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[ONE DREAM.TXT] (ENG SUB) Reality Ep.02 – Part.2

November 5, 2019

New York Day 2 The New Yorkers are beginning their day What kind of day did TXT have? Oh honey~(?) New York mornings are amazing~ I feel amazing! It’s so bright! What’s New York morning smell?? What are we doing today? I’m not sure, I did everything I wanted to do yesterday An amazing New York night~ (feat. Headphones) (Feelin’ it) The 5 boys had delicious burgers And went to a record shop! List complete! All my wishes came true! I hope we get to do something on my dream list today! Okay we’ll do anything you want You can do everything you want! – Oh this!
– This is our dream note! (Let’s see) (Please let it be mine…!) TXT members! This is wherewas filmed, a place where one of HUENINGKAI’s dreams will come true!
– I knew it! Finally!
– I knew it I love the movieDo you know the scene when they sing on top of a rooftop? I was really impressed by that scene Every moment in New York becomes a song, HUENINGKAI’s favorite movie
– On the rooftop and in the subway station They record everywhere, and I really liked those scenes HUENINGKAI’s dream list
– So I want to sing with the members, or do something similar Go to the place marked on the map, and sing TXT’s songs just like the movie
! I can’t believe we’re doing this! There’s a map! So detailed! To make HUENINGKAI’s dream come true From Washington Square Park TXT is looking for all the filming locations in New York city Will his dreams come true?? TXT X
– Produced by HUENINGKAI –
Coming Soon! Shall we get started?? The members are watching
– How did they even think of that, recording outside It’s brilliant It’s brilliant Why is this your favorite movie, HUENINGKAI? I like films about music The songs are really good, and it has a good vibe I like it when films have a good vibe New York is a perfect place to film movies Yeah perfect for it Perfect weather to film a movie~ What are we gonna sing? I’m thinking ofYeah, on a rooftop It’s still bright outside so,might be nice Should we vote? – I choose
– Me too
– Yeah me too I’m raising my hands I like making decisions quickly like this They decided to performI think my dream list is brilliant I always wanted to try busking Yeah I wanted to try it too – We might not get another chance
– Yeah
– Especially in New York (This was a great wish!) The first location is The paradise of street musicians, and a perfect place to rest… it’s Washington Square Park This is Washington Square Park! What’s going to happen here?
– This place is amazing! Squirrel! Hi bunny! I’m a New York squirrel! Wow nice Buskers in the park They stopped to watch them perform (Concentrating) (Stunned) This is nice We have to do that… We have to be confident I’m getting nervous now… The performance ends Applause (That was amazing!) Thank you! Tip BEOMGYU is on his way! They are about to leave Oh no… what are we gonna do We have to perform like that The TXT members start to worry
– This is America We have to be confident like that when we perform… – We’ve never performed on the street
– Yeah – No matter how big or small the stage is, I’m always nervous
– Yeah me too Their first street performance, will it be successful?
– I always get nervous Isn’t that it? – On the right
– Yeah let’s go look TXT found something This is the place from the movie – That’s where they recorded!
– Oh right! Under the Washington Square Arch, where the band recorded! Wanna take a picture there? I’ll play the guitar, you can be the chair(?) I’ll sing (I’ll be the vocalist) He’s my chair Quickly! Come on! Why is this chair so weak? Come on man Is there any room on the chair? Yeah right here (I can sacrifice my legs for you guys)! Vocal: BEOMGYU, Drums: TAEHYUN, Piano: HUENINGKAI, Guitar: YEONJUN, Chair: SOOBIN Do you see the similarity? Oh look there’s a piano! A piano player is performing in the park Let’s listen closely TXT is captivated by the piano melody (Beautiful moment!) Did you bring the score? Wanna try performing here? What we planned? Should we ask him? – Isn’t this nice?
– Should we ask him? Let’s ask him The performance ends That was amazing! TXT is asking the pianist if he could playfor them To be continued Will they be able to collaborate on the spot? The pianist said yes! Can he play it right away?! Wow Really? Oh my god (Does he know us…?) Excited (Oh he doesn’t ha ha ha) Oh my god! He starts playing the song Wow his hands! This is amazing HUENINGKAI starts singingPeople are starting to gather around What are they doing? Let’s start the performance! Wanna say fighting first? This is even more nerve-racking than going on stage! The members are more nervous than ever HUENINGKAI’s dream list… will his dream magically come true? Nice to meet you! (You can do this!) HUENINGKAI’s dream is about to come true… TXT’s first street performance, will it be a success? He starts singing the first line with his eyes closed In an unfamiliar place, in front of strangers, they