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Monday, November 4

November 10, 2019

Live from New York City, it’s the “Wendy Williams Show”. (upbeat music) ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it, Feel it, Feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, Feel it, Feel it ♪ ♪ Come on, you need it ♪ ♪ You do it. ♪ Now, here’s Wendy! (crowd cheers) Woo! Woo! ♪ You do it ♪ And away we go. Another manic Monday. (chuckles) Thank you for watching. Say hello to my co host (speech drowned out by cheering) How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doing okay. Let’s get started. It’s time for… Hot Topics! Come on! (audience cheers) Thank you. So happy 50th birthday to our friend Puffy Sean Love Combs. (audience cheers) Puff, you’ve got a life most would only dream of. He’s a three time Grammy winner, he worked with some of the greatest artist of all times, including Mary, Big and Kim. Faith, and all that. Plus, he rose from being an intern. Now see, I was an intern, too. This is where I identify. Today’s intern is tomorrow’s boss. Shout out to all the Wendy interns. (audience cheers) Okay? Before starting Bad Boy Records, opening charter schools in his own hometown of Harlem, trying to buy me out of my contract, and send me out of the city, but you know what? We learn and we grow and then we celebrate 50. Happy birthday, Puff. (audience cheers) Oy, oy, oy. Real Housewives of Atlanta, let’s talk. Yeah! Okay, clap if you saw. (audience claps) Not as receptive as I thought. I figured you’d all be 100 percenters. Instead, you’re like, not five percenters, but like, maybe, remember five percenters from back in the day? Right (laughs) But, I thought more would see. Anyway, so the fans were mad for a few different reasons. And I can tell you from my perspective, okay. So I’m minding my own business, and I’m watching, Norman text me and reminded me to put it on. I remembered already. And so I was there. I cried within the first eight minutes, ’cause the first plot line they showed, Kenya, with the baby. And I got a soft spot for Kenya. I mean, she is a gorgeous woman with a really infectious laugh, and she’s a wounded soul, and I’ve known Kenya since radio, and it’s a little different than just a– Aww! Yeah, and the baby looks like a doll, right? That baby is so gorgeous. So I cried with Kenya when she talked about having her baby, and now she’s going some sort of divorce, something or another, or whatever. But then they kept jumping to other women with babies. So by the first commercial, I get a text. It’s Nene. Ooh! And I’m like, yeah, no I’m watching you. And so she said, “Not tonight, girl.” Oh! Uh huh. She says, “I’m not in this one.” Anyway, the fans were wondering where Nene was, but the commercial break was so fast, and we were only texting like this, and I’m like, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh. That’s the kind of texter I am. I’m not as fast as everyone else. But fans were also wondering where she was, then she text me, and I told her, I said, “Look, you know we go on live from New York “at 10 a.m., if there’s “something you wanna say, say it. “And I’ll do a quote for you.” So here’s what Lenethia– Ooh! Here’s what Lenethia text me. At about 9:15 this morning. “No matter how hard they try, when people think “about Atlanta Housewives, “they think about Nene Leaks. “And all the comments on social media “last night prove that. “That is not to say the other girls don’t bring it, “because they do, it’s just facts” With six Ss. Wow! (audience claps) I mean, I did miss Nene last night, and know that she’s gonna be in the show and whatnot, but my biggest thing was that too much baby talk. You know, Kandi’s having a baby by the surrogate, the governor’s wife just had the baby, Eva looking beautiful, gorge. Just had the baby. Kenya’s got a baby, Porsha’s got a baby, I’m like, enough with this. I’m a grown woman, I don’t watch the Housewives for this. As a grown woman, I don’t even wanna know friends who have kids that are like this. (audience claps) You know what I’m saying? I don’t need it, get outta here with that! Like, come on. And the foreshadowing of Kenya’s marriage might have been foreshadowed by, well, take a look. Some things are not exactly like you thought it would be. Wanna call daddy? (baby coos) Yeah! Mark’s businesses are growing, so he has to be in New York a little bit more often, but I envisioned Brooklyn would be born, then Mark and I would be spending the majority of time under one roof. In the same city. In the same house. All circuits are busy. Please try your call again later. That’s weird. Although I love Mark’s hustle and work ethic, the distance is really putting a strain on our marriage. Ooh! So she’s being real transparent about she might be a single mom raising her daughter by herself, Brooklyn. They do live in two separate cities. The thing is, about real relationships, you live together and thug it out. That whole distance thing, that’s not good. (audience claps) And by the way, so it was either last weekend or the weekend before, they played a rerun like in the middle of the day, and I was watching like on a Saturday or something, when Cynthia had the funeral for her dog, and I’ve always had animals growing up, but I’ve never felt as close to animals as I do the Chit Chat and My Way now. Yeah, so, she’s out there, and she’s at the grave, and she’s crying, and a lot of people, unless you’re, I guess an animal lover or something like that, you wouldn’t really understand her tears. She was spazzing out, Norman. She was spazzing out at that grave. Right.
