit though because it helps with breathing Sometimes it does seem a bit twisted I don’t know if that is my body of if it’s the corset itself It is just slightly tight down here When I bought this corset, I weighed just a bit more than I do now Also, my waist measurements have changed But I actually prefer the corset now that I’m closer to its measurements Before when I bought this corset, I was around 31 inches in my waist And now I’m around 29″ or 28.5″ And this is a 26″ corset So, I think it fits much better The only problem I have is with the modest panel in the back It just makes it so difficult to lace up It bunches, I didn’t even bother with it because it’s so annoying If I could change anything about this corset it would be removing the modesty panel because it’s not helpful for me Without it, I could probably lace just slightly tighter So yeah, it looks better now that I’ve lost some weight If you are looking to buy a corset for costuming like I am (so I only wear this like at the renaissance fair or some other costume event like Halloween) If you are looking for a corset for those kind of events, I don’t recommend going that far down in the waist measurement So in this case, 28″/29″ down to 26″ works a lot better for me than 31″ down to 26″ There is a little bit of room here, if the corset were a bit more curvaceous, it would suck me a bit more without compromising this part I think the hips would be better if they were just slightly bigger So I’ll let you see the back again and the horrible bunching I really like the laces When I went to the renaissance fair, a lot of people complimented me on it because it is so different looking A lot of corsets there are silk, and this shape (yeah), but the fact that this is mesh is super cool It reminds me a lot of real Victorian mesh corsets from the 1800s If you are interested in purchasing this corset, I’ll leave a link below, if this corset is no longer available, I’ll leave a link to a similar corset

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  • Reply Sullen Angel August 23, 2017 at 3:59 am

    So did you end up taking a seam ripper to the modesty panel to remove it?
    Have you watched any vids from lucy's corsetry? She got me interested in corseting.

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