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My Corset Collection – Historical & Modern

November 17, 2019

Why is it always so crooked like whatever I do… oof Hello there… …viewers. Today, I will be showing you my corset collection. Corset??? Is that how you pronounce it? nEverMInDdD It’s not like I have a thousand of them I literally have a couple of corsets, majority of which are unusable but I think corsets are Something that when you start out with costumes or like when you get interested in the history of fashion You’re kind of like “i dont wanna own a corset” because that was my case I was literally like can I try it on somewhere and you know I would run around like costume rentals And I would be like, do you have any corsets? And they would be like sure we do and that would give me those like longline bras and I would be like Thanks, but no! that’s not what I mean, I mean like real corsets with like boning and Basques and lacing and basically what really irks me is that online, Anything with some kind of lacing on it is considered a corset so like if you have a blouse that’s like strapless And it laces at the back or at the front that’s kind of considered a corset And I’m like have you even seen one??? cuz that’s not what a corset is **rOaSteD** but anyway I will probably need to change because you won’t be able to See the corset if I’m wearing this because it’s kind of dark I’m going to try and get something white okay, so now that I have changed into this beautiful night gown That I got secondhand and it’s made of Polyester or something I might need to zoom out a bit, and I’ll start showing you my corset. Okay, so I’m gonna start off with the only one that I have ordered at a corset maker That was the first historical corset that she made; since then she’s made tons of of corsets like that That was both a challenge for me And it was for her her because it was the first corset that I was ordering ever But also it was the first Historical corset that she was about to make. I mean, I think it was the second one But it was the first one that followed that this kind silhouettes, so this is it It’s also kind of my favorite So I’m spoiling… I’m spoiling the best bit for the very beginning as you can see it’s like very sturdy It’s made of I think at least two layers of really thick cotton it has beautiful embroidery which the corset maker made. I will link her in the description because it’s really really pretty. As I said, it’s really sturdy but because I ordered it back when I had no idea about corsets or how to take care of them or anything some bits are a bit messed up like this bit here the boning keeps turning around and it pokes my armpit I think that’s totally because I used to wear it too much And also I think it was after like five years of wearing- Hello! hehehe …that boning started to poke through uhh, the lower bits here but I think that’s solely because of my Incompetence rather than the corset makers mistake. Another thing is I think I’m not sure but I think back in 2013 and 14 when they ordered it my boobs were a bit bigger and so the Cups are actually Like too big right now and because I used this corset in the movie and an actress was wearing it And it was also a bit too big I had to like doing this on set so I had to like join in the cups Together which is definitely not how you’re supposed to make the cups smaller, but that was kind of a last-minute addition And I kept it this way because it fits better though I know kind of hurts the corset, and you’re not supposed to do this, but anyway here it is!! it is a beautiful shape, it closes with a basque and because we couldn’t find a bust that’s long enough of course the maker suggested that we add A lacing on top of it the basque ends up kind of here, and here is where the lacing starts now That’s another thing that kind of doesn’t always work out because sometimes if I don’t lace myself enough The lacing kind of goes this way and pokes through the dress So I’m not super happy with the lacing solution But again that was my choice, so obviously you can see some wrinkles and stuff That’s because I didn’t know how to care for a corset properly in the first place and also because it’s slight old I think because at least- I think it’s like five years old by now And I used to wear it a lot. The good thing is the embroidery didn’t didn’t fade, or you know nothing happened to it So it’s still beautiful Do you want to try a corset on? How about that? Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Oh my god. Oh my- oh look at this!!1 Look at that corset!! sskks Basically, that’s the way you put most of the corsets So you unlace the back, close the front and then lace it. Okay So this is it… As you can see the cups are kind of lamely reduced by my Awkward hand seams so it’s not actually supposed to look like that but you can see it’s quite high, like it covers most of the bust and here it also goes all the way onto the hips, okay, so I’m gonna tie it What you do is you have like two little loops That you just pull and I’m not gonna do it on camera because internet is full of perverted weirdos So I’m just gonna show you what it looks like when it’s actually laced properly Okay, so um I have at least properly right now And this is what it looks like as you can see it gives you like a pretty good reduction even though my waist size actually isn’t Smaller like if you measure it it’s pretty much the same, but you can see that It’s kind of like the flesh went into like different points of my body so like like the fat from my waist kind of went Downwards and that’s what creates this illusion of like tiny waist and