Orcas Vs Shark: Killer Whales Take Down Tiger Shark

September 9, 2019

START 00:04
COMM: Off Chatham Bay, Costa Rica, a pod of killer wahels dramatically hunt and take down
a tiger shark. Possibly the first time this has been caught on camera. 00:25
COMM: Caroline Power and Nick Bach had already encountered this pod of whales on their diving
trip, getting incredibly close to the awesome predators. 00:43
COMM: But as their boat was heading back to the shore, after the last dive of the day,
they spot the whales again and their in pursuit of a tiger shark. 00:58
COMM: Working together the orcas swim repeatedly around and below the shark, trapping it against
the surface. The shark wins towards the boat for shelter, narrowly missing the camera,
before attacking the vessel’s side. 01:29
COMM: As the divers look on from the safety of the boat, the killers whales close in. 01:42
COMM: And as the camera submerges, the shark can be seen in the whale’s mouth as they bite
it’s fins off. 01:53
COMM: As well as being an incredible experience for those on the boat, this may well be the
firs time killer whales hunting a tiger shark has been filmed. END

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