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NeNe Returns To The Purple Couch!

October 15, 2019

(audience cheers and claps) ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪ It’s been seven years, I can’t believe seven years since our next guest, or our first guest has sat on, sqautted on this couch. (audience laughing and clapping) And after one phone call from me, and some grown woman talk, we’re back together and she’s here to spill the tea. No question off limit, welcome my friend, NeNe Leakes. (audience cheering) ♪ I’m out here gettin’ loose ♪ ♪ Gotta blame it on the Goose ♪ ♪ Gotta blame it on my juice, baby ♪ ♪ It ain’t my fault that I’m out here makin’ news ♪ ♪ I’m the pudding in the proof ♪ ♪ Gotta blame it on my juice ♪ ♪ Ya-ya-ee, ya-ya-ee ♪ (audience cheering) We’re matching.
You’re such a copy cat. I had no idea! You did, she was all up in my business. Look–
What you doing? Talking to you. Oh my God, you didn’t answer my call yesterday. I know, you called a few times. I knew you were doing it on purpose. No, I was busy, I told you like I had– I was like, “Oh my God, “she’s trying not to answer my call.” No, you called twice and I did put you to stop. I was gonna text you and then I thought just forget it. You know I value my time. She didn’t want to talk to me because she knew I was gonna be here today. Right, so why talk on the phone last night? I had a situation going on. You look so cute.
You look cute. (audience cheering) So, wait, look, first, the hair. Yes, I thought I’d be you a little bit. Well, it’s very pretty. The last time we were together, she got mad with me and she said, “And your wig is too thin.” (audience gasping) And I was like, “Oh my God, is it?” Well, it was, yeah, no, no, ’cause you had it straight, it was straight but it was thin. So I thought I’d put extra hair in so you wouldn’t talk about it. Well, how do you like it now? (audience applauding) Look, is this from Slag Boutique or is this off the runway? Oh no, this is from Saks Fifth Avenue, right up there. Yes, uh-huh.
You look so pretty. Thank you, and the earrings, they’re really good. These are Gucci. Okay, of course.
Yeah, butterflies. Listen, when you roll with NeNe, you’ve got to understand you cannot be cheap. (NeNe laughs) And you know, I am as cheap as the day is long. She’s a little frugal. She gets very upset. And now the shoes, please with the shoe cam, down there, down there, down, down, look. (soft fairy music) These are Christian Louboutins, yeah. First class all the way.
We have so much to talk about like we were both nervous. I’m not nervous!
You’re not? No, I feel like they’re not even here. Oh, okay. This is how we talk. Okay, let’s talk. So it’s been seven years since NeNe was here, and I, hi, Greg, you look great! (audience cheering) No, don’t give him a mic, no, no, no, no microphone. Bye, Greg, nope, this is about me and my friend, I’ll talk to you another time, but you look wonderful and congratulations on being cancer free. (audience cheers) Yeah, so we’re gonna get back to that situation in a moment, but okay, it’s been seven years since NeNe has been here, and you know I’m going through a divorce and I’m re-rooting my life, this is not my fault, the people that I have been calling and saying, what happened between us? You know, what happened? So I get her telephone number from someone and I said I don’t want the assistant, or whatever, I get directly at it, I call her up, I’m like, “How you doing? “Linnethia, it’s Wendy. “What happened between us?” And she didn’t flinch, we got right into it. Yeah, I catch a flight immediately, I have a whole schedule, and I said, “Wendy just called me, so let me book my flight, “I have to go.” I don’t know how I was gonna work my schedule, she didn’t say come but I knew you needed me, honey. So I jumped on the plane, and I went straight to her. (audience applauds) She did do that. Which was very unnecessary, but a real nice thing to do. So here’s what I feel what happened between us, and you guys, you saw this, when we first met NeNe on the Housewives, she was like our big mouth friend, who just say it like she meant it, she had a cute family, and the laugh and that whole bit, just like keeping it real with NeNe. ♪ Ooh ♪ And then all of the sudden, the paychecks got bigger and I feel that the fame got in the way of her remembering who we liked her for. Now clap if you understand what I’m saying. (audience applauds) No, NeNe, no, NeNe, no, no. And then you started acting like a real jerk on the show, and then you became, no NeNe, we’ll talk about this. Look, she started acting like a real big head jerk on the show, and a million dollar paycheck, or whatever they are paying you or not, we missed the girl that we knew. And then, all of a sudden, you stuck with that character, so I was like I’m done with NeNe. That’s her version, okay, y’all wanna hear mine. Go ahead. (audience cheers) So, you know how Wendy does her Hot Topics, and so, she was just Hot Topic this, Hot, NeNe this. (grumbling) I still have to talk about you! And I was just like, “Well, dang, she is really running my name in the dirt.” Then one day she was like, “NeNe and her Birk.” And I was like, “That’s it, that’s it!” Right, when you marked up the Birkin. Yes. And then put my name on it, calling it bitch or something on it. I did not! You called me a man or something. Yes, you did.
