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Nitrous Express Mainline EFI Single Nozzle Nitrous System 2000 Features ML2000 Applications

November 9, 2019

Hi, this is Trey with Nitrous Express, here
to introduce our Mainline 2000 EFI single nozzle system. This system comes with a 1/16″ pipe thread
nozzle to introduce the nitrous into an existing or factory air intake duct. It comes with
nitrous, and a fuel, solenoid. This system goes from 35 to 150 horsepower. It comes with
all the jets to do so. It comes with two 12″ lines to go from the solenoids to the nozzle
so you can remote mount the solenoids. It also comes with an 18″ dash-4 feedline for
the fuel so that you can tap into a pre-existing test board on the fuel rails, such as what’s
common on most GM and Ford vehicles. This system also comes with a 15′ feed line to
go from the solenoid to the bottle. It comes with a nitrous arming switch and a nitrous
activation push button. If you have any more questions, feel free
to call us at 188-GO-FAST-1, or visit our website at Thank you for

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