Okay? When the first episode ran, I wasn’t spaz attacking for an animal, so I’m like, “Girl, stop.” But now, you know, being tossed out here in the streets myself and having my Chit Chat and My Way, I (groaning) (audience claps) And that was just Saturday morning. The mean one is My Way, excuse me, Chit Chat, the black cat. She’s the mean one. Look at her! You’ll see, okay I hadn’t moisturized quite yet, but my hand is reaching over both girls, and I’m laying in the bed, and I’m watching the news, and I’m petting them, but look at the one who’s the most seduced by my touch. The mean one, Chit Chat, trying to act black and shady, okay? (audience laughing) My Way is like, “Chit Chat, I told you “she’s lovely, she’s lovely.” But I relate to Kenya on even the animal level, you know what I’m saying? I would, I do. So Cynthia and her boyfriend, Mike, eh, okay. They also live in different cities. Well I met Mike when they came to the Star in L.A., and Mike was there and everything like that. But I’m looking at Cynthia like, you’ve been called mean girl behind the scenes, and I don’t know you for being a mean girl, Cynthia, but stop talking so much. Get away from me. Like I don’t wanna know. I just like to watch it through the TV, I don’t really wanna know in real life. Do you know what I saying? She’s my reality star. I don’t really wanna know, not like that. And Mike is sitting there and stuff, and they live in different cities. He’s a sportscaster in L.A. And she’s a housewife in Atlanta, I say Cynthia, something has got to give. ‘Cause you all aren’t having anymore kids together, which is perfect, it’s what grown people love, but Cynthia, you can move to L.A. and become a Beverly Hills Housewife. Where as he cannot move to Atlanta and still do his sportscasting thing. That’s a lot to ask of somebody with an established career. Career, not housewife. I mean, that’s a career, I guess. Suzanne, is that a career? Yeah, these ladies have turned it into a career. It’s very lucrative. Oh yes. (audience laughing) At first I thought it was an ascot. It’s gently out though. Like an ascot. I look very regal.
