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Nordic Film Music Days 2019

October 19, 2019

Many of these countries are comparatively small. However they are uniq. They have either a very strong folk tradition or they are amazing instrumentalists. There are certain aspects from literature
that also feed into music. That is important!
Also look at your cultural habitat – – to dig up these stories
and bring them to the general public. That’s the best you can do. I’m studying at BIMM Berlin Modern Music Institute The most important thing is to… …include younger people in festivals like
the Nordic Film Music Days. And also make them aware that there are
possibilities to make film music and develop skills within it. We have found a short film and we
have had five composers make their own version
of the music for it. And they had no direction at all so it was
very interesting to see their approach and how they managed to make the music. We did this to show how different
film music can work. I’ve released five albums world wide – and now I have made music for
my first feature film. So I’m here to talk in a panel about how
I did that and how I get inspiration. I work a lot on branding myself. I think that is a really important thing
when you are a composer. Try as good as you can to put into words
what you specialities are – – who you are and exactly
what you do. Right now I’m attending the speed meetings. I meet a director from Greece and – – she is actually looking for a composer
for her next project. Mostly I do feature films and tv series. But of cause it’s a dream to do
music abroad sometime. And that’s why it’s so inspiring to come
here and meet people from all over. And I’d really like to come back
and do it again I think the music industry and the film industry
should be better at working together. And I think through events like this
we can be better. And the winner is: Woman at war
Congratulations! Thank you – thank you very much. I would love to come back.
I hope to be back here next year at the latest.

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