also you can see like This dimension here is suddenly wider It’s it’s kind of like it squeezes you this way so all the fat goes that way if that makes sense? I’m gonna show you the back as well wiggle wiggle wiggle~ So as you can see there’s a lot of wrinkle And that’s actually my fault because I had no idea what seasoning was back when I bought the corset When you buy a new corset or like when you order one It’s crucial that you season it before you like try and lace it as hard as you can because that Kind of pulls the fabric and it can basically ruin it so that’s something I didn’t know as I said It’s the prettiest one I actually own, and I’ve worn it so many times obviously underneath the costume It’s not the one I would wear outside Which is kind of sad because it’s actually really pretty, but I don’t really feel like wearing a corset on top of my clothes so this is the one I use when I kind of need a really good waist reduction and My own corset isn’t like my other corsets won’t really do that it’s supposed to be like 1840s 1850s because back when I ordered it I was obsessed- and I still actually am- with Jane Eyre and the Brontes and I was like I need a Victorian corset, so that’s what I ordered and Because it’s the best one. I have I actually I wore it with like 1890s costumes 1880s 1870s I think as well which I actually shouldn’t do because the silhouettes of Different decades are completely different from from one another as I showed you in this little video, so that’s something I actually shouldn’t be doing but because it gives me a very good reduction I keep doing it, but what I should actually do was get courses that fit me as well as this one from different decades But hasn’t happened so far because I can’t afford it and I I’m not confident enough to make my own Corsets because I’m gonna show you what happens when I do…. So, so far this one is my absolute favorite You can check out the corset maker in the description and she also does international orders I think so check her out. She’s super sweet, and she’s really good at what she does okay I need to take this off now cuz I laced it all the way and I kind of can’t breathe oh Okay, so next up. We have a corset that I made myself. And It was the first corset I think- it was the first Victorian corset I made and the reason it sucks is because what I did is I printed out the pattern and basically because I had some troubles with positioning the Tunnels where he put the boning in what I did was I just put the paper on the fabric and I basically sewed on The paper and then I would just tear it out But what I didn’t know is that because I obviously I had to print the pattern twice To sort of do it twice and two halves of the corset But what I didn’t know is that one half was actually scaled bigger so what happened was I ended up with having like two pieces Of like two sides of a corset where one was like quite smaller and the other one was just bigger and I was like Oh, I feel like doing this again No, let me just cut the one that’s bigger to a smaller size So that’s what I did and that was a perfect waste of good fabric But I just left it like that because I felt like I’m not gonna get anything better. You know thinking back That was a very stupid decision, but but I did it and well it kind of it works just fine But I know it could be way way better when it comes to like giving me the proper silhouette this one was supposed to be 1880s so let me show you what it looks like. So because I was so impressed with the corset makers work I Wanted to have some embroidery as well, so I was like I’m gonna add some fancy trimming And I’m gonna do some embroidery that I’ve never done in my life before so what happened was obviously I didn’t bother to to use the right thread so I used white threads and Brown lining and then for the- what’s it called? Yeah, I had a silver one so I just used a silver one because why would I bother finding a pink one or a brown one that will actually match? But no, no I just used it from what I can see I even used blue thread for the pink trimming That’s how much I didn’t care about this! What I like about this corset is definitely the fabric gives you this kind of like Authentic feel okay, so here it is. Umm as you can see it doesn’t do much. It’s definitely nothing compared to the one. I just showed you. The waist reduction is almost non-existent It’s kind of like a tube to be honest and that’s not what it was supposed to be and also you can see it’s way too small Because the lacing at the back doesn’t close Like almost at all like almost all of my back is the lacing and it’s not what it was supposed to look like so Basically, I think it looks well Enough, but it definitely doesn’t give me the proper silhouette for like 1880s bustle dress. what it does nice Is it gives me like a proper bust support, so like if you look from the from the side the bust kind of forms itself? Ni-ni– wow. In a nice way, but otherwise than that You know you can see a gap here, and it’s not supposed to be here It’s crooked because one side is bigger obviously and the silhouette it’s kind of very Smooth and in the 1880s it was it’s supposed to be like much more hourglassiness. So definitely not my best. Oh! Okay moving on. Now this one is definitely the worst one I have ever done. It’s also the first one I have ever done. I was like okay I know for a proper silhouette I really need a corset But I don’t know how to make one and there’s no way I can do that And I can’t afford you know ordering one and I wouldn’t even know who makes historical corsets cuz I didn’t know about uh, corsetry and romance back then so I was like What I