It’s chilly. Yes, it’s cold out. I have to cover my throat. Velvet? Yeah, velvet. What is this velvet? (audience laughing) So her daughter is living with Mike, right? So if her daughter is out there, the lovely daughter. If her daughter is out there, then why wouldn’t Cynthia just pick up her stuff. Keep Bailey, or whatever you call your beautiful house, Cyn, you know I’ve been there before, Cynthia. Keep Bailey, and have Mike pay all the bills out in L.A., have him pay his mortgage, his rent, whatever, bring all your clothes out there, if you all get married, fine, if nothing works out, then you always have Bailey. Even if things work out, you’ve always got Bailey. That’ll be like your Hamptons home, only a longer commute. (audience claps) And then they’re talking in the bed, which I always find bedroom scenes really weird and pushy. Like, don’t push that on us. You know, I’m nosy, you know what I’m saying, I just don’t wanna see the cameras in the bedroom. That’s like way too much. So they’re in the bed and they’re talking and Cyns looking beautiful, and then all of a sudden she pulls her wig off. (audience laughing) Mike’s legs are wide open. You know, Cynthia’s looking, and then she does that. (audience laughing) It’s clear to me that Cynthia is a natural supermodel. The cheekbones, the whole bit. No matter how old she is, she’s a beautiful, beautiful woman. (audience claps) I wish you and Mike well. “Real Housewives of Atlanta” airs Sunday nights on Bravo. (audience claps) I have this friend named Fillmore, and Fillmore had a last minute dinner party at his apartment on Friday evening. So I’m like all right, ’cause I’m around, I wasn’t doing anything on Friday night, playing with the cats and stuff like that. I mean, I could have done stuff, but I didn’t feel like doing anything. And he said he was gonna make it easy. He said, “I’ll get all the food, Wendy, “you don’t have to bring anything.” I said, “I can’t even stop at the grocery store “for carnations.” ‘Cause you know when you go to somebody’s house, you’re always supposed to bring a little something, a little offering. I was like, “I have nothing to offer.” He says, “Wendy, don’t worry about it.” Now I only know Fillmore from outside of his house. I’d never been to his house. Okay. So he says, “Get here by six.” “What do you like to eat?” Well, I run down my list. Salt and pepper lobster, caviar, firm shrimp, good shrimp fried rice, you know, the whole bit. I want Orangina, light ice, make sure you have straws or I’ll bring my own. Oh I’ll bring straws! So I grab a fist full of straws from my drawer, put them in a ziplock, throw them in my bag, a clutch bag, and away I go. My friend Arthur, who’s cousins with Fillmore, and our friend Cynthia, who likes to be called Cyn, laughing all night. All right so the three of us go over to Fillmore’s house. It’s in Manhattan. It’s sounds decent and respectful, ’cause it’s six o’clock at night. A woman like me loves to be inside for the what? (audience responds) Ten o’clock news, correct. (audience claps) So we get to Fillmore’s right? We’re driven there, and then the car pulls off, Arthur tells Fillmore buzz the door open, so all I smell is money. He lives on a money boulevard. I’m not gonna tell you where in Manhattan, all I’m gonna tell you is all of the high-end that you could possibly name. And he’s black, and he works money on Wall Street. Like he’s good for our people, right? And away we go. So the car pulls off, me Cynthia and Arthur are walking up to the door. The door buzzes open on its own. I’m, like, oh. (audience laughing) Okay. It’s an historic building with no doorman, and when the door opens, what do I see? This. (audience laughing) Honey, honey, honey, I lie to you not. I was ready to call the car back and just Skype in to the dinner party. Okay, okay. Look, the door buzzed open and there was nobody there but these stairs, okay? And look, we had to climb, not all of them, but three of the same. In other words, 355000 steps. So we climb, we stop on the landing, I’m huffing and puffing, everyone’s over 50, this is like grown people fun. I’m like, “Are you serious with this?” So we get Fillmore on the googler, “Fillmore, there’s no elevator, are you serious?” So Fillmore of highfalutin, he lives in the penthouse. Yeah, uh huh, uh huh. Three flights like this. This is death. Are you serious? But once we get upstairs, and the doors open up, Fillmore and his freckles, uh huh, uh huh uh huh. He’s got a motorcycle in his, I have no idea how they got the motorcycle up there, okay? (audience laughing) I don’t understand how I even got up there. Alls I’m saying is Fillmore had all the good food and stuff. And then he had outside space with a real cute dog named Riley. Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh. And I’m like, okay Fillmore, I don’t know what time you plan on this beginning, middle and end thing, ’cause for me, when I entertain at my house, you got two hours. There’s a beginning, middle and end, and then bye. And I’ll let you know when you come. You’re here for two hours. I can’t stay all night, and you can’t stay either. No. (audience laughing) When I started climbing those steps, I tell Arthur and Cynthia we’re here for three and a half hours. (audience laughing) That’s it. I gotta catch my breath. I want a doggie bag. And believe it or not, going down the steps was as much of a conundrum as going up the steps. Suzanne, do you understand what I’m saying? Totally understand.
