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NOS N2O Nitrous Oxide Plate System Installation Tutorial How-To Instructions Overview

August 22, 2019

For a plate system, there will be a specifically
designed install orientation for the injector plate. The placement of the solenoids, however,
may depend upon the area of the engine that you intend to pull the additional fuel from.
If the additional fuel supply for the fuel solenoid will come from the driver side of
the engine, install your plate to orient the fuel solenoid to that side. If the fuel source
is on the passenger side of the engine, orient the plate and its solenoids accordingly. With
this system, the position of the NOS solenoid is relative to the fuel solenoid and both
must be considered simultaneously as the plate position is finalized. Another consideration to look at before final
placement of the plate is the atomization function. There’s one simple concern: is the
plate upside down or not as you lay it in place? When the plate is correctly positioned,
the angled nitrous holes will spray nitrous oxide gas onto the exiting streams of raw
fuel. Placing the plate correctly against the intake or throttle body is very simple. There’s an NOS logo stamped on one side of
the plate, and fuel and nitrous labels on the other side. The NOS logo means up or top
for carburetor plate designs, and indicates out, or towards the air cleaner, for throttle
body plate designs. Test fit your plate and decide which will face forward, the fuel or
nitrous fitting, and now pull the plate, and be sure that the plenum or throttle body mounting
surface is clean. The addition of a nitrous injector plate will
increase the height of the assembly. So, the stock bolts or mounting studs will be too
short. In your kit, you should have a set of longer fasteners that will allow for the
increased install protrusion when everything is put back together. Thread these new fasteners
into place, and find the gaskets that were included in your kit as well. Apply the first
of the two plate gaskets and then position the plate just as we had described earlier.
Remember to double check the orientation of the nitrous exit holes, and be sure they’re
blowing past the fuel exit streams for proper atomization. Now, place the second plate or
throttle body gasket against the nitrous plate, and follow up with the final placement of
the carburetor or throttle body assembly. In many cases, one or two of the bolts that
hold the discharge plate in place will also hold a solenoid mounting bracket. If you’ve
decided on this mounting style for your solenoids and brackets, in a minute, we’ll start to
place the solenoids. For the time being, you can place any mounting fasteners that are
not dedicated to solenoids, and snug them hand tight. There are a number of specifically
designed solenoid mounting brackets available as accessories from NOS. These brackets can
make the job of holding the solenoids look great and it makes the solenoid install even
easier. Check with NOS. There’s a number of kits available for various carburetor applications.

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