are performing in the street for the first time The audience is focusing on their voice Just like a movie, their voices fill up the park HUENINGKAI is asking the audience to cheer for them And the audience follow him TXT’s song fills up the moment Their voices harmonize perfectly with the piano melody The audience is enjoying their performance TXT first street performance, everything is magical How will they remember this moment in the future? Everyone is cheering for TXT TXT grows a little bit more, thanks to this performance The members are thanking the pianist SOOBIN is busy trying to stop BEOMGYU Stop! Stop it! Go ahead, try! Can HUENINGKAI play the piano? I’m not sure if… His hands gently start playing Unbelievable Wow he’s good HUENINGKAI’s hidden piano skills (Everyone is probably watching him just like SOOBIN) Maknae HUENINGKAI’s hidden charm! His performance is captivating (Proud Hyung) You’re pretty cool HUENINGKAI quickly wraps up his New York recital! Amazing! (Thank you for your cooperation) This is even more nerve-racking than performing on stage Heart racing
– I think it’s the proximity We have a little bit of experience on stage now The stage is our home But we’ve never performed on the street, or in front of a crowd like this This was a nice experience The weather was amazing too And I can hear the birds Now I understand why they recorded here, inAnd HUENINGKAI, your piano recital was amazing Totally! He looked so shy, I didn’t expect him to play that well It was great That sort of unexpectedness makes you more charming, right HUENINGKAI? You were incredible! I’m charming when I play instruments Great song choice! HUENINGKAI’s dream list is off to a good start What is waiting for them next? Hi TXT! They met a puppy in the park They probably go to the same hairdresser ha ha Do we have to say foot? Our SOOBIN~
– Don’t touch him!
– Okay Is known for his love for dogs!
– I really really want a dog Puppy! I can smell puppies! There’s a puppy right here! Ning Ning puppy ha ha Should we move to the next location? He doesn’t wanna go, he likes me (Huh…?) (Let’s go!) He’s moving! Let’s move to the next location on HUENINGKAI’s list~ Washington Square Park –>Where are they going to? We’re going to recreate another scene One of the most iconic scenes onis The alley recording scene One of the most iconic scenes onRecording in a New York alley I think we should find a similar alley We’re supposed to find a location? (Find what..?) Let’s find an alley And we can tour the city at the same time I need to wake up…
– A similar alley
– Yeah I’m so sleepy…Wait, I think I found something Did he find a similar alley? It looks similar With the ladders and stuff I think this looks great Should we look around? – Sure
– It does look similar Yeah it does The members are looking for the 2nd location I already see an alley You two should go inside This is a bit The parking lot and the bricks… have the wrong vibe I think we can find a better place They are searching for a better location Those are the ladders you were talking about, right? Yeah! If you break the chain, you can probably go down right away – Yeah
– Fascinating – I’ve seen those in a lot of movies
– Yeah me too I saw it in Spiderman too You really love Spiderman don’t you – You’ve mentioned Spiderman at least 10 times
– I’ve seen it on Spiderman, for real I love Spiderman~ Oh what about this place? Oh~ it feels… it looks nice! It’s the same alley, but this one feels totally different! I love this place Will this alley work? It looks like it’s straight out of a movie Right here! Right over here! It looks similar What’s going to happen in this alley?
– It really looks similar SpiderJun – Far From Korea – Spider Jun appears in a New York alley! (It’s Spider Jun!) (What are you doing??) Spider Jun is climbing the walls! It really feels like I’m going up! (Struggling) Poor maknaes…
– Come back down, slowly (I took an amazing photo!) Show us! Spider Jun (thanks to the maknaes)
– You look more like a frog than a spider HUENINGKAI, see how it looks, we’ll start playing instruments Okay SOOBIN hyung, you’re the audience so go all the way over there Choi Soobin (Happy audience) SOOBIN, I think drums will suit you, you can be the drummer Choi Soobin (Audience–>drummer)
– You do the drums You’re not playing the drums, you are the drums TAEHYUN is the vocalist And BEOMGYU hyung, take the guitar – Can I play the jang-gu?
– Yeah sure HUENINGKAI (Enthusiastic producer)
– Okay let’s get started – Are we reenacting the scene?
– Yeah What are you doing? The mic! – He’s recording
– I’m recording (Making jang-gu noises) (Are we doing okay?) Okay, now cameras! HUENINGKAI (Producer, Sound supervisor, director)
– Ouch my back (Make me look pretty) Producer HUE is satisfied Perfect We can sing right here Just like the movie, the sounds from the alley are complimenting(Alley remix.)
The full version will be revealed on theofficial account


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