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Myrah Peñaloza // Womxn of Devotion Series

November 22, 2019

beloved you have arrived welcome to women of devotion a free interview series featuring a diverse group of women who firm-footedly walk a path of devotion inspired by the mystery that is life enjoy hello and welcome everyone to the women of devotion series I’m your host Luna Love and I’m feeling really blessed to be here with all of you today and with our special guest Myrah Peñaloza and before I introduce her I just want to invite all of you to really give yourself permission to be fully present so whatever you need to do that take the time that you need to pause us and turn off the distractions and really give yourself the gift of allowing yourself to be moved by the women in this series and Myrah who we have here today and the keyword there is allowing I’m excited to introduce our guest Myrah Peñaloza Myrah is a role model on how to live a creative life she is an LA and Canada based mother educator and fashion designer helping women to experience their own true radiance luminosity and grace she’s the co-founder of it’s time to bloom a creative living festival in Canada and creator of the Kundalini gown inspired by her kundalini yoga practice and lineage Myrah is the founder of la luna social space for women to a tune in communion you can always find her at and we’re so excited to have her here with us today welcome Myrah oh thank you truly grateful for the invitation like thank you so much for just finding me and calling me forward and allowing me to share and it’s truly blessing to be here with you so thank you so much Luna Love so I love to begin with a little grounding and blessing so if it feels good to everyone we can allow the eyes to close and find our feet and our seat and allow ourselves to just be held here in this now moment inviting all the pieces of ourselves to fully arrive to be fully embodied within ourselves and to be fully honored at this time we acknowledge that we’ve been called forth for a very particular reason that is may be known are still a mystery to us and we commit to allowing this experience to unfold before us to show us the way in which we can step into a greater embodiment of our true selves and we acknowledge that this is a shared experience and that all of us are giving and receiving with our time and energy and presence and we honor and connect with all the beings who are tuning in and participating in some way and we acknowledge this with our breath so fully and emptying the body of all the breath here taking a big full deep inhale receiving all of the life around you and welcoming it all in all of the people all of the elements feeling the fullness and on your exhale giving yourself back out to the world into all of life fully and completely not withholding any pieces of yourself to this experience of Commerce and exchange and sharing breath giving and receiving to one another as a way of expressing our gratitude for the shared experience of life and I would love to invite Myrah to offer anything she feels called to at this time to open this space together just an alignment with the devotion I invite everyone to just connect to your matriarchal lineage to the lineage of your ancestral mothering side of your humanity of your self here and then so what I love to do in terms of calling in the wisdom of my ancestors an opening of the portal so that I can speak in integrity and I can be in integrity not only with myself but with the past and moving forward in the trajectory of liberation I’m surrendering and softening I invite us all to you can even it’s just if it feels right for you just allow yourself to mentally vibrate the next following sequence of words that I’ll share with you or to state them out loud and your own personal safe and sacred scenes the way that it goes is very simple so just calling it your mother’s and then genie I’m calling in at your grandmother’s energy so that’s they’re here with you listening and feeling the synchronous as we share woman’s woman room to room so I I will set the tone by introducing my lineage all inhale to begin my name is Myra mother of Soleil daughter of Patricia and granddaughter of Alicia thank you for being here and then Luna if you feel inspired you can do a thing here for this invitation I am Lorna daughter of Rita Moreno is the daughter of Rose Marie I was the daughter of Lucille my thank you so I’d love to begin if you could define the word the meaning that you attribute to the word devotion and we’ll we’ll jump into what you are a personal path looks like but I’m just curious on a sense of meaning making and how we all relate to the words that we use how you relate to and would define this word of devotion what comes to mind is God you know it’s this kind of sacredness that has nothing to do with religion because my religion is about reality you know how how we move through reality and how we relate to others and how you see God and all right so devotion is kind of seeing the good you know for me it’s it’s it comes down to the word God only because it’s this connection to that co-creative energy that allows you to produce whatever you’re producing in the sink to you and this sacredness of whatever you’re delivering and sharing with with the world you know and that truly for me is divine convention so devotion and God they they connect in this synergy from me within my experience of practicing a devotional practice is really allowing myself to become this this open vessel and an allowing God to come in you know it’s it’s seeing the good being the good there’s g.od within the good and if God is too heavy for you to hear because of the you know the heaviness that it’s Friday just break it down with that generating organizing and delivering energy you know so you’re generating