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Men get Laundry done in Queens Monkey Hop

October 25, 2019

today is gay pride and in honour of gay ride shane has to do the laundry i love how your going to make a big deal of this later about how heavy it is a you didnt carry it and b its only heavy because you left it so long jesus that top very tight on you honey it’d be lss tight if i wasnt so fat id let you stay for free if my only job was to do the laundry and youd have to do it ill tell you what shane just to sweeten the deal you can live here for free and and we are of to do the laundry exciting times huh irish style with the shopping bags a laundry door opening yay yourself and myself are not the most intelligent of men so are we going to be able to figure out who’s knickers are who’s id say so normal or hot lets go normal normal seems low risk we have a pink towel in there whats the worst that could happen , we mess it up and we are never asked to do it again i know right do not try this happy pride sow here are we? somewhere up high on a rooftop party for gay pride oooh yeah from the bottome of your lungs


  • Reply Bernadette Sweeney July 8, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    Aren't you the best boys for doing the washing

  • Reply Mairead O'Connor July 9, 2017 at 9:16 am

    Shane your mother will defo let you use the washing machine now😉.. Great to see New York from walking the street's.

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