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MDMR #6 : Roland Micro Cube GX guitar amp : Review and Demo

December 7, 2019

Hi ladies and gentlemen you’re watching
“Mr. D’s Music Reviews. My name is Mr. D and today I’m gonna present Roland Micro Cube GX. Here we go. So what do we got here: AC power adapter, cable to connect your cell phone or mp3
player, and strap, manual and Micro Cube. I’m gonna attach a
strap right away. All in all, Roland Cube GX is a perfect practice amp. You can connect an external
source audio player and jam along, and it is also battery powers as well, which is
very convenient for travels for example and it is excellent for private lessons
if you’re a music teacher. Sounds are perhaps not the best for the studio
recordings but the GX will give you plenty of options for the situations I
previously mentioned. So what do we got here, the basic power switch and
integrated tuner. Master volume which controls the overall volume, and amp
controls: tone volume and gain. We have different amp types to choose from clean
to high distortion. You got modulation effects here, and time-based effects.
If you press this button and hold it for a couple of seconds, you can store a
current patch into internal memory, and it’s easy to recall as you can see.
This cable here will connect any external audio source such as your cell
phone, mp3 player, so you can play backing tracks and your guitar at the same time. This is a court hook which prevents
accidental pull of the power cord and this is very handy if you’re clumsy as I
am . And this is a dual-purpose output check. You can use it for the headphones
of course, and as a DI output to the PA system or the mixing board. I use this
special cable for that purpose. The only negative point for me is if you use
this output, it mutes the front speaker so you can’t use the amp as a DI box and
a stage monitor at the same time for example. This is a “live mode” of course,
but if you use it with headphones, it is logical that front speaker is
disconnected. And battery power. Yesss. This is really really cool. Let’s say you have
vacation house you have a road trip or you have a picnic or barbecue: this is
perfect all you need is your guitar and Roland
Micro Cube Ladies and gentlemen thank you very much
for watching this video. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the
comments below. You can also find me or contact me on my Facebook fan page. I
will leave the link also in the description and please don’t forget to
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    Nice. Might get one.

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