Right now. I’m really proud of you that you made it up there. I will never visit Fillmore again. Never, never, never! But that’s crazy. You know he should get? One of those seats that attach to the wall.
That’s what I said! That’s what I said ’cause he’s got money. Get one of those seats. Like make that happen. Or send a basket with a rope. I’ll sit in a basket. And then rope me up. Come on, come on! So he’s one of my friends, I’ve never seen him in his house, I only see him outside of the house. No, I’m not going back. (audience laughing) (audience claps) So, Tyler Perry bought his studio, big deal. He brought the cast of two huge movies together. This is really nice to see. It was Will and Marten, they’re shooting “Bad Boy 3” at Tyler. And, when Eddie Murphy heard, that they were shooting that, well he’s right next door in the same lot for “Coming to America 2.” (audience claps) So everyone got together and said, “Hey, how you doin’.” And then, Tracy Morgan entered the act. Look at Wesley Snipes, though. (audience laughing) How much time did he do? What did he do? Did he do seven years?
Seven years? Oh that’s enough. Okay. All right now. Both movies will be released in 2020. (audience claps) And I don’t know if you’re a sneakerhead, if your kids are senakerheads, I wake up to Friday morning, Kev, I wake up in the morning, ’cause I wake up early whether I work or whether I don’t. I like to try to keep my body on a clock. ‘Cause I’m of a particular age, I don’t like to settle in. So I wake up and I see a text from young Kev, he texts me from a line at IKEA, trying to buy some Off-White stuff. Now I don’t know whether you saw this on your news, but Off-White, that’s what the popping kids like. And IKEA apparently did a collaboration with the Off-White. So he was the line. He’s just like, “Mom, I’m the fifth one here, “but now there are about 55 people behind me, “and the line is growing more and more.” I’m like, “Kevin, it’s 4:10 in the morning.” (audience laughing) He’s like, “Do you want something?” I said, “You know what, I’ll take it, “but I’m not gonna do your resale.” You know, when you buy something for $50, and then you sell it fore $150. ‘Cause people want, you know what I’m saying. Oh believe me you! These kids, they got a whole other business going on, and it has nothing to do with going to class, although he did go to class. Later on that day. So he got me a tool set, with a saw, and a hammer– Aww! Yeah, he knows I love tools and Off-White apparently made the tool set. He said, “Mommy, I got you a tool set.” Shout out to everybody who went for the Off-White at IKEA. (audience claps) I love some Smokey Robinson. I met him when I was on the radio, and he’s also– (audience claps) I met him when I was on the radio, I’ve socialized with him before, and he’s also been here on our show. He’s 79 years old. And let me tell you how he puts it down. Hit it, all right? (audience cheers) Smokey, this was over the weekend in Atlantic City, New Jersey. And Smokey is rub-a-dub-dub. (audience claps) Doing it all. Smokey turns 80 in February. Smokey, you are the best. (audience claps) We’ve got more great show for you everybody. Up next, music mogul and real life hot topic, Irv Gotti is here. So grab a snack and come on back. (audience cheers) (upbeat music) Please welcome my special friend, Irv Gotti. (audience cheers) (upbeat music) Hey! It’s all women! This is gonna be fun. A whole lot of fun. Oh, wait, wait, no hold on! First of all, you’re melting away. Like you look really good. (audience claps) I don’t work out, it’s just I don’t wear 3X shirts. This is like a XL, so it appears like I’m slimmer. Back in the day, ’cause that’s what we all wore. Right. Put you feet on those feet shoe cam, please. I wore some Jordans just for you. There you go, model them. Twist, turn. Let ’em see. You know, I’m mad ’cause I wanted them dirtier. Well why didn’t you scuff them? ‘Cause they’re kinda new. But I wanted them dirty. Do you have a big sneaker collection? Are you that guy? No. ‘Cause I know Joe is. No, I don’t care. I don’t care. My daughter, she clowns me all day because, you know what I’m saying, like I don’t care. I don’t really care about fashion. My mind is on money. I was gonna say, you don’t really care about fashion, or you don’t care about stuff? ‘Cause you have no diamonds on. I know a different– I’m past that. Yeah, yeah, no. ‘Cause you’ve been around for a long time. Right, I’m past that. I wanna buy real estate and properties. (audience claps) Irv is a good friend.