you know you’re generating you’re setting your crew teammates for your devotional practice right whether it be you know a portrait of your guru whether it be a statue or a Murphy of you know any any god or goddess whether it be a sacred something that you hold up in your altered space right as your altar for that devotional practice whatever it be let that generate and organize the layout and then deliver the intentional or destroy them collaborator go envision there’s many different facets and many different angles yeah in a nutshell motion is God for me beautiful I it’s a word that I owe it just fits funny I drank so much or while you were talking and I had a little green on my I love this generating organizing delivering that is an actor like I always called acronyms anagrams which are different but an acronym it’s so it feels so good in my body and the biggest thing that I took away from what you shared was the allowance to open to let God in to receive I think the action piece or like the challenge or the the choice or the commitment is really in that opening to welcome and allow God to move through us and for us to be those vessels to allow whatever wants to come through to come through and one of the other words you used was the co-creating factor and in my little window into your world through social media and just like feeling into who you are creativity is such a big piece that allows that seems to move and propel your life forward and I’m curious where yeah where devotion and creativity meet for you and what you birth or produce or allow to be birthed through you and what is that how do you see that that devotion and creativity in your life are related or not related they are definitely doing it dance there’s definitely devotion is like the platform and then that just moves around this beautiful dance floor and for me I feel in my personal experience is when I am NOT coming from a place of devotion she can access me news can’t come to me and creativity is is blocked right there was a beautiful podcast that I listened to with the name of the author escapes me but she wrote the book big magic Elizabeth okay listen okay mom yeah Elizabeth Gilbert I’m pretty sure that the podcast is also called big magic but I could be wrong she’s being interviewed by another oh okay it’s a great one I’ll share up probably if I didn’t I’ll share with you in the later time she said something that was like yes this is what it’s about is how ideas are kind of entities right and they’re looking for a vessel to merge with so that the vessel being ourselves the vessel can then produce that’s that idea and when she was talking about that that for me felt like creativity like so creativity has its own identity and if you’re receptive enough or open enough or in alignment with your devotion in alignment with your save up practice right service being of service aligning with the generating organizing and delivering forces then that creativity wants to learn with you and commune with you and then you deliver it set creates it in whatever form it comes to you and then you step back from it that’s one thing that we that I’ve seen in in friendships and in partnerships is this wanting to control the idea after it’s been birthed and kind of shape it and mold it and put it into a specific you know um file or box or whatever or genre in my personal experience is a lot on you to step let the thing self conceptualize because now it’s become it’s become a form right so you so the creativity is floating around this it’s this energetic you know entity of its own so I’m gonna use what what Elizabeth says about ideas but just kind of put them in creativity because that’s how it landed you me that’s how it was me I was able to relate it in my personal experience and let yourself be open you know let your meditation practice guide you into that softening is opening to those inspirational moments and and that kind of is the guidance to live in an inspired life and that’s that creativity merges with you then however don’t even worry about how but just allow yourself to just feel the intention of the creativity and then set the intentions forward and then watch watch things kind of pop up that will support with the alignment of producing that creativity through you as you as a conduit essentially and and then step back and give it room give it space to grow one of my teachers recently in in at Yoga West colonial history on Vancouver his name is high staying and he’s like one of the old teachers that got the opportunity to teach with Yogi Bhajan he told me about parenting he said this is what you’ll be budged and told me pay the rent and get out of the way so essentially you know give them the space to just be who they want to be in terms of being American you know mothering and being you know watching the child grow anything with the creativity right birth it give it space and watch it watch it bloom watch it kind of take on its own shape and then gradually you you can add imprints you can add you can build to it of course right because that’s what we do as human beings you want it you know what I mean it to do the thing so do not without trying to force things I find that these these two dynamics of devotion and creativity are the solid foundation of living a creative life so just finding a devotional practice and then being receptive being open allowing yourself to be a conduit of spirit to move through you as you so that you can deliver one needs to come and be delivered through you and then sometimes we even feel you know inspired and then for whatever reason your your you know the the mental facets of the mind will come in and you know tell you you can’t because of whatever your story and that creative entity that creative energy will move on to someone else and then you’ll have a moment at least in