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#Momsplaining with Kristen Bell: Kidsplaining

October 31, 2019

Hi. I’m Kristen Bell, mother
of two and wife of one. Today, I’m going to
talk to some kids. Am I a professional kid talker? No. Am I qualified to talk to
children that aren’t my own? No. Is that going to stop me? Absolutely not. Let’s meet those kids. Oh. They’re already here. Sure kids are cute
and sweet sometimes. But what are they like when
their moms are secretly watching them behind
a two-way mirror? Want to find out? Hi guys. Hi. Have you guys ever
heard the phrase what happens in
Vegas stays in Vegas? No. OK. I’m scared. This room is Vegas. What? So what you guys tell
me in this room– I have one thing. When I was little, I opened
like eight pieces of gum. Eight. And scrunched them up,
and then I chewed them up and swallowed them. Can I ask you a question? Did you pass it? High I passed it. What does pass it mean? Do you know what that means? No. OK. Once, I accidentally told my
mom that we took something from Daddy’s desk
that he needed. That was me. Can I tell you there’s
a really good joke? What? This is a fart machine. OK? Now there are two ways
to use this fart machine. Number one, you blame
it on someone else. Option two, you take
responsibility for it. [FART NOISE] But does anybody want
to hold this remote? Yes. I’m going to give it to Peyton. What reaction are
you going to do? Look at someone. You’re going to blame
it on someone else? Who are you going
to blame it on? Riley. Riley. OK great. Go. [FART NOISE] Very nice. OK now Maya push it, and I
want you to take responsibility for it. That was me. The students are
becoming the master. Has your mom ever talked to you
about the birds and the bees? No. No. No. Yeah. Me neither. Do you know where
babies come from? Bellies. Mommy bellies. That’s right. But, how did it
get in the belly? That’s my question. When it’s in there
and you’re starting to feel it and get it out of
your belly, there’s like– it sort of looks like laundry. Like it sort of looks like– Yeah, because it moves. I’m going to draw
laundry inside. And it comes out looking
like an earthworm, right? And then you wrap
it up in a blanket. It looks like a Subway sandwich. Do you know how it
gets in the belly? Yeah. Your mom and dad make a baby
with like their privates. That’s correct. That’s absolutely correct. And we’re drawing
a pregnant woman. Although, never ask a
woman if she’s pregnant. This could be– Yeah. Yeah, I’m pregnant. This could also be
I just had a burger. So I highly recommend you wait
for the woman to tell you. Because I’ve made that
mistake many times. Do your mommies ever drink wine? My mom does. For real, James? For real. How often do your
mommies drink wine? My mom drinks wine very often. Very often. OK. Last night, my dad was
leaving for this job thing, and my mom for the– right when we got there she
said I want wine to drink. And she got wine, and
for the whole entire hour she didn’t get anything. Only wine for her drink. Your mommy sounds fun. And then next day, when she
woke up, she didn’t wake up. One glass of wine. And I took home an iced tea. That’s called a hangover. My mom does that all the time. All the time. Your mommy sounds fun too. No, no no no no. Sometimes it’s nice to
have a little glass of wine when you’re an
adult. And sometimes with animals like
you, you need it. You feel me? Yeah. What do you guys call your mom? Mama. Mama. I call mine mommy. Mommy. You guys are very
lucky, because you know what I make my kids call me? What? Sir Kristen Bell. Sometimes it’s Your
Royal Highness. Right? Does anyone know
how to spell mom? M O M. Nailed it! Watch this. This is a trick
you may not know. Do you know what mom
spells upside down? Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. I mean, is that blowing
your mind right now? Because you say wow when
you first meet your mom. My heart just jumped out of my
chest, ran across the street, got a coffee, and came back in. That was a very special
thing you just said. I got some stuff to
do, and I’ll be back. OK? OK. [FART NOISE] Stop it. You guys are good. [FART NOISE] Ew. Is this the first time you
guys have watched your kids through a two-way mirror? It’s nerve wracking. We were– Yes. Because you never know
what they’re going to– They’re a representative of
us out there in the world. It’s like just be good. Yeah. We didn’t edit ourselves
around our kids. And then the other day, I
yelled at her to get into bed. I said get up in your bed now. And she looked to me as
she was climbing her ladder and she said, man
[BLEEP] are not nice. No way. No. Yes. She dropped it,
and we both froze. And then, we waited
like 30 seconds. And then he popped up to
her top bunk and he said, hey, babe, so listen. A couple things you can’t do. You can’t drive my car. You can’t drink, you can’t
vote, and you can’t swear. She was like OK. So you guys. A long, long, long,
long, long time ago, I know this might be
hard to believe, but your mom was a
little kid just like you. So tonight I want you
to tuck her in bed, kiss her on the forehead,
and put yourselves to sleep. Yes! I always wanted to be a mom. And moms, don’t
forget your night cap. That’s just a little hat
that you wear on your head. It’s a hat.


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