Your audience, your audience looks great, man. I know. This is their first time here. This is their first time here. It’s my first time here. I took the reckless radio and made it reckless TV, but in a good way. You know what I’m saying? We’re gonna talk about that, too. When, tonight or tomorrow? No, today, right now. (laughing) Well, I’ve got to tell you all that Irv is one of the friends that I have in my telephone press, and he actually answers his phone. Ooh! And he’s always
It’s not a big deal. pleasant and the whole bit. No, but now you live in L.A. I was kinda upset about that.
I said I still have my homes here. But you’re not here all the time. You’re an L.A. guy.
I kinda like L.A. New York, if I might say– Go ahead. And I’m a New Yorker from Queens. But it lost this vibe and energy. And I think some of the blame is–
In what way? I think some of the blame is the music industry isn’t as prevalent like when we was coming up with (mumbles) Rough Riders.
It was all New York. The city was electric. You know what I’m saying. And it’s just– Now it’s Chicago, Atlanta. I don’t even know like, what’s the hot club to go to? Look, we’ve talked about this, right? Like two old people on the phone. (Irv laughs) I’m like, well where are you going? What are you doing? He’s like, “I’m home.” Yeah, I’m home. Listen, 10 o’clock, lights out. That’s what I say, 10 o’clock news. Done! Done! Done, I’m beddy-bye. Bye-bye. (audience claps) The thing is, Irv, we talked about you the other day on Hot Topics, and then I see in my text when the show’s over– You blew up my phone! Blows up. Completely blew up, which prompted me to text Wendy, like, yo man, like, lemme tell what really is going on so everyone can know and understand. Because it’s just a lot of misconceptions about that. Okay, well what had happened was, if you were watching, we on Hot Topics were talking about, finally, the affair that Irv had with Ashanti. (audience cheers) Time out. Time out.
Everyone relax. Time out. Now let me interject. Go ahead. Wendy is now more a seasoned, veteran, polished, but in her younger days when she was just on radio and coming up, Wendy was aggressive. Ooh! Very aggressive. So I did the Wendy Show, I never once said anything about my relationship with Ashanti. But I knew it was either you or Ja Rule. Somebody was doing it. (audience cheers) So what Wendy does, is totally blindsides me, and says, “You’re sleeping with Ashanti.” To which I never answered. I never said, “Yeah,” or “No.” I just was like in total shock. I leave the radio station, and it went complete viral. Irv Gotti says he’s sleeping with Ashanti. Ooh!
Which I never did! Wendy did. (audience laughing) So all of this– No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
All of this bullcrap (Wendy chattering) was Wendy’s doing. Ooh! Now, was she right? Yes. (audience cheers) yes! But I didn’t say it. But I smelled pheromones. When I smell a pheromone, I know what I’m smelling. (audience laughing) First of all, I don’t know what theramone means. Pheromone, that’s when you give off the smell of this privates. I smelt a pheromone. You know, when you’re available. And you’re doing something. So, anyhoo, all right, and then– The audience is 95 percent women, too. I see like– (audience cheers) Yeah, 95 to one. But you guys love all of this stuff. Of course we do. That’s why you’re here, you love it too. No. And you loved her. You loved her. You were separated from you wife Deb– Can I talk about this for one second?