could do though is I could buy a modern one and make it look old Like kind of alter it so what I did like behold because this is priceless I bought a red leather over bust and I made it into a Belle Époque S bend corset so what I did is- let me remind you that was back when I had no idea about sewing, I had no idea about corsetry I mean it’s not like I know much now But at least I know not to do this so what happened is you have the insides of the red leather corset here and Then over it there is like a layer of white yellow cotton thinking about it now I wouldn’t even know how to do that like how does it even– like how did I come up with it? I cut those pieces here and added some bust cores And then what I did was I lengthened it so like the actual corset finishes here I added hip cores, I added the waist stay. Which is actually like Christmas ribbon?? This is how bad it was what’s funny, though it actually gives you a pretty good silhouette the only problem is that it’s awfully done and Also the back of it doesn’t look very good because there is like this weird ball. I don’t know I’m just going to show it to you. Okay, so here this Here’s what it looks like and I think what’s what’s amazing and I have no idea how I did this is that it actually does Push me forward, so it does kind of give me this s bend silhouette. Um if you look at it from the side You can see my front is kind of like Straight and then this bit here is like. uGh. What’s sad about this corset is that the front looks alright, and then the back is horrendous. And I’m going to show it to you because I’m being honest with you, and I’m not pretending this is a good corset It’s not. First of all, you can see all the wrinkles made badly done hip cores and stuff and then here Woo hoo! Check that out this is horrendous. So what happened was it’s slightly too big for me, and I did know that at the time And I didn’t feel like there’s anything I should do so I just left it like that and Yeah, it’s really bad. This is all wrinkly, there should be some bone in here, which is non-existent This is a bit too long and it’s like flying around for no reason. So the waist reduction in here is actually not too bad because I did it knowing where my actual waist was here is another one and Let me just tell you that the state of it is Very bad because I made it of satin ribbon and The ribbons started to shred and it also seems like I actually haven’t finished it the reason is because it’s also one of my first Corsets because when I was looking into making corsets I was like okay So what’s the easiest one I can do and I found out about ribbon corsets. So like ribbon corsets were corsets worn in early Edwardian era where Women would want to be like more flexible and like could do sports So they would wear like those short like under bust corsets. It kind of looks like someone like, ate it and then threw up and Yeah, it’s not the best also The thing is I didn’t know where to get a basque because I had no idea what it’s called in Polish because that was early like 2013 when I had no idea about Historical fashion So I was just like reading foreign historical blogs and like Finding out about things and so instead it’s closed at the front which makes it really hard Because I need to undo the lacing So this is what it looks like as you can see it’s an under bust so it doesn’t actually do anything to my boobs And also it doesn’t do much to my waist either. I think it would look okay as sort of like an over corset that you would wear with like a nice Edawrdian dress but- oh my stomach just went wild! I don’t know if you if you know that guys but I can do this magic trick where I move my Diaphragm and my stomach it just starts growling so let me just show it to you. *stomach noises???* Check this out. ANYWAY so this is what the corset looks like it’s way too tight here at the hips Doesn’t do much to my waist because it keeps pressing here And that’s not where my waist is and it’s also too big and it also. It’s like it’s all shredding It’s just dying! The reason I’m showing it is because it’s it’s one of the first ones I’ve ever done I’ve never worn it after that. Oh no There is a knot at the back of my corset am I ever gonna get out. Now what I also have is I have some cheap corsets I bought online not for myself, but for my actresses and the period dramas I’ve done, and they are pretty crap But I’m just gonna show you so you know that they don’t do anything good to you. So this one is probably the most Period looking that I could ever find on eBay or like online because it’s bright, It’s not black and it’s not like black and red with red lace, so it’s the the least whorish looking out there But it also doesn’t do much like I’m gonna show you. Okay, so it’s a bit too big for me actually I think. Basically um this is what it looks like, like it doesn’t do anything to you It doesn’t make you look okay, so it’s way too big for me because it closes all the way But I think even if it was smaller it would only go just like that so it doesn’t give you the proper silhouette it doesn’t Do anything. But I bought it because I’ve noticed you can always tell the difference when an actress is not Wearing a corset mainly because of the breasts. Because as you can see they’re kind of like flattened And they’re made into this like weird shape so I thought if it doesn’t do anything to their waist it might help with silhouettes So I bought these for the actresses Mainly for this purpose and also because it kind of helped them get into role, and like feel the era and stuff So I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re trying to get an authentic like shape