my personal life or as I oh that was 1290 and is the government watching me not kidding but you know that was like oh my Tony but it’s because you were able to deliver so I think the creativity needed to search for someone that could that had all of me you know the elemental toxic forces to support it so not just trusting in yourself they can care than the noodles mm-hmm yeah I really like that and I’ve heard Elizabeth government speak a lot and the pieces of like there’s someone that she talks about who’s a poet and this poet says that these columns would come through her and they would be like like a hurricane or wind force and if you didn’t catch it if you didn’t catch the poem it would it would go away and so she would like there was one that she would chase after and she was like I can get it and and I love that because it’s the thing that I come back to you and what you’re sharing is the allowing right it’s am i open to let this thing come through me at this time because if not it I’ll find somebody else who goes more open to let that muse co-create with them I really liked what you shared so I’m curious about this was also a side note when I was getting dressed this morning I had a I had a client who came to my house and I was getting dressed and I just happened to be putting on like all black and I was like oh this is funny I’m meeting with my relator and she’s like I know that you wear lots of different colors but you’re the white you know the Kundalini gown is the wave and all of it and I was like oh that’s a little funny I was like I’m gonna stick with it I’m gonna just oh if there’s a reason for its polarity right so we’re just like holding those ends of the spectrum I’m curious about your own path of devotion and so you mentioned Kundalini and motherhood and I’m sure that your paths of devotion are our plenty plenty and I’m just curious if you could share with us like what that looks like in your life what it tastes like what it smells like what is devotion and how does it manifest in your personal life well as of right now we are at Liberty so my my little family unit we got actually this is kind of intention setting in the in in the making essentially because we didn’t want I’m just gonna tell you a little bit about the background of where I’m at and then I’m gonna answer your question so we had intended to want to travel and we actually got kicked not kicked out of our apartment but asked to leave our apartment because there was a gas leak in our furnace and it was quite toxic so we had already had been planning to be away for a few months and so we were kind of like right up you know right up against like we got a lead in like a week and now we have to like pack up our home and find a new home or you know put everything in storage and then maybe just flow and go with the flow so we decided to do that we decided to put everything in storage pack up our tiny home sell half of our major big things that weren’t going to take up too much storage space and and we are currently on the road so we are very vulnerable there’s a very vulnerable space that were in and the JTP that’s causing us to stretch beyond our comfort zone because both my husband and I are very earth grounded elemental beings so we love our home space grateful bodies we weren’t from home so this is definitely a stretch in the matrix for us and with that said it was it was the outcome of our devotional practice that has led us to really untethered from the attachments to our comfort zone and it’s coming to us Bali’s been kind of right at our right shoulder like come to Bali come to Bali and so in terms of how a devotion is manifesting for us right now is is leading us to Bali and I ever been to Bali but you know I read that you pray Love Bug and it just moved my soul and you know I watched the Bali retreats and the whole we know the whole thing and I and finally you know picking up the call and like okay well I guess the universe is pushing us out so that we can make it there and what I hear about Bali which I’m sure you’ve heard is the way that they treat their children they treat their children as royalty of slike sovereignty right because they’re the closest thing to God going back to this work and the closest thing to God because of their innocence and their curiosity so innocence and curiosity I feel has been these two pillars what allows the platform or the dance floor of devotion for us and or for me only because I’ve seen it through my my my daughter I’ve seen it come through my daughter and seeing her innocence in her curiosity she’s she’s in her toddler face so she’s she’ll be – in a few months and she is genuinely the most curious the most beaut the most willed and the most daring go soul that I have ever met in my whole life and she brings them back to me again and again and again and she’s kind of been at my my practice of devotion my practice of Prayer oh my goodness in prayer we didn’t even get into prayer so this this prayer Yogi Bhajan says that a woman’s prayer is the most powerful prayer sound vibration code on the planet and I can get into more detail about that but then that’s a whole other podcast something so with that said it’s just it can’t see us back into that vibration and my husband jokes because he says you know you always overpack and I’m just like well you know packing up our tiny home I don’t know what we’re gonna need on the road but one thing that he really appreciates is Walter like we always anywhere that we’re staying even if it’s for a night or even if it’s just in this last trip that we’ve been on even if it’s yeah for a night I always make it an intention for me even if I can’t make it to my morning sod and now I’ll make it to my yoga practice or make it on like not I make it a duty to lay out my altar with all my treatments of you know the photo of my guru