You have three children. With women, right? And I’m gonna circle back to you, Wendy. Ooh! Why is it right if a man and a woman whose married, and they get separated, and their totally separated, like it isn’t like, I’m going back to Deb. And then doing what I’m doing. When me and Deb separated, she caught me cheating– With Ashanti. No. Okay, somebody else. This why I’m here. Ashanti’s not a homewrecker, guys Ashanti had nothing to do with me and Deb. Deb– We didn’t say she did. Listen, and I’m gonna explain, and I’m a truthful guy. Deb caught me when I was directing “I Cry” in Baltimore. Deb being the vicious person she is, she came down, unannounced, and she was like, “I’m Mrs. Lorenzo, “give me the room key.” Okay now. The door was latched, but she knows I’m in there. That’s what broke me and Deb up. And who were you in there with? (audience cheers) I’m not saying the name. But just so you know the timeline, “I Cry” music video, Ashanti’s not even in the picture. Okay, let’s scoot away from Ashanti for a moment, I just wanna– No, I wanna say this too. I wanna ask the women.
‘Cause you talked about her, I wanna ask the women a question.
Servicing your member in front of your children, and that’s the clip that we showed. That was the only thing. What did I say? You talked about you love Deb, not in that way, but you love Deb, best friends with Deb. We talked about this privately.
I love Deb ’til I die. I got Deb ’til I die. Your children, (audience claps) (Wendy silences the audience) Don’t ah, ah that! No, ’cause I don’t want them clap, I need them to hear. We showed the clip, you had two of your three children there, and you said,
I’m different with my kids. when you pull in Ashanti, she was just there, basically, she said, to service your member. And we– No! No, no, now let me explain that. Let me explain, time out, time out. Your daughter is screwing up her face. Nah, listen, time out. First of all, when you hear me talk like that in front of my kids, this isn’t new to them. They know I’m crazy. And they accept me and love me, but I don’t wanna lie to my kids. Perfect. I’m a public figure, so what? I’m doing a thing and they’re gonna read all of this stuff? They can hear it from Dad. Yeah, I’m wild.
So what’s going on with Murdering– No, no listen. I wanna clear this up. When you see a reality TV show, they edit things, so they make it seem like I was talking about Ashanti when I said that. And I wasn’t.
Nene says that a lot. And I wasn’t. It was a reality show, when they doing that to do their reality thing, and I’m in TV, so I get it. Go ahead, you understand? But hold it, I still didn’t get the chance to ask the women in the audience
Okay, Irv. this question.
Damn. Why is it, why is it, that if a man gets married, a man and woman get married, they are separated. They’re not gonna be together. They’re not staying together. I can’t go mess with other girls until I sign the divorce paper? Why, why? No, yes you can. Okay then, then what’s the problem? I’m going through a divorce right now, and I date.
Yeah, that’s where I was gonna swing it back to Wendy. ‘Cause I said, “Yo, you ain’t get a divorce yet. “And I see you swerving. “I see you swerving.” (audience cheers) Good ole Wendy. I seen Wendy swerving. I’m like, wait a minute. Is those divorce papers signed yet? Which hold it, which I say good for, when I seen Wendy, good for Wendy. Do you, you know what I’m saying? It’s like, it’s over. Okay, Irv, Irv, Irv, Irv, Irv, Divorce is hell.
Irv, it’s not the four hour radio show, though. We only have a segment. (audience laughing) So look, what’s going on with the Murdering Tour? Because if you don’t have Ashanti, then there is no tour. That’s the way I feel.
Correct, correct. So if Ashanti doesn’t want to do it because she doesn’t like me, or whatever like that– Does she like you? We don’t speak. When’s the last time you spoke with her? Wow. It gotta be like two years, a year, two years? Okay, so there, because I do agree. Like she is definitely– I agree too. But here’s the thing with that. What’s the thing with you and J-Lo? Do you see Doug standing looking pissed? He’s trying to wrap us up. This is over.