or silhouette But if you’re starting out And you have no idea how to make corsets or like you can’t afford one- like a good one You could definitely get one of those because I think it’s better to have one of those than to not have a corset at all Because it always kind of like stiffens the silhouette You know it does have a boning. Kind of like a solid 5 out of 10 Then I have this one which I bought For a different period drama and I was like I don’t care what it looks like because it’s gonna be underneath the clothes But it needs to give the right silhouette so I spent hours searching for like cheap corsets Or like cheaper than make to measure corsets that actually have any bit of shape so I find this one I bought it at Corset Story which is a crappy shop like let’s be honest kind of one of those shops to take people’s money Where someone’s interested in corsets, but they don’t do any modeling to your body at all they’re just kind of like tubes They’re just kind of there, but I was like I need a corset And I need it cheap so I bought this one and I think what it does very nicely is that it it gives Because it’s like a solid over bust like it goes way over your boobs I think it gives a nice shape bust wise, it may not do much to your waist. So what I don’t really like about it is because my waist is quite low and this one is apparently for someone shorter, it slides up really high, and it ends up right at my armpit It’s like really high around the armpits. Okay, so this is what this one does It sort of has like a very delicate modelling around the waist and the hips I quite like the heart-shaped Top, but it’s also not ideal. I think for period costumes you would need something way more Dramatic than that. It’s made of a nice fabric though I don’t know what it is, but it seems quite sturdy, and the boning is also quite sturdy I was trying to wear it with historical costumes But because of the really high Over bust it didn’t really work because the shape was kind of odd as you can see it’s kind of a bit too modern This was the best one they had because it was one of the most expensive on the site And it was, it’s just really sturdy, but the other ones are kind of like steampunk-y Chinese and also you shouldn’t trust the photos on the website, you should always check with either people reviewing corsets like this corset free on YouTube mainly because the photos are photoshopped And they don’t actually show you what the courses do to your body, which is not much. I also had my Regency era corset which is quite crap and I showed it to you before and might get ready with me video So why don’t you go there and watch it if you, if you’re dying to see it. And another one I wanted to show you is the one I haven’t actually finished. I’m still working on it. It’s a 1780 style corset, aka stays. It’s laced both at the back and at the front. It was supposed to be convenient. It’s actually pretty annoying because you have to undo it every time you put it on. I’m quite happy with it! It’s a bit of a mess right now, but it does have a lining which I’m very proud of, it does have plastic boning inside Am I a chicken?? All right, so this is it after I’ve made it. I realized I should have added another like hole here, so I could lace it up properly. Um, but I didn’t do it so right now, It’s kind of like Take what you want (?) It could give a better silhouette if I need to change something here, so then I get a more like Conical silhouette if that makes sense, but it’s not too bad. It’s Almost the right length so it’s a bit too short, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna use this to go all the way around Now I didn’t really feel like doing it because it’s super time-consuming. I only did this bit here should actually be like this, so that that’s what I need to improve. Okay, so this is mostly it. I do own at least one more corset that I don’t have here with me at the moment But it’s nothing to look at, believe me. The thing is I’m not a seamstress and I’m not a corset maker and I learn very slowly when it comes to sewing so obviously these are kind of crappy and also, because I think I was trying to make corsets back when I thought I could do it, which was a couple of years ago. That’s why they’re old crap because that was right at the beginning when I started sewing and stuff So now I kind of know that’s not really my thing. This one is like the latest one that I have done And I think I’ve done it two years ago, so kind of gives you some ideas like What to do if you don’t really have enough money to pay for like really good reproductions or have some made for you. This is also an option like these are some- These are just the things I have! What am I even talking about?? So yeah! That’s my corset collection. I need a break, but most importantly I need to eat something


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    For someone who's not a professional corseter, you're quite creative.

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    just wanted to let you know that corset story has two types of corsets . the one you had is an instant shape not meant for a dramatic shape and only a 2 inch reduction. they do have ones that are meant for a 4 inch reduction in their waist training section . the instant shape is meant to wear as corset tops over clothes for fashion and comfort which is why it did not give you the shape that you wanted . Those are more for every day fashion wear. Btw the pinkish corset that you made looks gorgeous even though the one side was bigger it still look's really good , you did a good job

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