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NOS Analog Style Gauges

September 7, 2019

Nitrous oxide systems knows just how important
it is to be able to monitor your engine’s nitrous system. A sudden loss in fuel pressure can spell disaster,
possibly destroying your engine and ruining your day. That’s exactly why NOS came up with their
analog style, 2 and a 16ths stand-alone gauges. Our NOS stand-alone gauges offer you a simple
yet modern way to keep tabs on your vehicle’s fuel and nitrous pressures without the need
for a separate module or aftermarket ECU to obtain the data. Whether your setup has a carburetor or you
are running fuel injection, NOS has a fuel pressure gauge perfect for your setup. We offer a low-pressure gauge for use with
carbureted fuel systems running pressures up to 15 PSI as well as a version for you
EFI users with fuel pressures as high as 100 PSI. Don’t take the chance and guess on the condition
of your nitrous bottle ever again. Our nitrous gauge helps you keep tabs on your
bottle pressure and provides an accurate reading from 1 to 1500 PSI without ever leaving the
driver’s seat. For the most accurate readings, the pressure
sending unit should be installed as close as possible to the supply bottle. Once you’ve got your nitrous kit installed,
how do you know if the jetting is correct? Sure you can go by what the jetting charts
suggest or you can make multiple passes and keep pulling the plugs every time or just
cross your fingers and send it. I don’t know about you but nothing beats real
life feedback. That’s why we created our stand-alone wideband
O2 kit, it’s a feature-packed analog style gauge that’s designed for use with all EFI
and carbureted systems and it’s a perfect way to take the guesswork out of determining
your engine’s actual air-fuel ratios. Not only does it monitor AFRs, it also features
an adjustable LED warning light that allows the user to set both high and low trigger
points warning you of potential problems. A peak recall button lets you view your maximum
gauge readings at a glance. The nitrous oxide systems’ O2 kit includes
a Bosch wideband O2 sensor, it’s fully compatible with unleaded, leaded, E85, methanol, and
diesel fuels. Also included is a five foot long, 6 pin weather
tight sensor harness and four-foot power and lighting leads to give you plenty of flexibility
when mounting. We all know that dash space can be at a premium,
so NOS 2 and a 16th gauges utilize a slim mount design that requires a minimal amount
of depth behind your dash panel to flush mount them. But if you would rather mount the gauge under
your dash, on the roll bar, or in a custom location, Holley offers pedestal mount brackets
that are designed for use with the NOS 2 and a 16th gauges. Pedastal mounts, part number 26-619 feature
durable billet aluminum base that comes pre-drilled for an easy install. They include black powder coated metal straps
and rubber inserts for superior vibration resistance. NOS analog gauges use an internal microprocessor. This ensures a smooth 270-degree sweep pattern
and our high visibility red pointers are driven by a high torque internal stepper motors. We use stepper motors to ensure accurate pointer
movement and eliminate that ominous needle bounce that you sometimes get with mechanical
gauges. The dimmable LED backlighting makes the gauges
even easier to see, no matter what the lighting conditions might be. Our stand-alone nitrous pressure, air-fuel
ratio, and fuel pressure gauges are available in two color combos. Black background with white lettering or white
face with black lettering. And if you want to change up the look of your
dash, it couldn’t be any easier. Our anodized bezzles are CNC machined from
billet aluminum and they are fully threaded so you can quickly swap them out and change
up the look using any of our replacement bezzles that are available on the website. We fully test each unit to ensure that you
receive a top quality, accurate gauge and all gauges include a corresponding sending
unit or sensor depending on the gauge type that you purchase. Thanks for watching, to learn more about our
full line of stand-alone gauges and gauge accessories, visit our website at

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