you know the foot and photo my birth just is that for me was the most divine experience in my mind and and all this beautiful layout and that for me is what keeps bringing me back even if because I said we’re on this trip and it’s very vulnerable and when vulnerability comes a lot of a lot of not fear but sorry not fear and wanting to be held you know in the stress of communicating that wanting to be held right because there’s an expectation you should be holding up today because we’re trying to like get to the next place or you know meet these friends or make it to this yoga class in this festival that we were just that so it just allows you to kind of strip away or allows us allows me to strip away all the seemingly burdens of that moment and really just reset it and align myself back to God aligned myself back to my good align myself back to the next journey of this adventure in terms of merging with creativity and merging with spirit and setting the tone for tomorrow so that’s kind of my devotion in manifestation is my nighttime ritual you know I sit on my altar and no I and it the space allowed and if my daughter allows T T is truly an anchor for my devotional practice and it’s simple it’s so simple and it’s so sweet and it’s so refined and it’s so sovereign in its simplicity that the grace that you embody automatically leads you back to God it’s it’s beautiful and I mean maybe not everybody can relate to it the way that I have related to do it but this is just my personal journey with it as a scientist thank you as a human scientists you know in alignment with the human ology that is our human ASSA T and I love I love where you show no no I’m perfect it’s so perfect because I couldn’t lanius oh yeah oh yeah this there we’re weaving a web Kundalini as far as like within my body is something I’m very connected to but as far as a lineage is something I’m so not connected to oh yeah see and so I have my own preconceived notions of the like complexity and just like all the technology and all the teachings and and I love simple and so hearing from you that it’s about creating a new beginning and finding a moment to start over by sitting at my odds are in building this space and we’re being with this space and the simplicity of tea is so not that I had any expectations of what you would share but just so different than my relationship to how I perceive Kundalini practice and lineage and like all all the things and and the way then all of it it’s just like it’s so great it’s so interesting to like have this revealing experience in your share of like I don’t necessarily do all these things all the time I don’t necessarily get on my mat or do all the the things it’s just creating a new beginning by sitting at my altar that the sitting at the altar allows all the other things to go away from the day and just be here and the tea and we were going to be having tea and beylin on on this series so we’ll get to talk about tea a lot more in another episode of this so I’m excited that you brought that up I was just poking her and and the tea the medicine of tea into the space and into whoever’s lives have been or will be touched by by tea it’s such a practice in my life and really you know grounds and centers me in my in my day and my my devotion so I’m glad that you brought that up and when you were talking about you couldn’t see me and when you were talking but when you were talking about rep not you but like the listeners couldn’t see me when you were talking but when you said the picture of your birth on your altar like I just was like I had by the chills and the tears and I it was just so moving to feel how that was a portal into a whole new becoming of a devotee of someone who lived one life and was devoted to to something and and in a way how that change as you cross through that threshold and I want to talk about prayer but I also because you just brought it up in prayers like my jam and I want to know what you have to say about it but I’m also curious about this the threshold of becoming a mother and what how that changed or altered or affected your your devotion and you mentioned it you know and how you relate to how silly as this magical medicine being is teaching you all these things but how did that change your devotion in stepping from one side of the portal of not being a mother to the other side of being a mother in a moment that’s that’s a loaded one for me because you don’t realize for me I didn’t realize how finite or how Sweeting is literally in a save a practice of taking care of another human and my devotional practice before soleil so we we my husband and I we were practicing conscious conception we were ready for become parents we not necessarily got our eggs or ducks in online because that’s not basically possible but we we were just clearing out our our karmic weight heaviness and and clearing out a lot of our karmic I don’t want a karmic weight yeah we’re clear you know it’s getting it out of our art line getting into our Akashic records energetically through the kundalini yoga practice so i was very devoted into healing my matriarchal lineage and allowing my self to become a conduit of this new spirit to come through me and also liberating him or her from the ancestral baggage so that was my intention in becoming a mother was to just bring in a soul that is liberated from any karmic wait that isn’t necessarily going to elevate and you know propel him or her into the leader of this new age so that was when the kundalini yoga practice was full-on like the last three years before getting pregnant it was just morning 4:00 a.m. are availa sada my practice and is not as daunting as it sounds it was just a simple korean and it was the washing away of the karmic weight and it was quite simple I had a mantra to it it has a mantra to it it’s not like it’s not