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NOS Dry Fogger Nozzles 1/2/3 Stage

October 9, 2019

Today’s electronic fuel injection and sophisticated
engine management systems have allowed Nitrous Oxide to reach power levels never before thought
possible. From 5 plus stages on a pro-mod, to a single
stage on your weekend bracket racer, dry Nitrous combined with EFI systems like the Holley
HP and Holley Dominator are winning races across the country. Here at NOS, we’re always looking for new
ways to make more power with Nitrous Oxide, that’s what we came up with our dry Nitrous
nozzles, designed for use on electronic fuel injected engines. NOS has developed our first dedicated dry
fogger nozzles, which are available in 1, 2, and 3 stage single nozzle designs. Use the single nozzle per cylinder or combine
multiple nozzles for the ultimate, multi stage, maximum horse power engine, after all one
stage of Nitrous is never enough. Our single stage, SS1 nozzles are produced
from 303 stainless steel for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. They feature a straight, 180 degree flow pattern
for maximum Nitrous delivery. They’re perfect for single, or multi stage
EFI applications. Combine them with the TI2 or TI3 titanium
fogger nozzle to build the ultimate multi stage Nitrous system for your ride. Our 2 and 3 stage dry Nitrous nozzles are
made from billet titanium, making them up to 45 percent lighter than steel but twice
as strong as aluminum. They share the same great features as our
single stage nozzles, with the addition of internal profiling to minimize restrictions
and maximize Nitrous flow. All three versions of our direct port nozzles
feature one sixteenth inch MPT threads and have a free flowing, one hundred and fifty
thousandths inch, internal orifice. They are available individually or you can
purchase them in a convenient 8 pack. Look to NOS, your leader in innovative, quality
Nitrous components for over 35 years. Thanks for watching, for more information
on NOS direct port dry fogger nozzles, visit our website at


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