(audience exclaims) I did not! Listen, that is not on my Birkin, I promise to God. No, you put Wendell, uh-huh.
I did not! Yes, yes, you did, yes, you did. That is not on my Birkin, I promise. (audience cheers) That is not on my Birkin, you know what? Regardless to whatever happened, the thing that I love the most is, when I got on the flight and we were meeting at a restaurant, so when I got to the restaurant, it was almost like we never missed a beat. Never missed a beat. We was just right back into it. And we never knew each other in real life, we knew each other from this couch, but it seemed like we were friends in real life before and like grown people going through things. I’m going through divorce and a whole bunch of other stuff, I got the lymphedema, you’ve been to my house, seen my machine. You’ve been through cancer with Greg, right before Greg was stricken with the cancer, NeNe was about to divorce him. (NeNe laughs) Can we talk about that? Oh my God, Wendy, I cannot with you. Oh, they didn’t tell me that was one of the questions backstage. Okay, so, well, no, it wasn’t like, look at Greg, Greg is looking like… (stammering) Listen, no!
(audience applauding) Okay, fine. Well, you know what, right before Greg found out he had cancer, we were not in a good place. Were you sleeping in separate rooms? No, we didn’t go into separate rooms until he got sick. Were you dividing covers? Yeah we do that a lot, though. ‘Cause one of the rules that Greg and I have had over the years is no matter what’s happening, you must get in the bed at night. So you can put the pillow between you but you have to get in the bed ’cause that’s gonna keep you close, so we’ve never been out of the bed from each other. Any argument, you must come to bed. (audience cheers) You know? So, what was going on with y’all’s relationship? Because you all have been together for like 25 years. 23 now.
Right. (audience applauds) So what was going on at that time? Just not really seeing eye to eye, just arguing, just not seeing eye to eye. I felt like I wasn’t happy, and I’m sure he felt like he wasn’t happy. And, you know, listen, my happiness means everything to me. Yeah. And if you can’t bring me happiness, boy bye. (audience cheers) One of the things that I discovered about NeNe behind the scenes, knowing her in real life, NeNe is really a loner. I am. Yeah. I like being alone.
Yeah. I didn’t think, I thought–
You are a loner too. But I always say that, I’m my own best friend. I’m really a loner. But we don’t get that from you on TV. Yeah, I have girlfriends but what I mean by that is I do a lot of things by myself, I go to the store, I shop, I don’t need anybody to do anything with me, I do it by myself, I like me. (audience cheers) And you know what? I feel like sometimes when I’m doing it with other people, they slow me down, like especially when I’m going to shop, I can shop quick, I don’t need no help. And so, I feel like people slow me down, I could just do my thing, and then at the end of the day, then I like to get with my girlfriend, and have a drink and dinner but I’m a loner. So, Kenya Moore.
Who’s that, now? Oh.
(audience gasps) Okay, nothing other than that? Well, she’s back and she’s stirring the pot. Sounds like she’s coming after a NeNe sized check, to be the NeNe of the Atlanta Housewives. Good luck with that. Okay.
(audience laughs) I don’t have to fight for anything, honey. Okay.
(audience cheers) What about Marlo? I like Marlo. I literally just spoke to Marlo before I came out here. ‘Cause they’re trying to make it seem like you guys don’t get along. Never, Marlo, that’s my girl, you see that picture? There we go, that’s her. Yeah, we were just talking right before I walked out here, she says hi. Hi, Marlo, look, when Marlo has to film with the other girls and they don’t bring you in to the frame, how do you feel? I’m okay with it, I understand the show. I mean, I’ve been on the show a really long time so I understand how it is. It’s usually the people on social media who are commenting, they don’t understand how it is. Yes, yeah, I’ve learned a lot about how it is just knowing her, all the ins and outs and stuff like that. It’s a lot. So you had a full, it’s too much. It’s a lot, you wanna join? No.
