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NOS Nitrous Oxide System Wiring Tutorial Installation Instructions How-To Overview N2O

November 3, 2019

Now that the plumbing elements for all kit
types have been installed, we’re going to turn our attention to the electrical components
of your kit. All kits will contain an arming switch, a micro switch, a relay and/or fuse
block, and of course, their respective solenoids that you’ve just placed. At this point, for
all installations, you should make the safety precaution of disconnecting the negative terminal
of the vehicle’s battery. This will ensure that no harm will come to yourself or your
vehicle wiring during the electrical component installation. The base theory for the electrical operation
for all NOS systems is similar. First off, in all electrical diagrams, keep an eye out
for the chassis ground symbol. This symbol means a wire will be connected either directly
to the negative terminal of the battery, or to any metal part of the chassis of the vehicle,
which in turn, is ultimately grounded to the battery negative. Also, be aware that any
wiring diagram that has a dot on top of an intersection of wiring lines means a physical
wiring connection is to be made at that point. Now, let’s take a look at the various electrical
components and functions that are universal to all kit types. Every kit will contain either
an electrical relay or an in-line fuse that is tapped into the battery positive terminal.
In all kit types, you’ll have an arming switch that when flipped, will activate the system
to a ready state when the ignition key is in the on position. All kits will also have
a micro switch that will only close when the physical throttle lever of the engine has
reached the wide open throttle position. If your engine does not have a throttle cable,
the wide open throttle position can be triggered from a drive by wire NOS brand accessory that
will act as an electronic switch. With the arming switch activated and the micro
switch closed by the throttle, the solenoids of the system will be triggered to open and
allow the pressurized nitrous oxide and additional fuel to flow through any nozzles or plate
and into the intake of the engine.

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    Is microswitch controled by throttle pedal?

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