accessible anymore has a mantra to it and it was why do I do like you I do and the Creator the mudra of hands was just washing away so you’re in this meditation you know you tuned in you sit and you can either I didn’t you can move through your you know morning warm-up of the physical body but for me it was just I would always be ready for it and then I’d go back to sleep and so I just would play it but I would do it for thirty one minute and why you why you know lying to you and just over and over washing energetically as your hands are in these bowls of water and just pouring it over a halo the arc line one of the ten bodies and in our human ology system and that I feel really cleared the slate for us so after I did not practice that devotional practice that’s not enough that wasn’t rich moving meditation I then you know this is almost like spirit came through and was like and ready and we you know we were out in Jasper and you’re having the best time meet our friends live out there who own this amazing Ashtanga Yoga Center stays there and there we were you know inception happens and I stayed with the practice I stay with the practice I you know chanted my mantra pacifically through prenatal kundalini yoga practice she came through I had the birth that I wanted like two petite maybe not as long big beauty and um was um the afternoon it’s kind of because our birth was quite high mastic and we were writing high for the first couple months and then there was a dip there was the realization of this kind of mourning process which which I knew I thought I had done but I did it too early because I didn’t feel the weight of it like Oh Who am I now I moved through this portal and now that was almost like this all whole other and vulnerability or it’s like your whole world is pulled from right under you and now you’re forced to navigate in the dark of what works for you and I was I was blessed to have my mother at my birth but I was quite alone for exam I might you know my family to nurture and hold space for me because my husband and I were both living in Canada and his mother was there but we didn’t really have that family dynamic yeah you have friends that friends and family like blood family is very it’s a very different ability to show up hopefully we can start to remove the veil of that is my intention for the next trajectory of the 20 years that are ahead of us but it’s a different level of showing that as a different level of understanding right so for us that was kind of energetically tiring very fatigue and finding a way to kind of cope and all the things that kind of brought me back to life but not necessarily feed my soul and I thought like people would say oh you just need time alone but the thought of being away from my daughter actually brought up more anxiety you know like no I I don’t trust anybody was my thing and so then that was kind of like a red flag for me was like okay all the other things that you did before I’m writing you up okay now you have to look at it from a different angle because you’re looking at it from the lens that created the problem so now you gotta clean the lens or switch switch to filter so I was able to kind of just move and and really get into prayer and ask what do I need to do you know how do I need support and how that’s going to show up for me and am I truly available and open enough to receive the support that was kind of my my my my density my block was hmm no cuz that would mean that I’m not only putting them in my field that I’m putting them in my daughter’s feel you know and then how trusting in my fast so I just needed to get out of my own way because I was really coming from here and not really coming well here as if we can see from my mental space versus my heart space so I needed to just readjust that and come back to my heart space and you know by the grace of God they’re very beautiful soft you know really in touch with his feminine side husband who caught it all was able to see that before I can even really pin it and and we’re really proactive and like doing the things that we needed to do for me to release and access this that’s my problem so now I have another meditation Prieta deck doing in the zoo bug Korea so suebob kriya is only 9 minutes so I’ll do that whenever I can it’s not I’m not very strict on myself only because a few years ago we had the opportunity to host Mary Ann Williams and at our bloom festival in Edmonton and she said something before we were pregnant or we were pregnant that just held a very refined resonance in my in my field and she said you know there was a there was a question in the conversation interest in her talk and she said something in relation to like you know as a parents what would you suggest and she said for the next five years you’re exempt from any practice your spiritual practice your spiritual alchemy your spiritual substance is being a parent is being a mother so I really resonated with that and I hold that specific prescription I hold it near and dear to myself so I I don’t make myself wrong for not making it to yoga I don’t make myself wrong for you know having my moments I’m navigating again to do a dark room you know finding myself and finding myself in relationship to my daughter who’s now developing this second chakra that is very much in alignment you know what’s mine and what’s you know everything’s hers actually mine mine so just you know being able to navigate through her and then the beauty in again the relationship to my husband and I have is that he knows when I need to go and do my Kundalini practice he’ll just come up to me he’s like been anybody or something up so late and it goes on a little journey and I’m like great and this last month that we were and thank you her I got to you know going to sadhana go to her son get where I wasn’t just doing my own home