Nah, this is too good. They into it. (audience claps) You and Jennifer Lopez, okay. Jennifer Lopez did a real– J-Lo, J-Lo I love you. With Ja Rule and the whole bit. By the way, Rule looks good. Like, I like both of you. They’re both in my phones, right? And we keep it real. But J-Lo is, you know they was talking about the I’m real thing. Ashanti was a background vocalist, that’s it, period, don’t make a big thing out of it. Was that her voice on it though? Yes it was her voice. But you know how many records have background vocals? Supporting the artist.
Why are y’all making a big thing about it? Ashanti wasn’t a star, she was just in the studio with me, and I was Napoleon. If she called you, Ashanti, right after this, would you get together with her? I talk to her ’cause it’s nothing to me, but it’s like– But you haven’t talked in two years. Yeah, ’cause I don’t care, though. You know what I’m saying? Aah. Yeah, Aah. You know what, no one live my life, so stop with the ah, ah thing. You know what, where was y’all when I was facing 20 years by the Feds. Was y’all ah, ahing then? No one was, hold on, no one was ah, ahing then. And people that was in my life, I see who they were. Y’all didn’t see who they were. But I did. And I can’t really forget when people turn their back on me. But, but you owe her something very unique. Like when everybody was smoking weed and sniffing coke, you all were on some exoticals. I used to talk about that– Ecstasy. Yeah, all that. All of those hit records was made high. (audience laughing) All those hit records made high. I don’t smoke weed. Or do anything else. You just live your life. You look great. No, I did things. Let’s have dinner later. We ain’t over, stop. Yes, we are over. This is a show– They told me that we was gonna talk about my friendship with Suge. Oh, do you like Suge? Yeah. Okay, good– You know why? Look, and I was gonna revert it back to Wendy. (audience laughing) A lot of people don’t, you know, Wendy’s volatile. But I judge people on how they are with me. Right. Suge Knight, every one thinks he’s the prince of darkness. To them, he might be. To me, he cleared Tupac samples for nothing for me. ‘Cause he just had love for me. So what am I supposed to do? (audience claps) All right, “Growing Up Hip-Hop New York”.
Irv, you can’t be cooler than what? It is Thursday nights at nine o’clock on WE TV. It’s must see programing.
You didn’t talk about Angie and her Frances Grey hat. (audience laughing) Well, I like your hat. That’s Deb’s line, everyone support. Goodbye, Irv. (upbeat music) See, I told you, we knew they love it! (audience claps) Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo. That Irv Gotti is something else, right? All right, everybody have a seat. It’s time for “Ask Wendy”. How you doin’? How you doin’ Wendy? Are you having a good time? Yes, I love it. Did you enjoy Irv? Yes. What a mess. In a good way. He’s our people. So who are you, where are you from, what do you do? My name is Sabrina, I was born in Queens, but I live in Houston. I do staffing. So my friend went behind my back and she told my man at the time that I went to go have a closure conversation with my ex. So my ex went to prison for a couple of years, and when he got out, he wanted to have a talk. And, yeah, I know. Okay, wait. Sabrina, a closure conversation with your ex. Yes. Okay, how long have you been with your present man? At the time, it was like three years, at that time. Okay, and so you waited three years in and met up with your old man to have a closure conversation? ‘Cause he had gotten out. So he wanted to talk when he got out. Do you have children with the man of three years? Yes, I have some. What made you think that this was possibly part of the deal? I have no idea. How old are you? I’m 29. And how long have you been with your present man? At the time it was three years. Now you’re broken up.
We’re not together anymore, no. And your friend, how long were you friends with her? Almost ten years at the time. Okay, so, what’s your question for me? She wants to talk. I haven’t spoken to her in years, but I’m not with him anymore. And she wants to meet up, and I don’t know if I should ever trust her again, so what’s the point? I’m with you guys, meet with her. Really?
