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My 2020 Skincare and Everyday Makeup Routine

January 19, 2020

oh hi happy Sunday’s all my babies I
hope that you guys really enjoyed this video today as I will be showing you how
I create this everyday makeup look hey babies welcome back to my channel for guys are new around here my name is Adrianna I hope that you guys enjoy the video if
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so I am feeling kind of lazy today it’s that time of the month for me so I
really just don’t want to do anything but having said that since I don’t want
to do anything that includes my makeup so I don’t want to do my makeup today
I’m just gonna start off with my skincare routine and I’m planning on
pretty much going bare face today pretty much all of it except for the Clinique
it’s the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel this one I
got from Sephora but everything else I got from wishtrend
I have the vitamin Tree water gel from I’m from freakin amazingly hydrating I
also have the Klairs freshly juiced vitamin E mask I love this stuff so much
it smells so good and I also have the Skinmiso pore corset serum and the
Klairs rich moist soothing serum please excuse the top the cap broke off
but those are basically all of my skincare that I have at the moment I
used to have like this huge eight step routine but now I only have five
products so I basically have a five step routine now but really the only two
products I need are these two because I like a oily skin type most of the time
and I’ve realized that the more moisture that I put on my face the less oily it
is like it sounds so weird you would think that it might clog your pores but
it actually helps it a lot because sometimes your skin can just be oily
because you lack moisture in your face so I really go for these a lot of
the time when my face is like really oily enough talking this part I’m
probably gonna voice over because I want to listen to some music so I’m just
gonna go ahead and start with my skincare now okay baby so we’re starting
with the Skinmiso Pore Corset Serum I’m gonna drop that on my face and you
rub it all over. I make sure to get mainly in my t-zone part like on my forehead on
my cheeks and my chin area because that tends to be where I have the biggest
pores now we’re going in with the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel
I usually do about three pumps of this again put it all over my face and rub it
in I also make sure to put some of this on my neck as well because no matter how
young you are it’s always important to moisturize your neck so you guys don’t
get those like wrinkley turkey necks when you’re older. time for a tea break, girl my stomach was hurting this stuff was so good and if you’re wondering this
was chamomile tea by the way okay now we’re gonna go in with the Klairs
freshly juiced vitamin E mask you can put this on at nighttime and you sleep
with it but I like to put this on before my makeup because it really lays a soft
and smooth foundation for the makeup that goes on my face
honestly this product is one of the most hydrating as well this one and the
vitamin Tree water gel my absolute favorite I also make sure to kind of
massage my face mainly underneath my jawline to kind of tighten up my skin
and I tap on my face I’m kind of pat it to create more blood circulation now we’re going in with the vitamin Tree water gel from I’m from this one is my favorite
product in my whole skin care routine honestly
it’s really cooling as well as moisturizing and again I put it all over
my neck as well look at how bouncy and shiny it is oh my gosh. I live. all right
now your favorite part time for makeup I’m gonna go ahead and start with
my eyebrows using the Maybelline eye brow pomade I don’t know what it’s
called but either way I use having our eyebrow shape completely off and I’ve
been letting them grow out and I found a perfect shape for me okay now I’m gonna
go in with the Infalliable Full Wear Concealer from L’Oreal in 380 pecan I start by
shaping it with the actual applicator and then going in with a smaller tapered
brush to kind of clean the area. I really like this new shape of my eyebrows that
I found I used to have like really naturally thick eyebrows but I prefer
like smaller ones for my big face tea-break number two now it’s time for
the eyeliner this is just the basic black eyeliner from Sephora
I also used to do really giant winged eyeliner but especially when I’m doing
like a more natural look I tend to do smaller wings and now it’s
time for the mascara this is from wet n wild, the three-in-one mascara and I
follow that up with the better than sex mascara from the Too Faced I noticed
that my face is a little bit red on my cheek area so I went in with the
concealer again just to brighten up the under-eye every time that I put mascara
on I feel like it kind of closes my eyes so I like to brighten up my under eyes
because it makes them look bigger to me anyways I just like that doll look
honestly . okay now we’re gonna use the morphe 3502 palette to
contour i use this brown shade right here on my cheekbone area and I bring
that up into my temples as well I also use the same color on my
jawline and my chin not to mention to contour my nose as well honestly I use
this shade for any type of contouring it doesn’t even matter honestly this shade was turning up a
little bit orange on the camera so later on I toned it down by using my
translucent setting powder from airspun I’m going in with the same palette with
this pinky red tone right here and I use that as my blush in my photos I tend to
go for this like really blush sunkissed type of look but on camera today I just
looked really orange so I didn’t really like it. now it’s time for the manny Lunar Beauty palette it’s the moon spell one and I used the shade Prue as my highlight I like this color so much just like a
pink with purple iridescent glitter my gosh it’s so pretty I put that on my
nose my cheekbones as well as my brow bone and my chin to highlight
everything and now I’m going to put the la girl pro setting spray just fan it
down girl, fan it down. looking like a glazed donut yes. I was feeling myself way too much today, i’m so sorry guys. one last thing I forgot I have to put lipgloss on so this is also
from lunar beauty and it is the translucent kind of like holographic
lipgloss (enchantment) it’s so pretty and as I mentioned I toned down my face
because I looked really orange on camera alright baby so that was the end
of the video I really hope that you guys enjoyed and me creating this look if you
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social media if you’re interested will be linked down below at Beaujeebby and
I’ll see you loves in my next video bye

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