(audience cheers) You’d be the best, girl.
No, I wouldn’t. Honey, you’d be our number one New York Housewife, honey. No. Baby, I would leave the TV when you came on. First of all, every time I talk to NeNe, she’s either going to the Neiman Marcus or the Saks or in heavy hair and makeup or wardrobe. I’m a real shopper though. I love to shop, Wendy doesn’t. So, I was at Wendy’s house and there’s this new shopping place, what’s it called? It’s across the street with the Neiman Marcus and the Saks. I said, “Come on, let’s go to Neiman’s.” She says, “I have all my life to go to Neiman’s.” I’m just like girl. All my life, like I’m busy, I like to moisturize and sit down, like I’m the cooler, older friend and I accept that in all of my girlfriends lives, and even If I’m your age, somehow I feel as though I’m the calming, stable force and I’m not even stable or calm. (audience laughs) So you all look at me for advice, oh, yes, NeNe will text, “I need your advice,” I’m like, “Oh, gosh,” All right, you had a falling out with– But you gave me good advice though when I told you I needed advice, you really did, you made me think after–
I discussed that with him. Yeah, you did?
Yep. When I hung up, I was just like, “You know what? “That was really good what Wendy said.” Yeah.
Yeah, you were good. So you’re going, and everything’s gonna be good? I don’t know.
And you’re staying. Yes, you are, I’m gonna tell them what we talked about. Don’t you be telling them what we talked about. Okay. Dang, some things are a secret. Okay, I was just testing you. (audience laughs) So NeNe and Cynthia had a falling out which it’s impossible for me to see anybody falling out with Cynthia. ‘Cause I only know Cynthia as being that calming force. What do you fight with Cynthia about? Really, well, what would you fight with Greg about? Nothing! I mean, people say that same thing. Well, you may wanna change that now, you know these people who are walking around here quiet ain’t necessarily quiet. (audience cheers)
Oh. You might wanna check them before you check somebody that’s talking. Okay, so how do you get along with her now? We needed space.
On a scale of one to 10, 10 being the best. We’re in a good place. Seven.
Okay, good enough. Phaedra on Marriage Boot Camp. I didn’t know that she was getting married. (audience laughs) She’s only been dating this guy for six months and already they are having problems to go on Marriage Boot Camp and the crux of the problem is she wants to have the president and the vice president, her boys and her move out to LA with this man and she’s only known him for six months. Phaedra just texted me like a couple days ago, said she had a dream about me. Yeah, she did.
Was it a good one? She said it was a good dream, yeah, she said it was a good dream. And so, I’m surprised she didn’t say she was going to Marriage Boot Camp. Oh, well, see then she’s not your real friend. (audience exclaims) I mean, ’cause that would be a big deal, like a real friend would just, “Yeah, you know what I’m doing?” Well, you know, I don’t consider us like that, I consider us like really good associates, good friends, you know. If I called you and you didn’t tell me that, I would have a real problem, I would come and bust your door down. (audience laughs) Yes, she already knows, we’ve had these real conversations, I’m like, “Listen, girl, don’t do that, “I am your real sister here.”
Who me? Yeah, you, you know. I mean, I’m talking about Phaedra. Oh, but we switched from her back to you. Do you want her back on Atlanta though? You know what? Phaedra would be good on the show. She’s good on the show, you don’t think so? Yes!
I think she’s great, I would love to have her. With Apollo and his girlfriend, yes. With Apollo and his girlfriend? Okay, yeah, I’m good with that. As a matter of fact, I think that they might even be married right now, I’m not sure.
They are not married, Wendy, you just thinking that. Well, she’s young enough to have a baby. Wendy is so hilarious, she’s like, “I think they’re married.” She love a good gossip, honey, they are not married, child. We would know that by now. Well, you didn’t know she was on Boot Camp. No, I didn’t. Well, she’s secretive. Listen–
They’d make a good check on Boot Camp too. And I was telling everyone! We might need to go get that check. (audience cheers) Marriage Boot Camp, call us. Look, NeNe’s not going anywhere. Up next, we’re gonna put her in the Hot Seat, so keep it here.
(audience cheering) (dramatic music) All right, all right, it’s about to get hot in here. NeNe is still here and she’s brave enough to sit in our Hot Seat, you ready? Uh-huh. All right, well, look, I’ve got some– I want you to get in it next. Well, look, you can always flee the seat, although you’re not a runner.