You’re not, you know why? ‘Cause you’re only 29. I mean you were with this guy for three years. Why did he go to prison, by the way, the guy before? I can tell you on the commercial break. (audience laughing) Tell me in my ear, go. Oh, really! Okay, you call your friend right away. You all have a good ole sip and see sit down. Good luck with your life. And how dare, what did he… (audience laughing) And you never got that, I mean– Yeah I did. Okay, all right. You understand what I say, right? Okay, all right, good luck, Sabrina. (audience claps) I’m gonna tell the cohost during commercial, but I’m not gonna tell them on TV, okay? Okay, cohost, I got you. (audience laughing) I can’t tell you. Hey, how you doin’ bigfoot? I’m good, how you doin’? (audience laughing) What’s your name? My name is Riley. Hi Riley, where are you from? Philadelphia. Okay, how can I help you? So last week, I went and had a couple of drinks with my best friend’s ex. And one thing let to another, and pretty much– Riley, you don’t seem like that kinda, what do you do for a living? (audience laughing) I’m a software engineer and a robotics developer. Okay, okay. Go ahead, tell me about it. So, we slept together, and my best friend found out, not through me, but through her friends, and I don’t know what to do. Like, we all live together, so it’s like… (audience laughing) You all live in the same apartment? Yeah, so I’m stuck between moving out, or should I run away, or should I stay and fix it because he is my best friend. Does your friend know, or are you just talking about this now? He knows now. Do you have a lock on your bedroom door? Are your belongings safe? I need to get a lock. And maybe a new place to stay? You made a really poor decision. Now who do you think he’ll choose, you over her? I hope he chooses me, but at the same time– You don’t have what he needs.
I don’t have the words. It’s all up to him. I messed up, I own up to it, so it is what it is. How long have they been together as a couple? Six years. And how old are you? 23. How old is he? 24? No, not aw. I used to discount young love, too. Let’s respect this, okay? This is what you do. You go home and prepare to move into a new place. Your friendship is over. You’ll start a new life, okay? Ya messed up, Riley. Blame it on the alcohol. Up next, we’re playing “Drop It Like It’s Hot Topics”. Keep it here. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (audience cheers) Woo, woo, woo, woo. Welcome back. It’s time to our game, “Drop It Like It’s Hot Topics”. So Chenise is from Chicago, and she has one chance to answer a question about the celebrity her chips land on. So are you ready, Chenise? She’s ready. (audience cheers) All right, go ahead, Chenise. Drop it like it’s hot. (audience cheers) ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ 1500, 1500, 1500, 1500. Aw. Five hundred, so here’s the deal. What season of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” premieres this week? Eight, nine, or ten? Season ten. (bell dings) (audience cheers) Congratulations, Chenise, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music) Amber is from Maryland. Now what do you do for a living? I work in PR. Okay, so you got 30 seconds to race the clock. Okay, here’s your question. I didn’t get this, and nor will you. Oh god, oh god, okay I’m ready. How you doin’, by the way? How you doin’? All right, Amber. Kanye West released his first gospel album last week. Name four of his other number ones, and go. (frenzied music) Okay. I just know the music, I don’t know the albums. I’m a Kanye fan, so I’m feeling embarrassed that I’m fumbling right now. But, “Yeesus”, (bell dings) “808 and Heartbreak”, um, oh god. No you’re doing really well, I’ll give it to you anyway, but go ahead, keep going. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”, (bell dings) Who are you? Oh, a Kanye fan. “Late Registration”. (audience cheers) (bell rings) 60 minute massage at Haven Spa. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music) There you go, Amber. That’s my favorite place. So, she’s from St. Paul Minnesota. She ran the marathon in five hours and six minutes, (audience claps) afterwards, she went to Serendipity with her family. Congratulations, I love this. Listen, people come from all over to sit in the audience and be cohost. Why don’t you come along? Go to The tickets are free. We’ll be right back. (audience cheers) (upbeat music) Look, I had fun, time to run. Tomorrow, Real Housewife, Kenya Moore is here, plus I got you with the “Trendy at Wendy”. I love you for watching, and I’ll see you next time on “Wendy”. Bye-bye. (audience cheers) (upbeat music) How you doin’? Nice.


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