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Neotech Guitar Support Harness™ Product Peek

October 9, 2019

The Guitar Support Harness™ is a new approach
to supporting a guitar to alleviate pressure on the neck and shoulders. It features soft memory foam shoulder pads
over internal aluminum supports that conform to the contours of your body for a truly custom
fit. The strap section offers incredibly fast adjustment
of length and complete freedom of movement both from side-to-side and front-to-back. The Guitar Support Harness™ is slim enough
that it can even be worn under a jacket. No one would ever know that you’re even wearing
a strap at all! The Guitar Support Harness™ secures around
the torso at the base of the ribcage. The webbing strap adjusts easily to fit nearly
any body size without restricting breathing, and the quick release buckle gets you in and
out of the harness in a snap. The benefit of fastening the harness in this
fashion is that it keeps the length of the strap consistent regardless of how you move
about. Other harnesses that fasten at the waist change
length as the shoulders move up, down, forward or backward. But the Guitar Support Harness™ maintains
a constant length. The Guitar Support Harness™ attaches to
your guitar with a nonmarring adjustable backstrap. This backstrap then hooks onto the harness’s
strap. To achieve the best balance of the instrument
from left to right, the backstrap locks into one of 12 positions. The Guitar Support Harness™ allows a full
range of movement for unprecedented freedom while playing. The hook freely adjusts from side-to-side
to put the instrument just where you want it. Don’t forget that since the Guitar Support
Harness™ conforms to your body, you will also be able to play comfortably
while seated. Go ahead and sit back in your chair– you won’t feel like you’re in traction and
unable to relax.

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