I’m so for it, let’s do it. Okay, your first question is only 40 degrees, pretty easy. Besides yourself, who’s your favorite Housewife of all time? Of all time, that’s a big question ’cause there’s a few girls that I really like, and this would probably be an odd answer for you because we’re really cool, I like Teresa from New Jersey, we’re very cool, she’s no longer a Housewife but I really like Jill Zarin. Okay, all right, good, all right, 60 degree question. We’ve talked about plastic surgery. Yes, a lot.
A lot, yes, yes, we do. Is there anything more you would like to do to yourself? Oh, yes, a lot of things. Okay, give me your top three. Why three, honey? That’s a lot, I was gonna give you one. My boobs, I would do my boobs again, like keep my implants and move my tissue around. Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. What, what, what, what.
Okay. Let me see.
Facially? I would tweak my nose again. Why do you keep saying that? Will you stop, girl? ‘Cause that’s what I want.
It’s fine. Okay and then– No, I mean, it’s better than if you like the way that it is now but I’m just saying be careful with that. They say as you get older your nose get longer, I’m afraid for it to get longer. (laughs) I would be no good If I woke up and my nose was longer. All right, here’s your 80 degree, would you get a full face lift ever? No, I won’t get a face lift, I feel like that’s too much and I’m scared, everybody look like they’re in pain. Yeah, just injectables and stuff like that, Oh, I love a filler, I’ve never had a Botox but I love a filler, the only reason why I don’t do a Botox is because I’m an actress so I got to be able to move around. (audience applauds) But I might get a little booty or something, you think? No, I don’t like that I got hips and I think when you got hips and booty too, you look like a wide truck. I don’t have hips or booty but I like to sit down so I’m scared, you know. You don’t want a little booty? No, I have a little booty. You do, well, what would you do? I would not do, I don’t want anything. You don’t?
No. Well, I believe that, I’m telling you ladies, do not believe what these people are saying, if you need a nip and a tuck, please go and get it, I promise you. Forget what they got to say, they just mad they can’t afford it, girl, go get your nip and tuck. And if your husband tell you you look fine, he lying. (audience laughs) Okay, your 80 degree question. We’re friends again but who’s the one celebrity feud that you’ve had that you will never forgive? You know, I don’t think, I’ve not had that many celebrity feuds. You, and then– That wasn’t even a feud, I had no idea what was going on. And then all of the Housewives. I mean, we worked together so we will probably be arguing for the rest of our lives. Okay.
So that’s not it. If I had to not forgive anybody for something, I’m a forgiving person, okay? That’s why my girlfriends always come back to me ’cause it’s a lot of love over here. Come on, I gotta go. It would probably be Greg, I argue with him about anything 10, 20 years ago, I’d be like, “You see?” I’d bring something up from way back, so maybe Greg. Okay, Greg.
(audience applauds) Okay and here’s your last question, it’s 100 degrees, so don’t burn your booty on this one. There’s so many Housewives that have come and gone and you’re still standing, which is the one that you’d be happiest though that either they are or left the show? Either they are leaving, you wish they’d leave or they left the show.
I’d wish they’d leave? Now I’m gonna give you the names, and then you tell me. Kim Zolciak, Sheree, Phaedra, Claudia Jordan. Which is your least favorite? Like, “Bye girl, bye.”
Oh my God! Say it, just say it. I know a lot of people probably think that I would say Kim because we argued a lot, but honestly, that’s not true. Claudia, Phaedra, Sheree. Claudia, I don’t know her that well, Phaedra, I think she’s, it would be Sheree. Okay, there you go, see the honesty lives. (audience applauds) NeNe everybody, for more information about her, Ladies of Success, she’s having this weekend in Miami, where she’s bringing the women– Oh my God! I have to tell you guys, but she’s the one who– We don’t have time,, we’ll be right back. ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪


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    OMG… Nene the fake laughs to keep from answering the questions! We all remember it. You were contemplating divorce. You did change and not in a good way throughout the seasons on the show. It seems like once you started making money and being a reality star your attitude was unbearable. You went from being a Fan Fav to the most annoying!

  • Reply Si Siโ€™s Castle October 7, 2019 at 6:54 pm

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    ๐Ÿ‘‡ BTW I will โ€œSubโ€ to Anyone Who โ€œSubsโ€ me๐Ÿ‘‡

    ๐Ÿ˜Ž I Promise ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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