practice at home alone when I was in a communal space which for me just pushes me to stay in the intensity of the stem in the building of whatever Korea and the energetic space in the room just holds me up and then I’m able to kind of fill my cup so that I can lead and teach the workshops that I deliver and it holds space from what I’m offering so I got really build up so I we had a really blessed lunch there was a much of a Sun gate for me to access so I was kind of holding that space and yes I would practice with my teachers online on Rama to me but it’s different from being in physical space I really appreciate what you shared I’m personally in a very intentional preconception phase which has been about a year and will probably be about another years or whatever it wants to be until that is made very clear but it’s really nice to hear how you use that time and and the prayers that came forward and the practice that supported you and the ancestral practice and yeah it’s the preparation mind/body/spirit home space that is like really welcoming but but not just it’s the for me it’s like the acknowledgement of how profound the welcoming is and that you’re really honoring the profundity of it by devoting yourself to this practice and so it creates this whole relationship before there’s a physical relationship with the child and it’s just really beautiful and and the grieving piece that you brought up of like Who am I now and who was I and that’s loss and that’s gone and how do I grieve it and the practice that supported you in honoring that with every birth there is it’s a and to allow that which has died to to be dignified in its in its time and it’s life and it’s giving to you and of you and that would you wear so grief is a big thing that I navigate and play with and is a big piece of my medicine so I’m so glad that you brought it up in your own sharing of becoming a mother because there is also a nun becoming too so I’d love to close with a few words from you about Prayer and anything else that you want to share with the audience on their path of devotion mmm prayer prayers time my hidden pool my hidden weapon no but yeah it is right summertime for kidding actually it’s really true so prayer yeah it’s it’s not none of it is that when we usually order prayer is when we’re at our lowest loans and I feel like if I can inspire your audience or if I can inspire you know if I can if I can be a conduit transferring would be you know pretty firm prayer sake you know and what i what i mean by that is kind of like create for creation say you know do art for art’s sake in the sense because when you pray it’s similar to gratitude when you look grateful for your environment when you’re grateful for who you are in the moment or who you’re becoming or you know the excitement you’re grateful for the excitement of the you know unfoldment of such-and-such projects it Brit makes you present and makes you present to the presence of this moment and with me and my experience prayer is very much like that in terms of the sensation that you get in terms of the awakening moment that you get because yeah you can pray for for where you need support but if you can just hold you know holds a vision in your heart and pray for that version you know and prayed for that outcome I’m just for you but for the good of you know the environment or the community that it will trigger out in you right because if you hold a vibrational prayer and prayer is similar to mantra you hold a vibrational prayer in your own personal sound system so your own personal inner sound then you’re walking you’re walking conduit of inspiration of enlightenment of insight of light and you know whether you’re wearing white or not people are gonna feel that and you know look right at you and not know why but they’re gonna look at you and notice and coming to a loom and you I might even say that you can even command the room without prayer that you’re vibrating with your in your mind’s voice with your in your mind’s vibration and it’s it’s pretty profound and I’ve proven it right and Gavin again and it’s something that you can walk away with and try to prove it wrong you know that’s the scientists that we all are try to see if you know is this right you know I’m just in prayer with the thing you know meet the thing and then thing will show up or whatever the thing so just you know see you see if it works see how how it moves through you see how it will open up spaces for you it’s it’s a profound tool and I really encourage us to connect more into prayer and when I say prayer also I don’t mean you know okay like I’ve been praying to to something but no and if you’re having a hard time with that in terms of like praying to God or you know atheists is your practice even if even an atheist believes if there is you know I’m more elevated or more transformed in all personal stuff right so so use that use your your the you in the future that is you know above the you in the now essentially so be exalted you paying salted so yeah I would take it mm-hmm thank you and then our being here with us today it’s been such a pleasure to have your presence and your voice and your story and your practice and your devotion here with us to to be shared it’s an honor and I am so grateful for for you just saying yes and sharing yourself in that way with us today thank you so much you so much thank you for holding legal space for women as a tool to you know be inspired feel supported and feeling connected it’s so important so thank you for holding that space for everyone thank you and to everyone who tuned in and listening thank you for being here you can check out my rad marathon you look so calm and on Instagram and superb last time you’re here and you look forward to seeing you next time quite right now

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